Alt-Right vs. the sceptics

I have been very critical of the webzine Counter-Currents but these days Greg Johnson has two excellent articles about the recent debacle of the YouTube ‘sceptic community’ stepping into the ring with the Alt Right:

I mostly agree but have to say something about Johnson’s reply to Sargon’s question #8: Should women have a role in public life? Johnson believes that only a few women could be involved in politics.

This makes me very nervous. Women are wired to raise kids and, if childless, start to transfer their innate pity towards the downtrodden, even toward the Jews in Roman times (see e.g., what happened with Nero’s wife in our previous post).

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  1. Just for the record, I didn’t add this article under the category—:

    —for the simple reason that Sargon et al represent a fringe YouTube community that has little to do with what we understand by Scepticism outside the context of philosophy: scepticism about the claims of religion and especially paranormal pseudoscience.

  2. There’s been a Murdoch Murdoch episode on the topic. It starts with an anti-Christian message!

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