By that standard most people are simply animals—thinking animals, but still animals, without the essence of humanity.

William Pierce

For those who don’t believe Whites are capable of imposing this madness on themselves, I will point to France during the French Revolution which abolished slavery in the name of the “Rights of Man” and made every Negro a citizen of the French Republic.

Hunter Wallace

Together with niggers and sand niggers, Frenchmen and Frenchwomen, as a massive reaction against the killed, far-leftist journalists, have been waving today the flags of every nation on the streets, chanting the ethno-suicidal slogans “Liberté, égalité, fraternité!” (remember that their Revolution guillotined blonds) and “Pour la démocratie, l’égalité, les libertés. Combattons tous les fascismes!” that mark the modern West. These shocking images of the current Zeitgeist that afflicts not only Paris and France but the Western world certainly count for a million words…

To grasp what has been happening to the white peoples—left-wing psychosis from the French Revolution to the present day—one must read Pierce’s Hunter. This was his second novel, which first edition appeared on December 1989, two hundred years after the Revolution. See for example this specific passage, or all of my excerpts here.

In one of the above-linked passages, and also in Who We Are, Pierce said that History has an enormous inertia. This, in my opinion, beautifully explains the psyche of these white animals and their herd behavior including the Frenchmen, both contemporary and those who started the mess a couple of centuries ago.*


(*) “The French Revolution soon took a sub-racial undertone—often it was enough to have blond hair to be declared a noble and be beheaded. This was taken to an extreme under a bloodthirsty period known as the ‘reign of terror’ and led to civil and foreign wars for ten years” (from chapter 26 of March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race).


  1. A quote from the first link:

    “The White people are too far gone. They don’t understand discipline, sacrifice, pulling together for a common goal. They’re too weak, too timid, too spoiled, too selfish, too undisciplined. Hitler’s SS legions were the last White force on earth which had a chance of doing what you want to do, and there just weren’t enough of them to pull it off.”

    The author seems to forget that before Hitler came to power, the members of those SS legions (or perhaps their parents) were getting drunk in bars, doping up, and attending cabarets in Weimar Germany. If the author had been writing in the 30s he would have said that Germany was too far gone to be reformed, yet look what Hitler did. He took the most broken nation in the world and turned it into the greatest nation in the world.

    Some Whites are too far gone; the communists, the race cucks, etc. But most Whites are simply stuck on this ride and conform to the left so as not to raise trouble. Most people in general, White or non-White, take orders from superiors. Most humans are like clay: they can be molded with only a little bit of pressure.

    France is a good example. When the Germans occupied it in WWII the French had no trouble accepting their new guests. The “French resistance” was a post-war myth to alleviate the humiliation of their military defeat; the only French who were fighting the Germans were small groups of communist terrorists, and they weren’t fighting for France, but rather for their Bolshevik ideology. It barely even qualified as a movement, much less a resistance.

    The traitorous left has been in power in Europe since 1945; that was the whole point of waging that war from the jewish/allied perspective. Europeans don’t raise a fuss when the left is in power and they wouldn’t raise a fuss if the right were in power. The mob is irrelevant and has no will of its own.

    This talk of “Whites are too far gone” is inaccurate and dangerous. The National Socialists did not have that attitude, and neither should we.

    • There’s a big difference between today’s whites and the Aryans when my grandma was young. No decent person then accepted sexual promiscuity or antimusic, let alone interracial marriages or massive non-white invasion. NS men did not have that attitude because Germans were fairly decent people then. Presently the Pods have taken over the whole West.

      • Berlin was the world capital of degeneracy before Hitler restored sanity. Drug use, promiscuous sex, you name it, it was accepted. (link)

        Those Germans would have accepted interracial marriage and non-white immigration if they were pushed on them. The jews simply weren’t pushing them because for one they didn’t have as much power as they do today, and secondly they didn’t have mass media like we have today.

        Whites can be great again, but they can’t save themselves. They will need to be saved by a strong leader, or a strong political party.

      • The problem I see with your premise is, “The jews simply weren’t pushing them”. The whole point of quoting Wallace and Kemp is that the mess started way before the tribe was empowered (empowered by us). It merits quoting again one of these guys:

        “I continue to be amazed by how the French compressed 200 years of republican degeneracy in America into an explosive 10 years in France.”

  2. But my point is that Whites- or any race- cannot save themselves when they are under attack. That’s democratic/mob mentality. Races that are under threat must rally behind a superior man, or a group of superior men, to save themselves, and that only happens when the men in question are charismatic, intelligent, powerful, and ruthless… not to mention loyal to their own people. These would be men like Caesar, Napoleon, and Hitler. Three powerful men who shook the world but had tragic fates. Nevertheless they were the saviors of their people, if only briefly.

    • Nope: Caesar destroyed the Roman Republic and in Gaul committed the first holocaust of true Aryans; and by empowering the Jews Napoleon compromised what was left of the Gauls’ genotype even further.

      Superior men? This is what one of Pierce’s characters says (linked in the first epigraph above):

      “You said there must be lots of others like you out there, but there aren’t. You’re unique. You don’t like the race mixing that’s going on in this country, so you did something about it. You started blowing away mixed couples. You strangled the biggest promoter of race mixing in the Congress. You blew a committee of race-mixing celebrities to smithereens. There are millions of other people out there who don’t like race mixing either. The last Gallup poll I saw said twenty-seven per cent of White Americans disapprove of marriages between Whites and Blacks, and I personally think that the actual percentage is a good bit higher than that. But what have any of those folks done about it? Nothing. Not a damned thing. Not even the ones who really get steamed when they see a White woman with a nigger. They’ve got no balls. They’ve got no imagination. They’re constitutionally incapable of doing anything original.”

      • Caesar ended the Republic because the Republic could no longer function, and Napoleon ended the insanity of the French Revolution by re-enslaving the negroes they had freed and bringing order to the country. I’m not sure to what extent he empowered jews in France, but he did face enemy armies that were raised using Rothschild money.

      • You have been reading academic history, not history written from the Aryan POV. Caesar’s destruction of the Republic was a huge blow for the old ways of Rome. Miscegenation had started in his time. Previously the patricians carried the whitest genotype in Rome. Haven’t you read Who We Are or one of the most important articles in this blog, “Were the Romans blond and blue-eyed?”

        Napoleon is so hero for the Jews that even Kubrick (Jew) dreamt of making his magnum opus film as an epic idealizing Napo.


        An 1806 French print depicts
        Napoleon Bonaparte emancipating the Jews

      • Still more quotes from Hunter Wallace, what he said yesterday:

        If you are referring to Jews, it was all that republican rights talk about freedom, equal rights, and religious tolerance that broke down the barriers and propelled them to the pinnacle of power and influence in the US. That’s what emancipated them too in Europe in the wake of Napoleon’s armies.

        And today:

        The republican system is based on the foundation of liberty, equality, tolerance, and human rights. Freedom and equality resonate with extreme individualists who have problems with hierarchies and authority.

        In my own words: The Aryan problem encompasses the Jewish problem. See also MacDonald’s work on why Aryans are so individualists.

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    F$&k the French.

    • Thanks for reblogging and may I continue here what I already quoted above?

      Type-B bicausal Hunter Wallace is discussing today with type-A bicausal (or monocausal?) Armor on Occidental Dissent about whether the Frenchmen started the mess or the Jews (here).

  4. How much was freemasonry and judaism responsible for the totally genocidal and anti-white french revolution?

    • Is Freemasonry anti-white (sources please)?

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