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I, for one, would like to see
a thousand Breiviks and Dylann Roofs.

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  1. You don’t have to travel far with Alex to find he got seriously burnt by the Jews.

  2. JimB Quote: I, for one, would like to see a few million Breiviks and Dylann Roofs.

    • What a wet fantasy… We have no thousands and moreover billions of them. And we don’t need them. In our society of the spectacle their acts of justified violence will be like viral videos for the stupid audience of mongrels. Just one extraordinal alpha-person and several faithful comrades are enough to reprogram the reality code. Damn, if we look into historycal perspective, Christ and his apostles only have managed it so comprehensively: the two-thousand-years-old Matrix…

    • JimB,

      Did Linder requote you on Gab?

    • I’m surprised JimB doesn’t know that both Breivik and Roof are controlled opposition.

      • How are they ‘controlled opposition’?

      • I’m not saying they are. I’m saying I’m surprised JimB doesn’t “know” they are. After all, JimB is a guy who “knows” and has stated that Christianity, a broad social movement spanning two thousand years, is controlled opposition, only continuing because the Jews want it to. If the Jews can do that, it would seem a small thing for them to control a couple of random shooters.

      • Even if Christianity weren’t ‘controlled opposition” the destruction it has brought upon the Aryan world is incomparable to that of anything else in our history.

      • Exactly! And this is exactly why I am devoting an entire site to debunk it from the POV of Aryan preservation.

      • “Even if Christianity weren’t ‘controlled opposition” …”

        But if Christianity isn’t controlled opposition, then it would seem obvious that it only continues because white people want it to continue. Then we have to ask why. What is the benefit they derive from it that makes them continue to believe such nonsense? Answer: Under Christianity a stable civilization marked by constant technological “progress” has been produced. The raceless values of Christianity are the values of that civilization, and because of the comfort and relief from toil, disease, and famine it has brought him, the white man prizes his civilization above his race. If that civilization were to collapse, under primitive conditions he would have no choice but to return to valuing race. It follows that anyone who wants to preserve race as a human characteristic must try to collapse the technological system, because if it survives and continues reworking human genetics, distinct races are doomed.

  3. As long as they were going after the people in charge and not a bunch of dumb kids on an island or black church ladies.

    • Very true: as James Mason says, the culling must start at the very top.

      • One of the victims, Clementa Pinckney, was a state senator and political activist. Does that count?


    • They did more than talk. Their choice, not yours. Show some respect for those willing to throw their lives away for a greater cause.
      At least Breivik still hurt the elite by killing their demon spawn, Breivik did well and seized a great opportunity to strike back. His only mistake was his need for attention. He may have been able to continue attacking, perhaps he could have gone after the parents of his victims if the opportunity arose.

  4. @Spahn Ranch “Under Christianity a stable civilization marked by constant technological “progress” has been produced.”

    What technological progress was there in the 8th-18th centuries? Was Europe an empire in the 10th century? Far from it, it was more isolated than China is now, and your argument is that China will make up an ideology similar to Christianity the moment it acquires an empire.

    “If that civilization were to collapse, under primitive conditions he would have no choice but to return to valuing race.”

    Tell that to Recceswinth. I’m actually surprised César has never brought up Recceswinth in the debates. The Visigoths had no trouble abandoning their race, and they were hardly civilized.

  5. The desacralization of Nature after the coming of Christianity wasn’t immediate, it took centuries. Nobody knows why. I suspect there is such a thing as an innate human conservatism, manifesting as a love of tradition and reverence for ancestors, which seems to be fairly universal in distribution. The thing is, nobody knows where evolution is going, or why it proceeds in fits and starts as it does. Sometimes, for no obvious reason, people decide to try something new. As I have pointed out, animals can be viewed as biological machinery, a collection or set of techniques chemically encoded in DNA, analogous to human culture, and operating according to the same fule of survival of the fittest. In this way, technique (collectively, technology) can be seen as the atomic structure of reality. Everything is technique. Only the fittest techniques survive.

    “Tell that to Recceswinth. ”

    Never heard of him. What did he do that made him a race traitor, besides being a Christian?

    “The Visigoths had no trouble abandoning their race, and they were hardly civilized.”

    One might make the same argument about the Romans. But now that white people have been informed about the facts of race by Darwin, maybe they will make a more informed choice in the future. One can only hope. In the present it is the technological state that forces the races together and encourages them to live on equal terms with one another and interbreed. Today, we can only work towards collapsing the system to make the natural separation of races a reality again.

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