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If, historically, the One Ring (greed) was the primary weakness for Western man, Christianity is also a major culprit. It is race-blind and compels us to navigate our passages favoring universalism. Based on theism, the belief in a personal, Hebraic god, it is hostile to “pagan” (Christian Newspeak for folkish) bonds for the supposed benefit of the “soul.” Our parents’ religion commands us to love our enemy (even Jews) and worship human weakness (including low-IQ negroes). Catholic and Protestant moral grammar goes at the very heart in today’s untamed equality: what Nietzsche called slave morality.

As Manu Rodríguez, a Nietzschean from Spain, said yesterday (my translation), “Christianity is the art of making wolves and bears into kids and lambs. It is the art of weakening, neutralizing and undermining the morale of the population, making even defense impossible.” Earlier this year another visitor of this blog sent me an email containing this paragraph:

Because of your blog I have ordered tons of books that you have read and thus gain the same insights that you do. I have Hellstorm on my shelf now; I have not read it yet. I am about to commence reading Porphyry’s Against the Christians. I can’t wait. The Bible is a book that has plagued me all my life. It is nice to finally read one of the original refutations of this Jewish nonsense.

A year ago I reposted excerpts of a chapter about the Gospels’ nativity fictions that I typed directly from a book authored by a secular scholar on the Bible. Porphyry (234-305 C.E.) was the forgotten pioneer in this field of research.

The reason white nationalists are uninterested in secular studies of the New Testament is the same they are so reluctant to assess the data about the subject that the dollar will crash. The double-helix of the US was precisely a structure intertweaving capitalism with Christianity. But American white nationalists want to save their race without destroying the One Ring wielded by the Kwa* and without dismissing their parents’ religion. They ignore that the nation of their founding fathers was hard-wired to become New Zion (click on the picture of Mammon on the sidebar).

Since this month we will celebrate Christmas with our families, I must say that an intellectual among those who blame Mammon also blames the other big factor. This is a translated quotation from “Rasse und Gestalt: unsere Identität,” a September 2013 speech by Tom Sunic:

The Christian teaching of equality and its contemporary offsprings, liberalism and Marxism is the main cause of so-called anti-racism and self-hatred as well as today’s mongrelized multicultural society. It’s futile to inspirit race consciousness or folk consciousness and to oppose mass immigration of non-Europeans, without first fighting and eliminating the legacy of Christianity.

I would go further and claim that the word “Christian” was 4th century Newspeak of the time. Translated back to Greco-Roman Oldspeak, we could say that Christian is a codeword for artificial Jew. What most significant can be that in this darkest hour of the West, on June 13 of this year in fact, Pope Francis said: “Inside every Christian is a Jew.”

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, whose mother language is Spanish, is the first one in history who has adopted the name of St Francis (Francisco I) when nominated Pope. In my compilation of several authors, The Fair Race, you’ll find much support of Sunic’s quote: a deranged Christian sense of compassion à la St Francis did transmute into secular, runaway liberalism.

Elsewhere I have mentioned the image that Kenneth Clark chose to depict St Francis in the 1969 TV series Civilisation: Hesdin’s The Fool. I added that in Erasmus’ most famous book, The Praise of Folly, women, “admittedly stupid and foolish creatures,” are Folly’s pride. Erasmus took a surprisingly modern, “liberal” position about the role of women in society. Since Folly praises ignorance and lunacy, Erasmus reasoned, women must be instrumental for the Christian cause. In his book Folly is only interested in following the steps of Jesus, the exemplar of charitable simplicity against the budding intellectualism of the 16th century. The fact that Erasmus took St Paul’s (a Jew) “praise of folly” against the best minds St Paul encountered in Athens (whites) speaks for itself and needs no further comment.

I must iterate I find it most significant that the current Pope is the first one to use the name of Francis: the feminine, Christian paradigm of charitable simplicity par excellence. Last month, Pope Francis addressed the European Parliament saying that no longer fertile Europe should accept immigrants.

the-name-of-the-roseYes: I’ve put the Pope and all of his Cardinals in my black list for black sorcery

But here I can only say that the saint of Assisi was one of the most venerated religious figures in history and my idol when, at sixteen, I was struggling with my internalized father. Unlike the current Pope, the medieval Church somehow knew that when the purest gospel reached mainstream Christianity it would be the end of civilization. See, for example, Umberto Eco’s depiction of the Fraticelli in The Name of the Rose, which chapter on Jorge de Burgos’ scary sermon about the coming of the Antichrist I reread a couple of days ago.

Online you can also see the final pages of The Antichrist. If Nietzsche were alive, wouldn’t he say that the suicidal folie en masse that in the 20th and 21st centuries affects westerners is but the culmination of the psyop started by St Paul?



(*) Kwa means Amerikwa: a negative word used to describe the degenerate, racially destructive, Jewified, niggrified, pussified, and depressing place that America has become.

For the context of Sunic’s point of view see also “The Christian problem encompasses the Jewish problem”: perhaps the entry I’ve updated the most in this blog.

Like Sunic I believe that reading literature in traditional, printed books is important to understand the darkest hour. My favorite historical novels are precisely Julian (1964), which depicts 4th century Christianity after the death of Constantine and The Name of the Rose (1980), a complete immersion into the zeitgeist of Christendom a thousand years later. If you prefer non-fiction, remember the above-cited words about Porphyry’s Against the Christians (“It is nice to finally read one of the original refutations of this Jewish nonsense”).

Christmas gifts of Nietzsche’s The Antichrist would probably be a little rude, even though the philosopher tells the plain truth about how the authors behind the gospels inverted our Aryan values. But Julian and The Name of the Rose may appear innocuous enough as gifts for our family, at least at the time of delivering the presents.


  1. See my excerpts of Julian: here.

  2. Worship human weakness? Not sure where it says that, even in the Bible.

    • This is what I mean: Who needs Jews when you got Christianity?



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      evangelical with Negroes6

      • Yet, religious Christians are still more racist than secularists.

        Secularism still spawns degeneracy: link , link, link.

        I know that you’re proposing paganism, not secularism. But how will you convert people? Convince them Christianity’s Yahweh is obvious bullshit, and then expect them to bow down to a statue of Thor? Seems like step one will only lead to nihilism and further decline.

      • It is true that “secular humanists” become deranged nihilists. But Himmler forbade atheists in the SS. Incidentally, did you click on the link within the post about the Newspeak of using the word “pagan”? Anyway, as to your question, even Adolf, as recorded in Hitler’s Table Talks said it was ridiculous trying to bring back Wotan for the German people once Christianity dies a natural death. As Manu Rodríguez put it:

        In short, we need to create the Aryan community (ecclesia), which, for the above circumstances, we never had. The Aryan ecclesias need to thrive in our towns and cities. Our “priests” (for lack of a better word) are not experts in theology but in history, anthropology and Indo-European linguistics… They must be skilled in the various Indo-European traditions.

        Read his whole letter: here.

  3. Greed is symptom of a deeper weakness.

    • Yes, but for those unfamiliar with this blog I must say that today Colhaze’s article “Wagner’s Wisdom”, the seminal piece in this blog to explain the metaphor of the One Ring of greed and power, is receiving lots of traffic (94 hits at this time in the morning).

  4. It has taken me awhile but I am finally beginning to understand the Christian problem. I don’t think we can survive another century with the baggage of this religion.

    Unfortunately that would seem to doom White Americans, as all our culture and ideals are Christian to a T. Most of our people simply will not be able to transcend all of that.

    I have to say Chechar your blog is very underrated, I wish I had been reading it more thoroughly when I was just starting out as a WN. I hope you will keep writing.

    • Thank you. And what most WNsts ignore is that the most serious crime of Western history, what the Anglo-Saxons did to Germany in the century we were born—their siding with the tribe instead of their ethnic kinsmen—was inspired by the Bible, as Sunic claims.

      If peak oil researchers are right, however, after the first billion of casualties whites will start to wake up later in this century, including Americans.

      I wish I could continue blogging as regularly as before but first I must complete the book I’m writing…

  5. Cesar, is your entire new book going to be in English, or just the first chapter as I recall you saying a while ago?

    • Only the first chap. However, I might start translating isolated, short, out-of-context excerpts of future chapters. Still not sure.

  6. Chechar, recently there appeared an article in The Times of Israel December 5/14, where the author, Hershvoviz, explains that Jews are not white. They are simply members of a tribe that is not genetically, culturally, biologically white. And they resent being considered white as in European. Hey, she said it, not some antisemite. What more do you need. Alex

    • Yes: The Occidental Observer has just published an article about it. But in this blog I rather focus on the Aryan Problem.

  7. In the interests of full disclosure I am a non European Muslim.

    I must say that I have enjoyed reading The West’s Darkest Hour. I have learned a lot and it has caused me to think upon subjects that I would never had thought about.

    I find it very interesting that you write “They ignore that the nation of their founding fathers was hard-wired to become New Zion”.

    I happen to agree with you even though, if I understand correctly from your blog, you are not a believer in any religion.

    From the viewpoint of Islamic Eschatology, the creator of Modern Western Civilization is none other than the Anti-Christ. He commenced his mission from the Island of Britain and once the time was right he moved to America, all the while being responsible for its conquest and development. What you see now in America, and indeed the heartlands of Modern Western Civilization, is the degenerate (Anti-Christ) core of the Modern West revealing it’s true self. (As one non European philosopher put it, “a civilization committing suicide by its very own dagger”).
    He is now planning to move once more as he gets closer to fulfilling his mission.

    (I am not saying that all Modern Western nations were foot soldiers of the Anti-Christ, there was a people who stood up from amongst them, but you know what happened to them…Hellstorm!)

  8. the psyop started by St Paul

    There is little evidence that he existed.

    However, the evidence is much stronger that Josephus Flavius* existed, and also that the first Christians were members of the extended family of the Flavian emperors.

    I consider Atwill’s explanation of the origin of Christianity to be the one best supported by the evidence.**

    It was indeed designed to be a slave religion,

    It was intended for bringing the Jews under Roman control but later emperors used it to bring everyone under their control.

    * A scholarly Jew who was adopted into the Roman imperial family, the Flavians, and who, probably with a team of scholars, used his understanding of the Jewish mythos to design a peaceful Judiasm that was supposed to be an antidote to the militant Judaism of the first century.

    ** Because the typology of the New Testament has too many correspondences with the Roman military campaign in Palestine to be coincidence. The typology was put there out of vanity, a literary joke upon the foolish masses by the political elite.

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