Contra Alt-Right

“They are pandering cowards trying to
rationalize their cowardice.”

Max Macro

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  1. In no way this quotable quote means that I agree with everything that Max Macro says. But I agree with a sentence in another of his articles:

    “If you support Donald Trump, you’re a cuckservative. This struggle requires and will be won by fanatics, not by reactionary, nostalgic cowards pining for the reform of a hostile system.”

    See also “NPI Conference: Becoming Who We Never Were”, authored by another writer of Ronin’s group. Alas, this 2nd article, which focuses on Jack Donovan is written by a woman. I wish a man would write a learned article about him and the ridiculous infatuation of hetero WNsts with Donovan’s writing.

    • Consider that most of Western Europe is descended from one man who lived about 5,000 years ago. Further, almost the entire period was harshly ruled by Malthusian natural law.

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