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This is simply racial war.

People keep saying there is going to be a civil war or race war, but this is wrong. There is one now, by official policy. It’s been going on for decades.

As demographics change, the government will get bolder and the war will get hotter.

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  1. How “woke” are you?

    Level 1:
    – Nadzees are evil, Democracy is good.
    – Jews are Holocaust survivors.
    – Christianity is for idiots.

    Level 2:
    – Nazis were misled by an anti-semitic demagogue.
    – The Holocaust MAY be false.
    – Christianity is ‘okay’.

    Level 3:
    – Germans were fighting against Zionists.
    – The Holocaust is false, Zionism is evil.
    – Christianity is good.

    Level 4:
    – White Nationalism is good.
    – Jews are evil.
    – Christianity is a White religion.

    Level 5:
    – National Socialism is good.
    – America is evil.
    – Christianity has been corrupted by Jews.

    Level 6:
    – National Socialism is the only solution.
    – All nations are evil.
    – Christianity has always been a Jewish Psy-op.

    Level 7:
    – White segregation is the only solution.
    – Modernity is evil.
    – Anti-Christian Paganism is good.

    Level 8:
    – There are no political solutions.
    – Civilization is evil.
    – Blood and Soil is the only true religion.

    Level 9:
    – Non-white exterminationism is the only solution.
    – Most Whites are not true Whites.
    – All Whites are spiritually flawed.

    Level 10:
    – 10% of Whites are true humans, and must survive.
    – 90% of Whites are defective humans, of which 50% must die (males).
    – 100% of non-Whites are sub-humans, and all must die.

    Personally I’m a level 9, verging on level 10.
    I’ve met some level 4’s, and only a few level 5’s.
    The leap from 5 to 6 is astronomical due to the Xtian malware rejection.
    Feels lonely sometimes.

    • This is so good that I’ll use it tonight as my next post. Cheers.

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