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Food for thought from chapter 1 of March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race:

North America was for the greatest part colonised by white Europeans, and subsequently became the leading power in the modern world.

South America, on the other hand, having far richer natural resources than North America, was never majority colonised by white Europeans and today has a majority mixed-race population. This continent is classed as third, or at best, second world.

If environment were the only factor determining levels of achievement, South America should in theory be more advanced than North America, since it has far more “environmental advantages.”

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  1. I have volumes one and two of Kemp’s ‘March of The Titans.’ It should be required reading for all European and North American junior high school students.

    • Absolutely. And it is a shame that many white nationalists strongly dislike Kemp’s book. This is due to the fact that unlike old-time eugenicists these WNsts abhor nordicism. Incidentally we have invited Kemp to talk about his books in our radio show, but we have not received an answer yet.

  2. Tom Goodrich’s ‘Hellstorm,” is an excellent book. But, David Irving’s first two volumes of ‘Churchill’s War,’ and James Bacque’s ‘Other Losses’ offer greater insight into the decades of deceit or the years starting after World War One to the creation of the criminal state of Israel in 1948, in my opinion. Also, ‘The Myth of German Villainy,’ by Benton Bradberry and ‘Who Started World War Two,’ by Udo Walendy are also excellent books about that era.

  3. I think Kant or some other German philosopher wrote a lot of bas opinions about Spain without ever going there(also see black legends, similar issue). It doesn’t sit well with me that Kemp wrote blanket generalizations about Latin America and North America without spending time marinating in both cultures. His analysis is simplistic.

    It’s true that a pure white race tends to develop higher technologies than populations that are mixed. Obviously individual exceptions exist and there is brilliance everywhere but as a general rule a white community that is relatively unmixed will develop better technology. I can agree to that.

    But for Kemp to analyze North American culture and Latin American culture based on technology alone and their impact on a global political level is simplistic and superficial. There are also cultural things to consider and the quality of the internal mental and emotional life to consider. Things like literature and music to consider as well.

    I fully support the establishment of ethnic communities and ethnic zones to preserve the white races. That is not the issue. The issue is I am not comfortable with people making blanket generalizations about the quality of cultural life comparing North and Latin America without that person spending a significant amount of time marinating in the respective cultures.

    We have a lot of problems in the world caused by people talking about things they know nothing about. I realize the guy is excited about his theories and wants to write a book and he wants to apply his way of seeing the world to every situation and I appreciate his thoughts and insights on things. However I do not appreciate him offering sweeping generalizations on this issue.

    • It doesn’t sit well with me that Kemp wrote blanket generalizations about Latin America and North America without spending time marinating in both cultures. His analysis is simplistic.

      I’ve spent half a century in a Latin American country and it’s all too clear that the neanderthalism I see everywhere is the by-product of inferior genes when compared to the US and Canada.

      • Can you explain what you mean by neanderthalism?

      • According to urban dictionaries, “”Neanderthal” is “An idiotic human”.

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