Uncle Adolf’s table talk, 175


26th August 1942, evening

A State like Switzerland, which is nothing but a pimple on the face of Europe, cannot be allowed to continue. It is to be hoped that one day we shall achieve complete hegemony in Europe. As for the Swedish vermin, they must be swept away like the Danish vermin in 1848!

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  1. Uncle Adolf was right: the Third Reich should have conquered the Swedes. We know what happened to Sweden after the bad guys won the war: presently it is the most fanatical neo-Christian, out-group altruistic nation of Europe.

    • Sweden is not Switzerland, this is embarrassing.

      • What exactly do you mean? That these Aryans have the “right” to exist surrounded by the Third Reich struggling with the enemy and still not being part of it? If so you must read “Rockwell’s numinous call vs. white nationalism”.

      • AH was mentioning Switzerland, not Sweden. You seem confused with geography.

      • What do you mean? By the way you are from Indonesia, right? Are you of European ancestry? Just curious.

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