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Today I abridged the essay Faith of the Future that I had reproduced recently on this site: first published by Matt Koehl (pic above) in 1982. This abridged version will appear in the 2018 edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, and I highly recommend it to those in the Alt-Right who are saying that we must forget the figure of Hitler:

This PDF is a corollary to the one that I linked yesterday, ‘Rome vs. Judea; Judea vs. Rome’. It not only expands our explanation of the Christian problem but also explains what does the trans-valuation of all values really mean from a post-Nietzschean, Hitlerist point of view.


  1. I purchased Day of Wrath today and await The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour

    Thanks again for the effort you put into this work.

    • Thanks to you. In DOW you will see an epilogue about a horrendous type of child sacrifice among the Hebrews that I’m sure will be of your interest.


  2. Another great piece of writing by Matt Koehl, imbued with the true Aryan spirit, can be found on the New Order website here:

    Highly recommended.

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