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‘In the long run, National Socialism and religion will no longer be able to exist together’.

Hitler’s Table Talk, page 6

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  1. Isn’t NS a religion in itself? And there is nothing wrong with having a religious outlook on life – I believe religion is not necessarily synonymous with schizophrenia and magical thinking.

    • But having no religious beliefs – religious beliefs including reincarnation – does not make one a materialist.

    • i believe. religion may be ok until one crosses the line to impose his beliefs on others. then it becomes mental rape. and far too many having suffered this mind rape — early childhood hypnosis — at the hands of parents and other adults never get free of that malware and as psychohistory claims, force it on others — typically those they veiw as weaker or in need, prime candidates their children — in their personal lives to drive history into the next of chapter of evil (unnecessary suffering) . the forever growing book of human history.

  2. Since when is reincarnation a religious belief? There is plenty of secular evidence for this phenomenon outside religion. Here is an interesting book about a Christian father that set out to disprove his son’s reincarnation.


    • Perhaps you missed what I said about Susan Blackmore in my review of Kurt’s book?

      • Obviously I miss a lot of what you say, but this should be understandable considering the voluminous amount of work you present on this site.

        My last life influenced this life to a point my desire drove me relentlessly to finish what was left incomplete in the last. I was sixteen before the idea sunk in I was drawing further away from WWII instead of closer to it. Yet, I pursued a profession for many years until I completed my unfulfilled desire stemming from a prewar America. I then walked away from that profession burned out.

        What is interesting is that I manged to complete my last life in a manner that replicated that historical period, never knowing what drove me until long after the fact when I began recalling portions of my last life. I died in the late 1930s in anticipation of WWII and returned a couple of decades later. What are the chances of reliving the ghost of a former life from the 1930s almost fifty years later in the 1980s? Yet it happened.

        I have no doubt your tortured childhood of this life and the drive to expose abusive parenting, along with its connection to Christianity is derived from a previous life or lives. One must look deep within to discover such connections.

        Reflecting on your thoughts about these matters, you might consider pursuing my quest to achieve what is attributed to the Buddha on his death bed, to wit: — “Now, I shall never, never again enter a womb!”

        I leave this material world never to return. I leave this world to Jews who lust so heavily for that which can never be achieved and all that must be relinquished at the moment of death.

      • How awful! It seems that you are seeing things the other way around.

        1) What I feel about Christianity is obviously due to this life, as any reader of my two autobiographical volumes linked in the sidebar knows;

        2) You talk that you lived in the 20th century in another life as if it was an absolute certainty. As a sceptic, I would only accept proof of reincarnation if, say, it was possible to recover the contents of at least part of the Library of Alexandria, as the reincarnated would remember their lives accurately. (In real life, no one has been able to prove a single case of reincarnation—the parapsychological literature I believed in my twenties and thirties was pseudoscientific);

        3) Precisely because the Jews are faithful to the Earth, and do not masturbate their mind with the hereafter, they have been winning the battle for centuries. When Nietzsche says ‘Be faithful to the Earth’ he speaks of a transvaluation of values that leads us to the pragmatism of the ancient Romans, far from metaphysical digressions. (Part of my new series on Will Durant’s book is to dethrone the notion, misnamed by Bertrand Russell, of a ‘wisdom of the West’.)

        Like I said, we see the world exactly the other way around. If you want to discuss, let’s say, # 2 above, we’ll have to submit your claims to a CSICOP-like test protocol to see if you really reincarnated.

        Honestly, I doubt it very much.

      • Think about it. Reflect hard on the idea of returning to another life on this planet. Think about your childhood, look at this life; how many more times would you want to relive it? Your present attitude virtually guarantees this will be the case. You may summarily dismiss, or refute my claims, but what if you are in fact subject to another incarnation? What then? Another tortured childhood followed by a life of tormented frustration?

        Look at this world, ask yourself, “would I want to chance doing this again? Do you even want to hazard the remotest chance of another life in this hellish world?

        One fact is indisputable, everything – everything – in this known universe is cyclical. Everything – everything in the material universe recycles into another form, would you deny this? So why might the life force not be subject to the same cyclical pattern as everything else in the known universe?

      • This is unresponsive to the issue that there’s no evidence of reincarnation in real science.

        And by the way, Buddha, who validated such idea also dismantled, with his egalitarian ideology, what remained of the old caste religion of Aryans in India, as Revilo Oliver pointed out:


      • Somewhere in the future, in the dead of night when you lay awake in bed, tossing and turning over past trials and tribulations of your life, you will reflect again on my words. What if . . .?

    • I am not a massive expert on this stuff, but I would say that there is a correlation between children having “phobias, nightmares and unlearned talents” to birds knowing the way from Scotland to the Caribbean at a young age (young for birds). It is called the collective unconscious.

      I don’t know too much about why they can remember some past life, but it might be related to this Jungian phenomenon.

      “There is plenty of secular evidence for this phenomenon outside religion.”

      Notice how the evidence is very obscure. That alone makes me doubt it more than anything else.

  3. ‘In the long run, National Socialism and religion will no longer be able to exist together’.

    Allow me to rephrase this in the following manner, ‘In the long run, humanity and the three Judaic-based religions will no longer be able to exist together’. There, that’s better.

    • But you are a Christian Identitarian, are you not? You just said that Jesus told the real truth, and actually compared him to Hitler.

      • Does my comment sound like something a “Christian Identitarian” would say?

      • I am referring to the one where you compare Jesus to Hitler and say that he spoke “the truth”. That is the inherent point in C.I

  4. My comparing Jesus to Hitler is much the same as one might compare Genghis Khan to Alexander the Great in the singular fact they both wanted to establish vast kingdoms.

    • You say he was one of the most hated men in Jewish history alongside Hitler, plus you said he told “the truth”.

      • In light of the Jews’ present relentless drive to discredit and demonize Hitler, along with the fact that the Talmud reserves a special place in the Sheol underworld for Jesus, will you deny Jesus and Hitler are the two most hated men in Jewish history? Can you name others that even begin approaching the enmity Jews have for these two men? What’s more, will you attest to the idea Jews would actually hate a mythical figure in the form of Jesus?

      • “Can you name others that even begin approaching the enmity Jews have for these two men?”

        Caligula, Hadrian, Spinoza (ironically, a Jew – Like Jesus), Nero, Nebuchadnezzar. Just off the top of my head.

        “will you attest to the idea Jews would actually hate a mythical figure in the form of Jesus?”

        Sorry, but I misunderstand that question.

      • I fully understand Jewish culture is fundamentally based on hatred, yet how many of these names have a special place reserved for them in Jewish hell? How many have continual programs dedicated to discrediting and defaming them? How many have their own TV channel, aka “The Hitler Channel,” dedicated to weekly shows about them?

        How many of these names have invoked attacks anywhere near the scale of the Jewish attacks on Christianity? None of the names you quote come even close to the enmity Jews maintain for Jesus and Hitler.

        The nearest vector for Jewish hatred for these two men is Haman, who has a special Jewish holiday set aside for celebrating his murder and the slaughter of his people. But this is much more a festive occasion of Jewsih victory over an enemy than the hate fests Jews maintain for Jesus and Hitler.

        Let me restate the question. Do you believe Jesus was a mythical figure? Are we to believe Jews hate mythical figures?

      • There are many channels (and a few films) which slander Caligula. Calling him incestuous, and that he married his horse.

        What Jewish attacks on Christianity are you referring to? And the fact that they do attack this religion (if they do) is no reason to invoke any resentment. They probably dislike Christianity for some of the same reasons we do – It is egalitarian for one.

        I understand Jews hate Hitler, this is clear. But them hating Jesus the same levels as they hate bellicose Iranians such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

        To answer the last question, I would say that I do not believe Christ existed. There is that Apocalypse for Whites post, but that isn’t all too much evidence. The Prophet Muhammed was mythical (from what I gather), but he seems to have more hate than Jesus.

  5. The following quote, from Behind the Fog by Lisa Martino-Taylor, describes radiological warfare testing conducted at United States schools for the retarded, it’s not just parents that abuse children. Note the incredible magnitude of these lies that are par for the course for Jewish styled duplicity that totally inverts truth in the same style evidenced by their claims about the horrors of the mythical Hallowedhoax. In the same manner as they view women, Jews see goyim children as commodities to be used, abused and murdered at their whim.

    By 1948 the PHS (Public Health Service) had established a Division of Radiological Health, which sponsored a study at the Wrentham State School for Mentally Retarded Children in Massachusetts. The study was characterized by one federal committee as a “nontherapeutic radiation experiment” meaning it served no medical benefit to the children, and it was one of at least 21 such studies from the 1940s through the 1960s (ACHRE 1996: 197). The Wrentham study was unfortunately not unique. On December 26, 1993, The Boston Sunday Globebroke a news story outlining how at another Massachusetts state institution, Walter E. Fernald State School for the “feeble-minded youth,” 125 boys were “fed hot cereal laced with radioactive calcium as part of a scientific experiment.” (D’Antonio 2004: 238). The oatmeal radiation experiments were sponsored and/or conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Atomic Energy Commission, Harvard University, and defying their wholesome image of friendly paternalism, the Quaker Oats Company. Also involved were other “unidentified sponsors,” likely DOD entities abiding by the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s order that military studies be publicly disassociated from their foundational moorings (Massachusetts Task Force 1994: 20). Some Fernald children were wards of the state; however, none of the parents had provided informed consent. Some were sent a generic “dear parent letter” that vaguely described how their children would be provided with a “special enriched diet. But it said nothing about radiation” (D’Antonio 2004: 239). Another letter said the “tests are made for the purpose of improving the nutrition of our children” which was patently false (Tadgell 1949). School officials also failed to disclose to parents that a “Department of Research” had been established at the school (Massachusetts Task Force 1994: 161, 188). Many of the parents had simply lacked resources or stability to care for their children and turned them over to the state: however all the children, regardless of intellectual ability, were labeled as intellectually inferior or “feeble minded” at the facility. Some of the boys were told they were state wards for life and thus they were part of a captive population with no legal rights. Their status meant that they were particularly vulnerable to those who wished to exploit them.

    On May 18, 1949 Fernald’s clinical psychiatrist Dr. Clemens Benda wrote to former Berkeley scientist Dr. Paul Clarence Aebersold, who had worked on the Manhattan Project and was the main proponent for isotope distribution in the United States. Aebersold, a.k.a. “Mr. Isotope,” who years alter would tragically commit suicide in 1967 at age 56, was head of the Isotope Branch at the AEC under David Lilienthal, a staunch radiological warfare proponent. An “Isotopes Committee” had been formed at the Fernald school that included Benda, Director of Research and Clinical Psychiatrist, along with Malcolm J. Farrell, M.D. – Superintendent of Psychiatry at Fernald; Earle Chapman, M.D. – Instructor in Medicine, Harvard medical school and Massachusetts General Hospital; Elizabeth Belmont, M.D. – Physician, Fernald School; and Maximillian Weinberger, M.D. – Assistant Physician, Fernald School. Benda was also Director of Research at the aforementioned Wrentham School where at least 70 institutionalized children experienced a similar fate. Originally from Germany, Benda was instructor of neuropathology and psychiatry at Harvard, and lecturer at Massachusetts General Hospital. Interestingly, Benda had served as expert witness against German the German government for victims’ injuries suffered during the Nazi regime. The PHS and AEC sponsored the Fernald and Wrentham studies when both agencies were conducting CBR (chemical/biological/radiation) weapons experiments for the DOD and institutional records indicate that the AEC and Paul Aebersold in particular, worked with Benda on the studies. Benda and Fernald Superintendent Dr Malcolm Farrell referred to the experiments as “nutrition studies,” but the iron, calcium, and iodine that were fed to the children were all radioactive. Fernald officials named the study “The Science Club” in order to capture and sustain the boy’s interest.

    Note the mention of Harvard in these medical studies, long a hot bed for Jewish medical degrees and now an almost exclusive Jewish academic institution as described by Kevin MacDonald. Note also the preponderance of Jewish names in these experiments involving the torture and murder of innocent children for which the government takes the blame. And finally Benda, wanna bet on his racial heritage?

    Here is a classic example of murderous, Jewish psychopathy projected onto an enemy. Like the mythical Hallowedhoax the “evil” German medical experiments on prisoners and children were almost exclusively the products of fevered Jewish imagination made real in these U.S. experiments.

    • similarly to tribe ownership of harvard, the tribe has made significant inroads into making their presence known on the gorgeous stanford campus in palo alto on the west coast. how these fukers identify and take the best real estate in the country pisses me off. oh for the fourth reich.

  6. I wonder if in the long run National Socialism would have divided into a Hitlerist and a Himmlerist faction?

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