Merry Christmas

“Liberalism is Christianity in decay.”


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  1. For those who find incomprehensible this quotable quote, see “The Red Giant”: one of our oldest entries (originally posted in 2009 at the old incarnation of this blog) that nails Christian axiology and its bastard son: liberalism.

    This said, I find no objection at all in celebrating Christmas. My happiest memories actually date back from those times when the magic of this season made my very Christian family—and me!—very happy.

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  3. I’m surprised unsere checharcito didn’t feature any Catholic art work pieces for Christmas. For awhile here at TWDH Mr. Tort was featuring one Catholic art work piece after another. What happened to your Hegelian Dialectic Synthesis operation, Oh mein furhrercito?! One would think Christmas would be the perfect time to pull-off a Hegelian Dialectic Synthesis maneuver on all your readers, no? I would think so, but then again I’m not an Aryan Viking Furhrer daddy. Father knows best I guess!

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