A little payback

“What if whites were to start destroying black monuments? What if whites were to start destroying holocost propaganda in classrooms and libraries?”

Alex Linder

Published in: on July 15, 2015 at 10:26 pm  Comments (4)  

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  1. The heart surgeons would rake it in and laugh all the way to the bank. Can you imagine how whites would fall over themselves apologizing. They would drop dead in fear.

    • I actually believe that once it starts Lincoln’s big statue in Washington will be dynamited.

  2. Call me fatalistic (a character flaw that has been instilled in many of us Catholicized Latin Americans), but if white people started to do these things, there would be massive outrage along with retribution. The Zionists along with their goy and their Negro pets would respond with an even greater yoke on freedom of expression and suppress further dissension from the white populace.

    Maybe it’s because I lack the courage and pioneering spirit of the Aryan race, but things have to get really bad, like in the dystopian scenarios presented in The Turner Diaries, for the white populations to really develop a white-hot hatred and a fighting spirit and attack the Jewish Establishment via sabotage.

    • I’m afraid I must agree.

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