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  1. While writing Extermination I was supposing readers are already familiar with the content of my previous autobiographical book, HS (see also FR and DW).

    • I don’t understand the part about exterminating some animals; don’t they not know better? They don’t understand what they’re doing unlike humans, so how are they evil?

      • You missed the whole point: to spare, say, the very young whales from a torture of hours inflicted by a pack of killer whales. Wasn’t that so, so obvious?

      • @Cesar Tort: Ah, OK.

      • Is this a particular group of Orcas, or Orcas in general, who do this?

      • carcass

        This academic paper, “A review of killer whale interactions with other marine mammals: predation to co-existence” is from 1991 but gives the picture. There are many YouTube videos about these attacks.

        The above is a disturbing pic of a gray whale carcass after orcas have fed.

      • Now Chechar;

        It’s not as though all Orcas are this bad. And the year is now 2014; stop using the bigoted term “Killer Whale”, it’s so unfair.

        There is only one race; the Whale race.

      • Lol, Peter. But take note that I am no longer “Chechar”: a nickname one of my nephews used when he was 6 y.o.

        Now that he is older, and his mind being corrupted by the noxious environment I prefer using my real name.

      • This article might be of some interest: link

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  3. This piece of writing inspired me to purchase the fair races darkest hour on amazon

    • …and don’t forget that Day of Wrath contains a translation of the longest chapter in HS.

  4. The rhetoric about removing certain animals from the earth is decidedly un-Nietzschean. I wouldn’t like to see a rabbit get ripped apart by a fox, but the fox needs to eat too; more importantly it needs to feed its pups.

    This attitude is ironically indicative of leftist thinking; the idea that the whole world needs to be nice, even the animals. If you start killing orcas because they feed on infant whales, where do you draw the line? Do you start exterminating eagles for devouring the offspring of other birds?

    I always thought the pro-exterminationist rhetoric on this site was about removing existential threats to Whites, not about modifying the natural order of all life on earth.

    • A truly emergent individual would stop all torture on the planet. You built a strawman as you confused carnivores with torturers (orcas, hyenas, etc) when in fact not all carnivores are torturers. Unlike hyenas, lions for example don’t eat you alive (hyenas and other torturers are the “Neanderthals” of the animal kingdom so to speak). Where draw the line? You would have to read both Childhood’s End and Clarke’s first novella to grasp the extreme solution of the mutant children, or the more moderate solution of a couple of habitable cities with zero torturers surrounded by a desert that covered an Earth which had lost even its oceans.

      As to the purpose of my blogging, long before I became racially conscious I had a history of thinking and writing about the extermination of a morally obsolete species, humans. This has nothing to do with leftism. Leftists or those who follow Christian ethics are exterminable as per my reason above illustrated by the mendicant orders: counterproductive compassion. My meta-ethics don’t advance counterproductive compassion at all. Confusing the fictional characters or the eschatological symbols of Clarke’s novels with leftism is missing the boat of what I’m trying to convey.

      What WNsts ignore is that you cannot solve the race problem or the Jew problem without addressing the root cause of all the mess: Neanderthalism. In my recent trip to England for instance I met silly BNP members who cannot give up Christianity and democracy; totally clueless that both are big factors of our problems. And I’d say something similar of the London Forum members I also met. This is a Nietzsche quote I will add somewhere in the book I’m writing that reflects what I believe about virtually all WNsts:

      The disappointed one speaks. I searched for great human beings; I always found only apes of their ideals.

      I won’t be translating these later chapters soon. What I posted here in the series “Extermination” from I to IV is probably the only full (sample) chapter I’ll translate for this blog. But you can read the translated part of HS linked above to taste a bit of the flavor of my POV and where I come from.

      • Cats paw and “play” with mice and insects, sometimes without even eating them, yet I sincerely doubt you’d advocate exterminating cats.

        The concept of “torture” is nebulous enough when it comes to humans, but when you bring animals into the equation it becomes really vague. Does a hyena enjoy inflicting pain on other animals? Do cats? Are they aware of the pain they inflict? Can they comprehend it? If not, they are they really torturers, or are you just projecting a human concept onto animals that have no idea what torture is? Instinctively, the idea of the wiping out species of animals to “stop all torture on the planet” doesn’t sit well with me.

        I read Childhood’s End in high school. It was a good novel, though I’m not a huge sci-fi fan. I remember the plot pretty clearly, especially the end, and I’m having a little trouble connecting it to the topic on hand.

      • You have trouble because you have only read the first chapter of Extermination and you feel you have enough data to figure out what this is all about. But a single chapter is not a book.

        In Clarke’s novels the unnecessary suffering of both humans and animals is eliminated. The cat/mouse example you put belongs to another order of magnitude compared to the torment of six hours the calf whale has to endure when orcas try to prevent it from breathing by means of pushing the whale down the water every time it tries, desperately and in excruciating pain, to bring its breathing orifice onto surface. The level of suffering between a whale and a mouse is at another level.

        The point of mentioning Childhood’s End is that the mutant children eliminated all animal life because their minds disturbed them. I don’t want that level of “purity” on Earth. But certainly the compromise of fictional cities like Lys (cf. Against the Fall of Night or The City and the Stars) represent a much better psychogenic development (have you read the translated chapter of HS?) than what we got in this era.

        I don’t care the least bit whether or not hyenas ripping the trunk of a little elephant before killing it enjoy the “torture”. The only thing that matters to me (and I guess to other mutants) is preventing that hell for the young elephant.

        I am not thinking like a human if you want to put it that way. That’s why I referred to what Clarke wrote in the last pages of the non-fictional Report on Planet Three about the symbol of the Star-Child (cf- my “Dies irae”).

        Later in the book I’ll develop the concept of “Eschatology from below”. This is a term I first read I believe in a book summarizing the theological works of Hans Küng. Can’t explain it now but what I have in mind is remotely similar to the philosophies of Hegel and Teilhard de Chardin.

  5. Chechar, so if you had the power to remake the animal world and you then destroyed certain mammal species that in your judgement are torturers of other animals, and then without predators those animals had population explosions, wouldn’t your actions end up causing a large number of mammals suffering the torture of starvation?

    What say you?

    • “…that in your judgement are torturers” (emphasis added)

      I interpret this statement as surrender your will to evil, insofar as it is more than obvious that the calf whales or the little elephants suffer (are tortured). So I won’t reply to your other sentences.

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  7. César, I know that you love Hermann (and not without reason), so here comes docummentary – vulgar anti-Nazi propaganda, of course, but including many, unseen, missing for decades, private film footage of Reichsmarschall:

    So, enjoy!

  8. […] about the need to exterminate the human Neanderthals (English translation of the first draft pages: here). Pay special attention to what I say about exterminable 3rd worlders in order to terminate animal […]

  9. Nearly all predators are at least potentially torturers. For example, the “noble” lions eat young elephants alive over hours and even days which is well documented and can be watched on youtube. The main reason in this case is that the neck of the elephant is too wide and it´s skin too thick so the lions couldn´t apply a “death bite” and start eating at the softer parts as soon as the pray ist put down to the ground and overpowered but still alive. But even if the pray is of the kind which is more easy to kill, predators often start eating it alive. There are cases of man-eating-big cats, in which the human victim was eaten alive, at full consciousness, and from the feet upwards.

    This just as examples, I don´t intend to villify big cats, cause the phenomenon of “eaten alive” and “torture” is rather common among all kinds of predators so you can´t draw a line. Big cats try often to suffocate their pray, but they start also to eat if the pray is immobilized but alive. Hyenas and canids have no “death bite” and tend to kill their pray by disembellowing it which in much cases goes faster than, for example, the suffocation of a buffalo by a lion, while the other members of the pride start feasting on the helpless animal.

    As a general rule you can say that the bigger the pray is in relation to the carnivores the more gruesome it gets.

    Personally I would rather tend to the view of the Kathars or the Buddhists, that the world is created by a Demiurg or “is suffering in it´s essence” than to purify it, trying to create something what looks like a kind of sterile “Disney-Paradise” to me.

    • If like “the Kathars or the Buddhists” you have no compassion for those suffering animals, victims of carnivores, I consider you a moral Neanderthal—like almost all people I know that eat meat and thus must be exterminated by the Overman.

  10. I´d say i am compassionate about the suffering of the animals, cause it´s annoying for me to watch a lion pride feasting on a young elephant which is alive für many hours. But would you really like to exterminate all lions (which are endangerd in their natural habitat) to reduce the suffering on this planet?

    I also don´t think as bad about Neanderthals in general, cause it is a distinctive trait of white europeans to carry a small part of Neanderthal -DNA and there are many hints that the Neanderthals weren´t that kind of dumb and brutal caricature as always portrayed.

    White Europeans were for long times in their history hunters and cattle herders, no vegans.

    • I was born in the late 1950s and use the term as it was used in the 1970s: denoting troglodytism.

  11. I agree with Göring´s initative against vivisektion, animal-torture etc., but this vision here about an ethical cleansing of the biosphere appears far beoynd of all rationality to me .

    • You have not read my whole book; only these intro pages from it. At least you should take a look to my Day of Wrath and see the context of what I’m talking about:

  12. “cause it´s annoying for me to watch a lion pride feasting on a young elephant which is alive für many hours. ”

    Not just annoying, outright disturbing, I´ve to admit.

    • And for me not just disturbing, but moving enough to stop those acts like the apocalyptic children of Childhood’s End…

  13. I have never understood why there are animal rights protection movements, yet there appears to barely be any talk about plant rights at all. Because plants lack the nervous system? Anyway, I would like to quote J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The New Shadow” (HoME XII). I doubt it’s close to your views, César, but it might help such people as myself in understanding your stance on this matter.

    If the smallest child of a woodman feels the cold of winter, the proudest tree is not wronged, if it is bidden to surrender its flesh to warm the child with fire. But the child must not mar the tree in play or spite, rip its bark or break its branches. And the good husbandman will use first, if he can, dead wood or an old tree; he will not fell a young tree and leave it to rot, for no better reason than his pleasure in axe-play. That is orkish.

    But it is even as I said: the roots of Evil lie deep, and from far off comes the poison that works in us, so that many do these things – at times, and become then indeed like the servants of Melkor. But the Orcs did these things at all times; they did harm with delight to all things that could suffer it, and they were restrained only by lack of power, not by either prudence or mercy.

    • With no nervous systems, plants cannot be tortured (as animals can and are being tortured in this moment).

      Anyway, I love the Koran’s commandment not to cut a tree if it still has a green leave.

      • Koran has many sides for its readers, and I believe most of Islam backwardness comes from the Hadiths or the fairytales about Muhammad.

        But it is still a man-made book, too bad Hitler didn’t leave a warrior religion for the Nordics, but I guess it takes time, and time he has not.

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