Suicidal nationalists

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  1. white nationalists = white trash. a big big white weakness: the larger than life big silver screen of hollyworld. simply can’t resist living in distorted imaginings. addiction.

    • The article and the comment runs into the same trap I have seen in many other movements:
      – You have been through a lengthy process towards your current standing. It takes years and years of reflections, fights, defeats and rising up again.
      – Most people out there are not even close to having started on the train of any alternative thought. At best you will be able to make them think a thought or two that contradicts their universe.
      – So you knock them because they do not immediately jump into your wagon?
      I know there are plenty out there who should have come to these conclusions given the time they have pondered on the massacre of the Aryans. But do not at the same time cherish the free spirit and expect conformity!
      If you want a political party, you form it on some basic short term and maybe long term goals, and then allows the ceiling to rise for very many different opinions. That is our starting point, like it or not.
      The leftist movement is a much greater force in society than we are, and we may be able to learn a thing or two from them. They are a useless set of individuals, but together even they become a considerable force. And what unites them? Nothing but the hatred of the heightened aryan spirit (based on family, religion, ethnicity and a nation). But that’s enough for them.

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    • Yes, that’s my mail.

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