Je ne suis pas Charlie

I’m relocating and altering this entry, originally posted a week ago, because, on second thought, whites have a better chance to survive under Sharia than under the current Judeo-liberal system imposed on the West.

No more fantasizing about nuking Mecca. Go after the real enemy instead. Listen here to what Commander Rockwell, the greatest American ever, had to say a couple of months before they killed him.

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  1. Je suisThe above does not mean that “there’s no Muslim problem” as monocausalists believe. See e.g., today’s monocausal comment on VNN Forum here and a follow-up on Counter Currents here. (Since VNN guys really believe that besides the Jewish problem whites have basically no problems, they focus singly on the JP.)

    As to the System’s double standards—free speech to mock Islam but no free speech to mock Judaism.

  2. To alter a phrase of yours, the NATO problem encompasses the Muslim problem. Western powers muster Jihadis to slay other Jihadis and feign surprise when it bites them. Dead White civilians justify more intensive monitoring of…White civilians.

  3. But life is not fun under sharia.

    • Indeed.

  4. But sharia sounds a lot more fun and exotic than life under Noahide. At least under sharia all the bitches are thrown into burkas and have to shut the fuck up. Under Noahide, the bitches rule.

    • As Ulf Larsen put it today, “Charlie Hebdo et al. have a more corrosive effect on our civilization than do illiterate Muslim terrorists.”

  5. Whites who submit to Sharia are the enemy. They are every bit as traitorous as Whites who submit to communism.

    And the VNN guys are right, in a way. Muslims are dumb and can be easily defeated in open battle, especially given how low Islam has sunk in the past century, politically and militarily. No Muslim nation on earth has any army that can threaten the West. That’s why Jews are using demographics to destroy the West instead an Ottoman army like they used to.

    Without Jews, Whites would have few, if any problems. The Jews are such a problem because they are parasites, and parasites are difficult to deal with because they’re designed to destroy from within, not without. Any race would have trouble with them, no matter how superior or noble, just as any healthy person is potentially susceptible to viruses and bacteria.

    Without Jews infecting the European body, we would have absolutely no trouble seeing Muslims and Africans as threats to our people. But since Jews play the role of HIV and shut down our immune system, we become vulnerable to hostile outsiders who have invaded our lands.

    • No one is saying that we should submit to Sharia, but it’s obvious that converted whites have better chances to survive as a race under Sharia than under Judeo-liberalism.

      VNN on this issue is grotesquely overstating his case, especially the troll Joe Smith. Did you see my links above to Johnson’s comments on CC?

      “Without Jews, Whites would have few, if any problems.”

      No monocausal or type-A bicausal WNst has ever refuted what I’ve said in this blog about what happened to Latin America: we screwed it all here without the help of the tribe (and the same can be said of the ancient Greco-Roman world). Either visitors are not reading this blog, or books on the sidebar, or not reading them carefully.

      • Judeo-liberalism and Islam will both ultimately result in the genocide of the European peoples. There’s no way to survive either. It’s like choosing between being shot in the head by a Glock or by a Beretta. It makes no difference.

        Whites who convert to Islam have no loyalty to their race. If Muslims implement Sharia, converted Whites will help their fellow Muslims kill those Whites who refuse to submit, and then those Sharia Whites will be dissolved into the Islamic mud puddle that destroyed previous Aryan peoples.

        What has happened previously in Greece and Rome is vastly different from what’s happening today, and what happened in Latin America is even more different.

      • Still missing my point: Jews want to exterminate Aryans (“The best of the goyim must be destroyed”—The Talmud), Muslims don’t.

        I am not proposing converting to Islam, only a tactical alliance with Muslims while we both find a final solution to the JP: what Hitler did with Islamists.

      • Why do you think Sharia is much better for Whites?

      • Judeo-liberalism is an ideology designed to exterminate Aryans; Sharia is not. Incredibly, presently the US, the UK and France are worse places for the white race than Iran or Saudi Arabia. Ideal would be National Socialism (yesterday Hunter Wallace proposed monarchy), but I’m willing to negotiate with Muslims if they help us with final solution matters.

        Under Sharia lone wolves like us, even the old ones, would be allowed to marry pretty young little reds ridding hoods, having eight white kids per family at least. That’s impossible under Judeo-liberalism where the bitches have been emancipated, empowered and protected from wolf attacks. We could live as crypto-Aryans practicing endogamy much like the Jews do in our societies but you cannot be a crypto-Aryan in the current System. Sharia would eliminate not only liberalism and the JP in a single stroke but the Christian problem as well.

        Again: I am not proposing this. Just telling that the current zeitgeist is even worse than Sharia law.

    • Chechar, I am an ex-moslem, while I can agree with its laws and implementations, but the rituals and the goals why they are implemented are idiot, and even the Sultan must submit to Sharia and the religious politicians called Ulemas.Ottoman Sultans must have offensive Jihad against non-Moslem countries or they would lose their power. Ulemas led state will only lead to mediocrity and poverty, unless the Sultan knows how to circumvent them as there was a time called Islamic Golden Age when Europeans were against their ancestors’ teachings.

      I would suggest to make your own Islamic sect to insulate your folks from Ulemas or better make your own religion.

      Actually, when I found out some people have 2 pct of Neanderthals DNA in them, I stopped believing in religion, and I am glad for that. Islam is very hard religion to leave because Muhammad is good in bluffs.

      • “I would suggest to make your own Islamic sect…”

        Are you reading my comments? Nowhere I’ve said that we must go for Islam. Also, before venturing into white nationalism I used to be involved in the counter-jihad movement. I know exactly what Islam is.

        This guy is a conservative, not a nazi like us. But his presentation summarizes brilliantly why Islam is our foe:

  6. At least under Sharia, we’ll hear the call to prayer. The Jews and the Protestants (*) did everything they could to silence the Catholic church bells in the West—the Catholic call to prayer. To tell you honestly, the thought of the Jews and the Protestants living in a world where they have to hear calls to prayer 5 times a day makes me kinda happy to watch the Jews and the Protestants suffer so. I was rather disappointed, I must say, to find out Duke University cancelled the Adhan.

    I spent a month in Egypt about 30 years ago, touring around. I must say, the Muezzin call to the Adhan was very beautiful.

    Under Sharia, those of us who are Christian will have to pay a tax to the Muslim authorities. In return, at least we get to be surrounded by people who know about morality and uphold it. We pay taxes to the Jews now, and in return for our taxes, we are surrounded and inundated by filth everywhere one turns.

    Us Whites have to face the fact our White leaders, or more correctly “leaders”, put our White Race smack dab in the middle of the Jews and the Mohammedans and put us in a position whereby we have to choose sides. And again, I must say, the Muezzin calling his people to Adhan is a lot more beautiful, a lot more transcendent, than anything the Jews and the Protestants have to offer. As it is now, we don’t even hear a call to prayer on Christmas or Easter. Well, we hardly hear it. Some Catholic churches very few and very far between still ring the bells. But even those Catholic churches don’t ring the bells every day, just on Christmas and Easter.


    (*) When I say “Protestant” I mean those in all the Protestant sects and those in the “Catholic” Novus Ordo church. Although us Whites have really useless leadership, we do deserve it for going Existentialist. Our White “leaders” , so quick to sell-out White Christian culture and civilization and heritage, do represent us. They truly do.

    • This is surrender. You’ll be bowing to a foreign religion that was responsible for innumerable atrocities against your ancestors. Why not just convert to Judaism if that’s your attitude? You hate liberalism but respect Islam? Why? They’re both horrendous and anti-Aryan.

      We aren’t going to choose sides. We are on our side. That means we stray true to our culture and identity no matter what. That means we fight Jews, liberals, Muslims, and anyone who hates us and wants us destroyed. I don’t care if “traditionalist” Whites stupidly convert to Islam: they become the enemy as well.

      • If Islam is “anti-Aryan”, Hadrian, why then did Hitler make an alliance with “anti-Aryan” Islam?

      • Because Jews are so powerful that we must make a pact with the devil as a provisional resource.

      • “If Islam is “anti-Aryan”, Hadrian, why then did Hitler make an alliance with “anti-Aryan” Islam?”

        Hitler didn’t have any alliance with Islam. Hitler had some Muslims serving in the SS but he sure as hell didn’t have any plans to convert Europe to Islam. Furthermore his Muslim SS soldiers were typically Europeans, not semites.

      • “Because Jews are so powerful that we must make a pact with the devil as a provisional resource.”

        The only strength Muslims have is numbers, and numbers count for nothing in a world of UAVs and tactical nukes. An alliance with Islam will give us nothing.

        Furthermore, Muslims and Jews have always been allied in their wars against Europe. Both Muslims and Jews hate Aryans more than they hate one another. Most Muslim nations like Turkey and Saudi Arabia are run by Jewish converts anyway.

        And finally, making pacts with devils is what got us here to begin with.

      • Aren’t jihadists saying that first they’ll handle the Jews and then the Christians?

        “Most Muslim nations like Turkey and Saudi Arabia are run by Jewish converts anyway.”

        Just curious: How many generations back they converted, one, two three or more?

  7. In the interests of full disclosure I am a non European Muslim.

    Islam does not seek to cause any race to lose their identity. Islam seeks to purify the good things in each race and remove any impurities. Islam has no innate hatred of Aryans or any other race. It does not seek to eliminate Aryans from the face of the Earth. There are Arab Muslims who are very different from Indonesian Muslims who are very different from Russian Muslims who are very different from Turkish Muslims. But all are Muslims.
    True, in Islam, the primary loyalty lies above race, nation, ethnic group. This does not mean a Muslim has to hate or work against his race.This is because on the Day of Judgement, all of Mankind ranging from the most advanced Aryans to the most primitive sons of Adam will stand before their Lord God-who is one and not tribal.


    I would just like to add to my comment above that there is NO territory on Earth which is fully compliant with the Sharia of the Seal of the Prophets (PBUH).(This includes the bogus “Anti-Christ” ISIS). Sure there are some territories which are partially compliant even including some aspects of Modern Western Nations.

    • It doesn’t matter if Islam doesn’t seek to destroy races, that’s what it invariably does. Much of the world became mongrelized because of the spread of Islam, Southern Europe and Iran especially.

      It also doesn’t matter if Islam doesn’t specifically order its adherents to hate their own race; a belief system that does not put race as a priority will eventually result in miscegenation. Christianity is also guilty of this.

      • Agreed.

      • Race mixing had already commenced long ago before Islam came to Europe and Iran. Perhaps it may have accelerated this process. Islam has come from the Creator of all the races including the mongrel races and is concerned with the Truth. And race is NOT the highest truth. On the day of Judgement one will not be judged upon race or racial purity.

      • Islam is not the truth: it’s just another Abrahamic lie. See the video I embedded above and the articles by Manu Rodríguez in this blog.

    • The video presentation by William Federer is replete with falsehoods and verses taken out of context. It is a rehash of the Judeo-Christian campaign of vilification against Islam and the Last Prophet (PBUH). It would be an extremely long comment if I were to respond to each of Federer’s points and tiresome for the reader.
      However some points I will make:

      1. It is vital to study the Quranic verses not in isolation but together with all other verses of the same/similar topic. Without interpreting the whole of the Quran when studying a verse one will be open to misguidance (and those Muslims who dance to the tune of the Anti-Christ are using them as justification for their crimes). The Quran was revealed to the Last Prophet and he was sent to teach it and therefore an understanding of the ahadiths are also necessary. Also vital to understanding it is the historical context of revelation.

      2. A state of open war existed between the Muslims in Medina and the pagan Meccans. During this war many battles took place and treaties were made, voided & violated. This war commenced after the pagan Meccans persecuted and forced the Muslims to seek refuge from Mecca. It lasted until the Treaty of Hudaybiyah and recommenced when the pagans violated it. This carried on until the Battle of Hunayn (after the Conquest of Mecca).
      Moreover the Muslims were prevented from worshipping at the First House dedicated to the one True God built by Abraham and Ishmael (PBUT) in honor of the father of Mankind who, when he first set foot on Earth, landed on that spot. (The First House dedicated to the one true God had been corrupted with time with idolatry & debauchery and the pagan Meccans did not allow for it to be purified). The pagan Meccans were not satisfied that they had driven out the Muslims unjustly from their own city. They were the aggressors and God Almighty had given permission to the Muslims to fight those who waged war upon them and to drive them out of where they had driven out the Muslims unjustly.

      3. Medina (Yathrib) was never a Jewish city. It was an Arab city with a few Israelite tribes living there. These Children of Israel had migrated there in relatively recent times. Amongst these Israelite tribes were pre-eminent scholars. These Israelite tribes had made alliances with the pagan Meccans and other Arab tribes to end Islam in totality. They had made these alliances with the pagan Meccans whilst they had made treaties of mutual co-operation with Muslims in Medina. It was their duplicitous conduct and machinations against the Muslims that led to them being made example of.

      4. Whilst it is true that many Muslim leaders and communities in the past treated non-Muslims manifestly unjustly, this is not because of the example of the Last Prophet or of the Quran as Federer is trying to portray but in spite of Islam. Watch “An Islamic view of the Christian World” at This is a viewpoint that the Judeo-Christian Gog & Magog World Order does not want publicized.

      5. Federer makes very little mention of Western Europe’s hatred and wars against Eastern Europe and Orthodoxy.

      6. Federer is coming from the viewpoint of the Judeo-Christian alliance. An alliance that is manifestly oppressive and deceptive and is doing the work of the Anti-Christ, whether he knows this or not.

      • But you are posting this comment as if we were believers or something. We are not: we abhor the Abrahamic religions.

      • You do not have to be believers to understand that the video presentation by Federer contain’s many falsehoods against the Last Prophet (PBUH) and Islam. Much of it a rehash from the days of imperial Orientalism.

  8. As far as I can tell the problem isn’t the Islamic religion, it’s the brown-skinned sand-nigger Arab race that’s pissing us off. Swarming into Europe and taking everyone’s money. Rioting. Acting the same way the “Christian” Blacks did during the 60s in America.

    Islam is mostly just a streamlined version of Christianity. If we adopted it things would improve in some ways, but we’d be back to the Europe of the 1500s and the same problems would start all over again. Except the barrier between Europe and Asia would be weaker. So not really desirable.

    However, if serious conflict starts between Sharia law and Judeo-liberal law it would give us more space to maneuver. We could adopt whichever policies best suit us.

    In any case, when half the leadership from NATO flies to France to protest something, that says something. Fuck Charlie Hebdo, good on the Muslims for shooting those faggots. They were the same people working to criminalize anti-semitism in France.

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