On pillowed ostriches

In this audiovisual interview on the coming collapse of the dollar James Rickards explains the content his book The Death of Money, which I recently read.

Quite a few white nationalists are not only behaving like pillowed ostriches about real economics. They are as irrational about economics as the typical liberal is regarding race, gender and sexual orientation. See for example this article by Greg Johnson published a few months ago. He wrote:

It seems exceedingly unlikely that any country or group of countries can replace the dollar as world reserve currency, even if they wanted to.

Johnson simply ignores that many countries are already bypassing the dollar as their reserve currency.

Last week Johnson wrote another article for Counter-Currents,
“2014: The Year in White Nationalism.”
He shares the “skepticism about Austrian economics-driven dollar doom predictions” but offers no shred of data or arguments whatsoever. Only flat statements, exactly what he does in that same article about energy devolution.

I’ll annotate something when the crash of the dollar steamrolls those nationalists who, behaving like ostriches instead of doing their homework, will be unprepared when it hits the fan.

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  1. Debt to GDP ratio is also really bad. Things that haven’t happened ever are happening now such as countries taking their gold reserves back. Greece defaulted when they had a debt to GDP ratio of 150% we should get there in 3-6 years then we’ll see where that gets us. No one will be there to bail us out because we’re too big!!!

  2. Thanks for writing this, when I read the original Johnson article I thought the guy was out of his mind trying to make a case for an American economic comeback.

    I figured the tone of the article was like a worst-case scenario pep-talk, but who needs a pep-talk from a lightweight like him?

    I trust your word much more.

    If his words are a US dollars, then yours are piles of gold.

    • Oh thank you.

      Actually I became interested in economics only after the recession of 2008 left me stranded in an island near the coast of Africa the next year. I ignored then that the economic policies of the last decades were as idiotic as what our universities teach us about “historical grievances”. If you click on the embedded video you could follow, afterwards, the Maloney videos like a white rabbit exiting the inverted world beyond the mirror of Keynesian economics: an Alice wonderland that Johnson and other nationalists inhabit.

  3. Mr. Tort :

    What’s your opinion concerning the recent Paris shooting? What’s your opinion concerning the Mohammedan jihad the Moslems are waging in White Europe? Their Islamic rape jihads against White women. Their Islamic riots? Their love of arson? Their vandalizing of Catholic churches all over Europe? Their Islamic jihadist habit of throwing rocks at Catholics entering and leaving their Catholic churches? Their sharia NO GO ZONES they set-up all over White Europe—NO GO ZONES for White Europeans in White Europe.

    What should be the proper stance of WN’ers and NS’ers vis-à-vis Islam and the Mohammedan Jihad they’re waging against White Europe?

    One would think WN’ers and NS’ers would be appalled and horrified and very much opposed to the Mohammedan jihad in White Europe against our White Western culture, but WN’ers and NS’ers are awfully silent about White Europe being overrun by Mohammedan jihadists. How would Hitler handle the Mohammedan jihad going on today in White Europe if unsere Hitler was still with us? What say you, Mr. Tort?

    • I won’t add a long entry on the subject because I’m too busy writing the book. I guess this year WDH will take a rather low profile.

      Many white nationalists are so focussed on the Jewish Question that they often forget that the other kind Semite, the Muslim, is our big foe too. I believe that together with a final solution to the Jewish Problem whites need to nuke Mecca later in this century, as we suggested in the previous incarnation of this blog.

      Killing two Semitic birds with one stone is my stance about Judaism and Islam. Je suis bored to fuckin’ tears is my message to the thoroughly feminized French. Get real.

      p.s.: Robert Spencer changed the way his Jihad Watch blog looked and I don’t like to read it anymore. Visit my old pals’ site Gates of Vienna, who have not changed the visuals of their blog, if you want sound articles about the Islamization of Europe. But be warned about their staunch philo-Semitism! (the same with Spencer)…

      • I agree with nuking Mecca, but only if all Muslims are removed from the West (or at least Europe) first.

      • Of course!

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