The 2018 edition of The Fair Race, a 600-page softcover that contains, among other essays, Evropa Soberana’s ‘Rome vs. Judea’ and Ferdinand Bardamu’s ‘Why Europeans must reject Christianity’, is available: here.

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  1. Unlike the previous editions here I use only my initials.

    • If you don’t mind me asking, is there a story behind the girl on the front cover? If so, is it covered in any of your autobiographical works?

      • She is mentioned several times in ¿Me ayudarás? but no story there. It was a Platonic love from my part long time ago although she really liked me (then a tragedy happened in my life, not in hers). I have a single 2010 entry about her in a private WordPress blog and am planning to write the whole story.

        The above pic is a Parrish painting.

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