On 9/11 “truth”

part 1 of 7 – Free fall and how the towers collapsed

part 2 of 7 – Nano-thermite found in the WTC dust

part 3 of 7 – Thermate, thermite and glowing aluminium

part 4 of 7 – How did World Trade Center 7 collapse

part 5 of 7 – The BBC, Larry Silverstein and the Pentagon

part 6 of 7 – The psychology behind a 9/11 truther

part 7 of 7 – Flight 93 and my final thoughts.

This young Briton is neither Jewish nor Jew-wise. He uses anti-music by the end of his clips, but his videos about September 11 conspiracy theories are worth watching. It’s pathetic that quite a few white nationalists swallow this utter nonsense as “truth.”

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  1. Anti-music…good one!


  2. What are the ingredients of thermite? Aluminum and rust. I wonder how much aluminum and rust there is in the average skyscraper?

  3. Even if it was all a grand conspiracy orchestrated by jews it wouldn’t make one iota of difference to our plight. Amerikwans would probably love them even more for it, because they remain the “chosen people” in the secular mythos as well. Christian or not, Amerikwans can’t get enough of them.

  4. Pretty good videos. The dishonesty of these “truther” creeps is incredible, they’re as bad as JFK nuts.

    The rally shown in those videos makes a damn good case in favor of eugenics.

    • Amerikwa itself “makes a damn good case in favor of eugenics”.

      Let the Star Child come forth.

    • Some WNsts stick to the nonsense. This is what a silly commenter said yesterday at Counter Currents: “The collapse of building #7 cannot be swept under the rug.”

  5. I don’t know who was behind the attacks but one thing is proven beyond any reasonable doubt: The official narrative is false: No way did Osama bin Laden do it.

    If we limit ourselves to what cannot be true then we can reach common conclusions without acrimony. Simple logic can allows such disproof and anyone who can keep their emotions at bay can reach the same conclusions.

    Is it your view that the official narrative is correct?

    • Watch the fucking videos…

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