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“The Sanskrit word for caste is varna, which literally means color. The lighter the skin color, the higher the caste.”

The Sanskrit literature of the ancient Aryans is filled with references to the distaste the Nordic conquerors felt for the dark, flat-nosed natives. Poets referred to the dasyus as “the noseless ones” and “the blackskins.” One poet wrote, “Destroying the dasyus, Indra (the ancient Aryan god of the sky, cognate with the Hellenic Zeus and Roman Jupiter, head of the Aryan pantheon prior to the rise of Brahmanism) protected the Aryan color.” According to another poet, “Indra protected in battle the Aryan worshipper… he conquered the blackskin.” And still another: “He (Indra) beat the dasyus as is his wont… He conquered the land with his white friends”…

But, nevertheless, the Aryans are gone forever. All their initial determination and all the rigidity of the caste system were insufficient to prevent a mixing of genes over the span of thirty-five centuries… It is also what is happening to Aryan America and Aryan Europe today.


Editor’s Note: The moral of this story is that Aryans must either expel every single non-white from the conquered lands or exterminate them; and to do that one must first reject Christian ethics and start thinking like the Hebrews of the book of Joshua.

The above quotations of William Pierce’s book are contextualized in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (available: here). If life permits, next week I will add another passage from the pen of the American ‘Raven’.

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  1. I wonder if marijuana played a role in the miscegenation of aryans in india.

    • To expand on that, the tocharian mummies of china were found with marijuana. Marijuana was a part of the culture of the eastern aryans and the rate of miscegenation of eastern aryans far exceded that of europeans(western aryans). Much of the anti-marijuana propaganda in the usa during the 50s 60s etc was anti-marijuana because it was seen to encourage miscegenation.

    • I fail to see what has it to do with the meaning of the post: axiology, or the set of non-exterminationist values that led to white suicide in India.

  2. “The moral of this story is that Aryans must either expel every single non-white from the conquered lands or exterminate them; and to do that one must first reject Christian ethics…”


    “and start thinking like the Hebrews of the book of Joshua.”

    Not the best example you could have used here. To adopt the Jewish mentality is a double-edged sword. He who sups with the Jew dies with it.

    • What I meant is that I am fed up of whites believing the Bible: ethnocentrism for me (Old Testament) but universalism for thee (New Testament); exterminationism for me (OT) but altruistic love for thee (NT), etc.

      • Ah I see.

  3. There is really a basic misunderstanding of ‘history’ here in terms of the biblical reference; specifically, ‘Joshua’ isn’t about Christianity – but about the White God who wanted to promulgate a White Race by destroying the Amalekites and others who were the children of Cain.

    Pauline Christianity from the fake apostle Paul is the origin of the universal compassion that Christ did not necessarily endorse as in his conversation with the Sumerian woman whom he showed mercy to since he had no obligation towards her.

    Christian Identity is the means to discover the misconstructions of Pauline Christianity with its ‘Catholic’ universalism to realize the actual designs of that creature who made the White Race after all the other races had failed.

    • You know very well that none of the regulars of this site subscribes Xnity or CI.

      The only way you can convince us that the ancient Hebrews of the Book of Joshua were, in fact, Aryans is through peer-reviewed academic papers on forensic analysis of the bones and skulls of those times.

  4. That is very much a thoughtful and provocative reply C.T.

    Thank-You for putting up with me!

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