Anders Breivik’s letter

Commander Breivik’s Letter to the International Press has gone unreported in the mainstream media. Before trying to decipher it I would strongly recommend reading Alex Linder’s thoughts on Breivik.

Why wasn’t the 2011 entry “Linder on Breivik” chosen when collecting articles for The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour? Because Linder is a type-A bicausal ideologue and I’m type-B. Nonetheless, since expelling the subversive tribe from the West is priority number one, if I were Führer of an ethno-state I would name Linder my Reichsführer-SS.

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  1. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:

    Of course this letter would go unreported because then its exposure would actually cause people to gasp! THINK and then recognize the Silent Genocide being purported on the Nords, the Aryans. In reality, as Nordic AntiSemite points out, other so called Whites do not care as they are afflicted with Anti Nordicism too.

    • A shame that lots of WNsts subscribe “Anti-Nordicism”. Breivik is not one of them.

      P.S. of February 1st:

      Very few racialists are discussing Breivik’s letter these days. VNN Forum is the exception and a Forum comment from a Canadian, which I’ve just added to my addenda, reminds me how recently Muslims made the ultra-liberal French media fear their own blasphemies.

  2. Hello César,

    isn’t it interesting how it shocks most “people” when a weaker opponent turns the table on the “allies”, by giving them a taste of their own medicine?

    The “allies” are always “just doing their work”. They “serve”. They are “loyal”. “He just did his job”. “He was a family guy”….

    Many “people” say this about the Jordanian pilot who died from burnout after working too hard. “He just did his job”.
    Doesn’t it sound like those phrases that come out of the TV when a violent nigger gets killed? “He was an aspiring …”. “He was about to turn his life around.”

    The argumentation by the media in the case of the Jordanian pilot (who delivered many bombs) is the inverse of the case of the Norwegian vigilante (who delivered a bomb).

    The burning question is: Why do most “people” always sympathize with the “allies”, but never sincerely with the victims of the “allies”? Why do they empathize with a bomb dropping pilot but not with his victims?

    Can it get any more biblical, than to “fight fire with fire”?

    • Answer: because they’re still fucking Secular Christians.

      (Incidentally, while responding I accidentally pressed “Like” on this post but in WordPress there’s no way to “un-like” it.☺)

  3. Disappointing how VNN forum thread was derailed by a couple of “ex”-commie trolls.

    What a waste of 15 pages

    • Yes, but that was the opportunity for commenter Varg and the Canadian to say a couple of interesting things.

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