Obama on Ferguson

Obama spoke for nearly ten minutes yesterday on TV: the same night the rioting, looting, arson and gunfire by blacks would take place in Ferguson, Missouri, United States. The following quote of Jared Taylor on Obama’s speech hits the nail:

usa-missouri_shooting-protestsThe president did not have one word of criticism for Michael Brown. Not once did he say it’s a bad idea to get high on marijuana and commit strong-arm robbery. Not once did he say it’s a bad idea to punch a policeman. Not once did he say it’s a bad idea to try to grab an officer’s gun. Not once did he say it’s a bad idea to head towards a policeman who has already fired a few shots at you. People who do those things—whatever their race—have an excellent chance of being shot, and that’s exactly as it should be.


Read the full article: here.
See also the articles on The Daily Stormer,
Counter-Currents and The Occidental Observer

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  1. Even a Jew like Peter Schiff is telling the truth (YouTube link: here).

  2. It couldn’t be more obvious that the media is openly inciting a race war again whites. When the media uncritically takes the side of dumb black brutes who get killed while attacking whites and then encourages black-on-white violence as form of “justice,” that’s a declaration of war. Yet American whites remain asleep.

    • Yes, but a couple of days ago I noticed something interesting. I never watch Cable. But this time I watched for the first time the difference between CNN and Fox regarding Ferguson.


      CNN is openly declaring an anti-white race war as you say. But Fox did something tricky: it invited negro interviewees who sided the white cop’s story and the non-indictment verdict. A couple of days ago I even watched a negro that recited the stats on the color of crime you would expect in Jared Taylor’s webzine, never in mainstream media! And The O’Reilly Factor programs struck me as implicitly pro-white. Obviously there’s still a difference between a TV company owned by a Jew and another owned by a silly, pro-Israel gentile.

      Here in Mexico I have complained that the newspaper Reforma, supposedly conservative, doesn’t mention what Jared said in the above quote: the verdict of the grand jury. These silly Mexicans are saying that the Ferguson case was just like the Rodney King 1991 incident, etc. I have asked more than once if Reforma is owned by Jews; it looks like they are non-Jew Mexicans from Monterrey (still not sure). In Mexico you will hear surprisingly liberal views coming even from the staunchest Catholics (one of the subjects I’ll approach in the book I’m presently writing, Extermination).

      • …and yesterday O’Reilly surprised me by quoting himself the “color of crime” stats that could well have come from the mouth of Jared. Never had seen that on mainstream TV, but again I very rarely watch it.

      • Wasn’t Jacobo Zabludovsky in charge of the PRI media?

        His granddaughter works for newsweek although she’s absolutely worthless. [link]

        What do you think of this guy Zunzunegui is he somewhat truthful?

        He seems to be anti-everyone as far as a historian.

      • Yes: Jacobo Zabludovski used to have lots of power in the Mexican media when I was much younger. (Incidentally, in a 1989, private party in the house of the brother of the president, Raúl Salinas, I met Abraham Zabludovski.)

        I didn’t know Juan Miguel Zunzunegui but watched parts of your clips. Zunzunegui is not wise. He says that the “bad guys” (the Allied forces) defeated other “bad guys” (the Nazis). This guy believes that globalization is OK.

        However, he’s right that the official history of Mexico is based on myths: the myth of the Conquest, the myth of the Independence, the myth of the Mexican Revolution, etc. I knew that already. Just click on the entries by Vasconcelos in my blog in Spanish.

        Zunzunegui is also right about the completely surreal anti-Hispanic ethos in today’s Mexican culture.

  3. I guess you can’t blame them considering what happened to their ancestors during the Holocaust. (link)

  4. I don’t know if you noticed his encyclopedia set in the back is in both Hebrew and Spanish, he talks about meeting the Israeli prime minister as one of the highlights of his life and his granddaughters name is spelled with a “K” instead of a “C” as the name is spelled in Spanish. Do Mexicans not notice that he doesn’t seem to be really Mexican but a foreign agent to control them? He doesn’t even try to hide it.

    Carlos Slim Helu at least tries to hide his Arabic past and family history so as not to make him look like a foreign carpetbagger who came in to ransack the country of it’s wealth even though he dates women from Arabia such as that ridiculous Queen Noor of Jordan instead of Mexican women. Here in this video Larry King brings up his Lebanese heritage and he quickly downplays it as if Larry wants to out him. Is it safer for a Jew to proclaim his loyalty to Israel than a Lebanese to declare his loyalty to Lebanon?

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