Praise for The West’s Darkest Hour

Some of the warmest acknowledgments
we have received here and elsewhere:


At The Daily Stormer Black Swan said:

Fantastic website, especially the excerpts from Hellstrom. Keep up the great work, your website is an invaluable resource for us and I link to it whenever and wherever I can.



Guest commented on “Parting word”:

Really enjoyed your tract on the psychological culture of the Mexican Indian Civilization. Really thought provoking stuff.


Balrung commented:

I’m very sorry to see you go. You are a voice in the wilderness, and were very helpful in my racial awakening. Reading your blog hasn’t been just food for thought; it has also been a force for concrete action for me personally and those in my sphere of influence. Never have I heard someone speak with such passion and intensity as you. And never has it been needed so much rather than the “compromise” we get from too many who claim to be friends of the Aryan!


Richard commented:

Dear Chechar: Thanks for your great work. You have inspired me and my comrades, leaving a deep impact in our minds. On our blog we will translate your The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour. Greetings from Germany.


An email from Patrick:

Dear César: The high quality of your site and writings made me come out of my shell to express my appreciation, even admiration. We do seem to be in very close agreement on all key points. You may be even more of an absolutist and perfectionist than myself.


Snake commented on Day of Wrath:

A hearty thanks to you, César! Your writings have been crucial to my moral development these last few years (particularly the Himmler-esque pieces and your polemics against modern music).


A visitor from Belgium:

Dear César: Hereby I’d just like to let you know how much I appreciate the insights on your blog. I felt that I needed to send you this mail to remind you that your message inspires more people than you’d think. Most people—while greatly appreciative of your blog—will merely read it, but not comment. Therefore I’d imagine you’d sometimes feel like talking to a wall, which isn’t the case.


Chrisjankyj commented on “The Red Giant”:

This post and comments are so true, it’s a pity it falls on mostly deaf ears. This blog is amazing. I’ve spent almost three weeks straight reading this. My book reading has fallen by the way-side… I don’t have much else to add to this post. It moved me enough to comment. I feel exactly and have expressed to others the above points, only to feel the backlash. Christianity is the poison of all races along with the other Abrahamic or Adamic religions.


Cattle commented on “The One Ring”:

Dear Chechar: I just want to tell you that I think your blog is by far the most decent and esthetic white nationalist blog I have come across. Like you, I am looking forward to the Day of the Rope.


Mister Deutsch said:

You have dealt with the homosexual issue very eloquently. By far, you are the best thinker in modern WN to date that I have read (I include a lot of scholars in that category with the possible exception of Tom Sunic). Keep up the good work.


A comment by Vikingbitch:

The West’s Darkest Hour has taught me that I must hate in order to survive as a white person.


A comment by Kurwenal:

I have just finished reading both chapters of Hojas Susurrantes. Congratulations! The book is well-written, very touching and controversial (in a positive sense): “El Retorno de Quetzalcóatl”: Spine-chilling… I had nightmares last night. But also fascinating! Especially everything related to psychohistory and the evolution of consciousness.


A comment by Ivan Shatov:

First of all, fabulous blog. Absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for your time and effort. When I first came across your initial blog I balked at the “antisemitism” and white nationalism. Your post on Pride and Prejudice notwithstanding I removed you from my links. But, I was fortunate to finally awaken.


Elviswinehouse commented on “New leaves”:

This condensation of the main points in March of the Titans has been extremely helpful to my understanding of Western history. The same can be said of what you have done with Hellstorm. I thank you very much.

In these modern times many folks—for various reasons—will not even begin to read an entire book (god forbid!). But the way you have ‘parcelled up’ Hellstorm and March of the Titans makes excellent reading and makes an excellent educational tool for the vast majority to get informed. It is a good idea to do this, and as useful propaganda, it is extremely effective. Just what we need! Again, many, many thanks my friend.


Mary commented on "The ascent of the soul":

A truly beautiful post, thank you. It captures the best of what you are :)


On The Daily Stormer Erik commented:

I really owe you for that blog you write. It is the best resource I have ever found for our White Race.

It really is a shinning tower of wisdom amidst the depraved junk of this Judeo-Western culture. I turn to it time and again, and I especially loved the information exposing Christianity, and the article on Lycanthropy. I read that particular one over and over as it lays out in chilling detail the ghastly future which awaits us and our women.

I can’t thank you enough.


IFA on “Civilisation's 'Man—the measure of all things'”:

Bravo on your insightful essay. Your sense of aesthetics is acute. I think you’re one of those rare birds: a Son of the West. You go beyond the insipid race-realism of culturally-violating white nationalists and espouse a return to European cultural values and concepts.

The majority of WNs are very lowbrow and, unbeknownst to themselves, agents of the Jewish and modernistic culture of decay. Don’t expect anything out of the overwhelming majority of white nationalists. They are degenerate down to the marrow.


Freedom Cobra said:

Your insights into psychiatry hit close to home. A rather important woman in my life has suffered immeasurably at the hands of the “mental health” industry. I’ve witnessed the drugging you mentioned in a previous post. Institutionalized horrors like these should fill nationalists with more dread than anything an external foe can do. So to cut my rambling short, thank you again!


Michael Wikander commented on “On music”:

I have been reading your articles with a lot of joy. I recognize many elements in your life, and it is heartening to meet someone who wrestles with these, especially Alice Miller and abuse. I loved your review of her Hitler nonsense! I agree totally that your musical tastes define who you are!…

Best regards, or better: Sieg Heil!


Hammerheart said:

OK I have read “Dies Irae” and “A postscript to Dies Irae”, and about 20 pages of material on either side… I have a “This…is…*it*!” moment. Thank god I found this material. Also, re: [Alice] Miller, your material basically theoretically predicts the Rotherham horror and, in hindsight, is prescient. OMG Chechar you is da bomb, homey. This is stupendous; this PDF monstronsity I will be reading and re-reading for a month. Oh thank god, I was beginning to question my sanity.

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  1. As to what Vikingbitch said, that “the West’s Darkest Hour has taught me that I must hate in order to survive as a white person”, on VNN Forum Linder has just said something that merits quoting:

    [David] Duke isn’t big enough for the forces he’s trying to evoke… You have to go for hate, for emotion, not just the obvious rational points that conservatives have made since the 1970s. The PhDs have an instinctual aversion to this. Hitler shows how it’s done correctly.

  2. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog

  3. Thank you so much Chechar.

    I was reading the additional comment you have posted below regarding hate and what Linder states about emotion. So true.

    This post and your addendum comment regarding emotion illuminated for me the reasons behind my struggles in the USA. Ironically I have a PhD in that Jew concocted field of psychology. When I would be in receipt of my global evaluations, it was noted that I was argumentative and that I had to control my affect.

    Here’s the thing – what the hell is wrong with affect?

    Years after I left the doctoral program, I had a counselor comment that I had ‘good affect’, meaning that what I felt and what expressed were/ are congruent.Having affect is often discounted, but I believe this is what ailing the White Race. We are not the sociopathic races of Asian and Jew who have a poverty of emotions and empathy, which is why they do not live in harmony with Nature and end up with shyte for nations. Whites I see as very angry, yet we are expected to behave as if we are not, to present a flat affect, which is not congruent with how we really feel. Dumb ‘art of war’ books may endorse the flat affect but are Whites winning now? We are destroying ourselves by being something we are not, that something be Jews and Asians!

    I used to take karate and kickboxing and instructors would comment on ‘having emotional substance’. That’s what we need to tap into – emotional substance. Right now as it stands, Whites are being fed alot of propoganda that is swaying us from our true feelings.

    I hate Jews. I hate Asians. I hate groids. I don’t want to live around them because they are unpleasant to me and are mean. Why should I pretend any differently as this leads to a disconnect between my countenance and real feeling hence I will develop a pathology.

    The only reason why Hitler was defeated was because Big Bully J-USA and the Allies had millions of white lemmings who believed everything their dumb so called leaders said and then went off to kill their own people. How dumb. Now today we suffer because what the USA and the allies did in WW2 was unnatural just like pretending to have no feelings is unnatural.

    Thanks Chechar. Reading your blog has helped me a great deal to come to terms with where I am today in the Anti White, Slayer of Europe USA.

    • I’m glad you liked it. And yes: presently the US is certainly the most serious enemy of the white race. When I was a child I admired the US because in the old films I had the privilege to watch in those old theaters of yore non-whites were absent. Just turn on TV today and you see another US.

      Here’s the thing – what the hell is wrong with affect?

      I have a blog (in Spanish) demonstrating that the clinical side of the mental health professions is bunk. But the problem is much deeper than that. There’s an epistemological error in psychology’s approach. Today, academics artificially induce hemiplegia in their minds: kill your emotions. I have written a lot about it and will quote something I’ve already quoted about psychohistory’s founder:

      Indeed, most of what is in history books is stark, raving mad—the maddest of all being the historian’s belief that it is sane. For some time now, I often cry when I watch the evening news, read newspapers, or study history books, a reaction I was trained to suppress in every school I attended for 25 years. In fact, it is because we so often switch into our social alters when we try to study history that we cannot understand it—our real emotions are dissociated. Those who are able to remain outside the social trance are the individuals whose personal insights are beyond those of their neighbors.

      In other words, playing Mr. Spock is silly, dissociative and ultimately slightly psychotic; even though this is highly encouraged in the academia.

  4. This is the highest quality National Socialist blog I’ve ever come across.

    I first visited this blog when someone in the Dark Enlightenment/Neoreaction camp linked to it (I don’t remember who exactly). I went from HBD Libertarian to Neoreactionary to National Socialist. Some of your book recommendations (Hellstrom, Esau’s Tears), and posts have been invaluable to me in forming my political beliefs. I Just wanted to drop in and give you my thanks.

    • Thanks to you Daniel. People like you are what move me to continue writing (at least in book form in the following months if not years).

  5. “The West’s Darkest Hour” is a fairly good website overall. I many times disagree with Chechar, but I learn a lot here and that’s what’s important. The website is very thought-provoking, so I give Chechar a lot of credit for that.

    I just don’t understand why Nietzsche is held in such high esteem, and I don’t understand why Islam is held in such high regard here at “The West’s Darkest Hour”. To my mind, Nietzsche epitomizes what went wrong with Western thought, with Western culture and civilization, and Islam is inimical to White Western culture, so that’s why “The West’s Darkest Hour” falls short of being “excellent” . But still, it’s a good website and I do appreciate Chechar’s work, in spite of the fact Chechar is misguided in regards to Nietzsche and to Islam.

    Chechar is right-on-target though when it comes to pointing out the innate faults of us White Caucasians. We need self reflection with the goal of amendment and betterment. However, I don’t think Nietzsche leads to amendment and betterment, he just leads to degeneracy and debasement. The New Age — all the things Chechar is opposed to — is based on Nietzsche, so I don’t understand why Nietzsche is held in such high esteem here. The White Race would be a lot better off without Nietzsche and ilk, the Existentialists. Everything went down hill real fast for the White Race after The Race took Existentialism to it’s collective bosom.

    Overall, a good website, but not “excellent”. Chechar and gang need to rethink Nietzsche and to rethink Islam. The Jews always had an historical alliance with Islam and always wanted Islam for the West. The Jews also wanted/want “god is dead” for the West as well. That the Jews [ and Freemasons ] have a long-standing alliance with Islam and also push “god is dead” so much is a big, giant red flag as to how truly inimical Islam and Nietzsche is to the White Race. Rethink Islam as you rethink Nietzsche. Thanks.

    • Have you read my biographical posts about Nietzsche? No Nietzsche fanatic would reveal such embarrassing info (check the categories under Curt Paul Janz, Werner Ross and Stefan Zweig). But I agree that values should be revaluated in a Nietzschean sense, even though he barely wrote about race.

      The New Age is not based on the poor German philosopher. I know because I was once immersed in a new Age cult. The roots of the New Age movement and the cults in the state of California where you live are altogether different. As to the existentialists, I don’t like them at all.

      Islam—hell no! I hate it. The former incarnation of this blog included articles very critical of Islam. Even in this incarnation of WDH you can see that Manu Rodríguez also hates it.

      As to “God is dead” the only thing I can say is that I am not exactly an atheist. I am definitively not a theist but am still open to panentheism. Didn’t you note in the previous thread that when I spoke about “Eschatology from below” my views seemed almost religious? (I wonder if you have been doing a careful reading of this blog…)

      • I read “The West’s Darkest Hour” as carefully as I can. I have noticed lately you are becoming more interested in religious/spiritual matters. I’m interested in where your religious/spiritual thought will lead [ “Cambria Will Not Yield” may help you find the right religious path — just a suggestion ]. I’m always interested in what you have to say, even if I happen to disagree. I learn a lot from your work. Your website is always thought-provoking and many times compelling — you often times make excellent points. For example, I thought your piece about man’s cruelty to the animals was on-target and shows your heart is in the right place [though you went a bit overboard in calling for the extermination of animals who hunt other animals.] Such hunting animals have no choice, but Man does have a choice.

        I still think the White Race isn’t going to get anywhere beneficial until the White Race takes up the Catholicism of the Middle Ages and launches Holy Crusade against both Jew and Mohammedan, but there’s too much water under the historical bridge, so to speak, for the White Race to return to Her original Church and make it whole again — so I honestly don’t know what else can save the West in Her Darkest Hour .

        Jews suck, present-day Christians suck, Muslims suck, Freemasons suck, Existentialists suck, blacks suck, Hispanics suck, most whites I come across suck.

        Although I disagree with you on certain points, I do respect that you go searching for a deeper understanding of what’s going on in the world and are looking for solutions — that I respect and that’s what keeps me coming back for more Chechar.

        I shall endeavor to read your website even more carefully in the future, Mio Checharito!

        By the way, perhaps you may want to consider Catalonia as a place to move and settle down. Whether Catalonia gains Independence or not, at least Spain is a lot classier place to be than Mexico — just a suggestion. What about The Basque region of Spain — “The Basque Country”?

        Wherever you do go, whatever you may do, may The Light of Christ guide you : Vaya Con Dios.

      • I already lived some time in Catalonia (Barcelona to be more specific) in 1991-1992 and it’s not my kind of place.

        “hunting animals have no choice, but Man does have a choice”

        But that’s not the point. The point is to prevent that calf whales (and other animals) are tortured.

        If you read the final chapter of Hojas Susurrantes you would know the precise reasons why, long time ago, I abandoned Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular.

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