heil trump

“November 9, 2016” – by Greg Johnson

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  1. So, the remnant of hope still lingers.

    • The ship is being steered away from the iceberg. HEIL VICTORY!

      • By the way, considering that I’m the bringer of cancer and degeneracy to this blog, I might as well post this. This child of the 21st century is on point with his assessment (05:30 – 06:30).

  2. It’s a great day in America. Trump won.

    The only downside is I’ll be worrying that he’ll be assassinated. Pence is a Christian cuck, and if Trump is gone then probably none of Trump’s major plans, such as build the wall, will happen.

    However, hopefully such a lousy outcome won’t happen.

    • Trump will be fine.

  3. Reblogged this on Kerberos616.

    • Thanks again for re-blogging. I was tempted to subtitle this entry “On the art of grabbing the American electorate by the pussy.” ☺ Cheers.

  4. In Trump We Trust

    • We have to see if he behaves as promised but yes: trust him now.

  5. It’s good news… for now. I’m just worried that Trump will govern as a standard GOP kosherservative and not do a single thing he promised.

    • They are ALL Kosher Kwans. Some wear pants and some wear suits.

      Ok, so here the Trumpster helps out this Groidess. Do you think that Trump is going to help this guy?

  6. Damn, I was hoping she would win.

    And then die shortly after taking office, that would have been so funny.

    But, sigh, this is for the greater good. Because otherwise the Dems would still be in office. And as for dying, it could still happen anyway.

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