Psychiatric re-victimization

To contextualise this series about psychiatry, see: here. Below, an abridged translation of a chapter of one of my books:

Let us imagine Dora, a girl in a state of trauma because she was raped by her father. Imagine that instead of taking her to a common hospital, she is taken by her father to a psychiatric ward. The girl does not want to go there. All she wants is for some of her loved ones to comfort her. What would she feel if the admissions officer to the ward told her?:

We are going to commit you. The rape did not cause any trauma. That is completely surpassed in scientific psychiatry. You live in a paranoid, world Dora. Because of your symptoms, my diagnosis is that you suffer from schizoidism. And you run the risk of schizophrenia. A chemical imbalance in your brain is causing your anxiety attacks.

I see that my scientific interpretation causes you panic… Do you know, Dora, that the first sign of recovery of a teenager who feels violated is to accept that she is a sick woman? For the same reason, and to help you accept it, my prescription is to bombard your brain with antipsychotics.

Any rejection of my diagnosis and prescription will be considered resistance. And the resistance to you taking your meds, my dear Dora, is involuntary commitment in this ward.

Would not this ‘bio-reductionist’ interpretation—which reduces our pains to a biological factor—be an additional blow to this minor, something even more devastating than her father’s rape? The example, although hypothetical, illustrates what happens to many adolescents in the doctors’ offices: something that I call the re-traumatization or re-victimization of a victim, which could be defined in thus:

In common jurisprudence, measures are taken against the aggressor. In psychiatric jurisprudence, measures are taken against the victim.

Does this sound like Alice in Wonderland? In real life there was a case in which psychiatrists diagnosed a young victim of rape as ‘schizophrenic’. And even more incredible: a fourteen-year-old girl in a state of trauma for having been raped was electro-shocked, against her will, by the psychiatrists.[1]

These are not isolated cases. The following is an example of psychiatric re-victimization in the United States:

Rana Lee remembers the time she went to her doctor because her husband was beating her. The doctor, she told a congressional committee, ‘prescribed 10 milligrams of Valium three times a day to calm me down… He refilled it for five years, with no questions asked’. [2]

This doctor prescribed to drug not the aggressor, but the victim of the aggressor. I have heard testimonies from women that something similar happened to them. But at least these women were saved from a psychiatric diagnosis, not another victim of domestic abuse:

Psychiatrists are fond of stressing how much suffering schizophrenia causes. However, I can truthfully say being labeled a schizophrenic has caused me a hundred times as much suffering as the so-called ‘illness’ itself. Since recovering my sanity in 1961, I have spent decades struggling to gain some measure of self-understanding and self-esteem. In this regard, I never fully recovered from what psychiatry and my parents did to me until I finally realized I had never been ill in the first place. [3]

This confession comes from John Modrow. Re-victimized by psychiatrists, Modrow concludes that psychiatric praxis seems to be calculated to drive a person, who has already been traumatized, into madness.

A psychological re-traumatization is a direct violation of the Hippocratic oath: Primum non nocere!, first, do no harm. The practice itself of psychiatry represents a violation of this oath. ‘How, for example, can a psychiatrist validate his identity as a medical doctor without labeling others as mentally sick’, asks Modrow, ‘that is to say, without dehumanizing others and thoroughly destroying their identities?’ [4]

Of the theoreticians who approached the subject of what I have called here re-victimized victims, Harry Sullivan made the most valuable contribution to understand the interior world of these individuals. According to the Sullivan-Modrow model, the panic that makes a re-victimized victim enter a state of madness is caused by a consecutive series of external assaults that collapse the individual’s defences. In his self-analysis, Modrow ratifies Sullivan’s notion that when these defences collapse, ‘the individual goes into an intense state of panic and simply comes “unglued”, so to speak. In this panic state, the individual has a terrifying vision of himself as a person of no value or worth’. Talking about his own experiences, Modrow adds that ‘painful memories once repressed rise and come flooding into awareness with a gruesome, hallucinatory vividness’. [5]

The experience of the demolishing panic of the inner self could be described as a tearing up of the self where the betrayal of the universe is experienced. We could illustrate it if we imagine that Dora escaped the mental institution just to be repudiated by her extended family, as it was accustomed to do with raped girls. What would she feel? According to Modrow, the panic state that immediately preceded his own mental breakdown was ‘the most appalling and devastating experience that any person can undergo’. [6]

Pre-psychotic panic is the state when the mental health of an individual is at most risk. In this state the mind loses its centripetal force that gives cohesion to its inner self, so to speak.

I dislike medical terminology to speak about problems of the soul. Yet, I could say that Modrow’s panic attacks were iatrogenic. Iatrogenesis (from Greek iatros, physician) is one of the aberrations of the psychiatric profession. In his misguided endeavours to heal the therapist provokes new and more serious disorders than the already existent.[7]

The re-victimization of a victim of family abuse, frequently iatrogenic, is central to understand the nature of psychiatry but very few critics of psychiatry have pointed out to something so consequential. The exception is precisely Modrow:

The psychological harm which psychiatrists inflict on their patients is a subject which is not often discussed. One reason why this topic is seldom discussed has to do with the fact that the people who are the most knowledgeable on this subject—namely, the people who have been psychologically damaged by psychiatry—are rarely listened or taken seriously. The entire narrative section of this book [How to Become a Schizophrenic] illustrates the kind of psychological harm which psychiatry can cause. [8]

Due to the double spiral of extreme abuse, parental and psychiatric, the young Modrow had a psychotic episode. For a brief time he believed himself to be John the Baptist: a delirium of grandeur which, according to Modrow himself, was nothing more than a desperate attempt of his unconscious to super-compensate the feeling of bestial humiliation occasioned by his parents and the doctors paid by his mother.


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[7] An explanation of psychiatric iatrogenesis appears in chapter 5 of Robert Baker’s Mind Games: Are We Obsessed With Therapy? (Prometheus Books, 1996). Incidentally, in 1994 I talked to Dr. Baker personally in a conference of critics of pseudosciences.

[8] Modrow: How To Become a Schizophrenic, p. 226.

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  1. Cesar, it occurred to me a few months ago that your parents were probably more hyper-Christian than they would have otherwise been, because they were living in a mud country (Mexico) and being Christian (having that belief system) made them feel safer in that environment, and that is also why they made a big effort to convert you. In a way, Christianity was a psychological survival mechanism in an inherently hostile environment for them.

    • Sorry but that’s not exactly what my parents were. As a policy I don’t reveal too much about my personal life online. But it’s no secret as I confess it in my books.

  2. Psychology and psychiatry are the invention of an insane, murderous, psychopathic race that takes great delight in the suffering of others. Note Jews were the instructors for torture techniques at the Gitmo prison camp, where they imbued their goyim charges with the same sick delight they take in creating horror and misery elsewhere.

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    Should there be any wonder that Jews filling these pseudo-medical fields take the same delight in torturing their patients while passing on their twisted acts of torture as acceptable practice among goyim peers? Of course, leave it to the Jew to profit mightily from the suffering they charge victims for their horrific ministrations.


    Want to get rid of these problems? Get rid of the Jew!

    • Psychology and psychiatry are the invention of an insane, murderous, psychopathic race that…

      You must have missed the hatnote to this post, that links to my article on how it all started with Louis XIV’s edict in the 17th century to found the General Hospital of Paris.

      • Did you miss the words on my avatar? One might argue the technicalities of founding institutions, but there is no arguing who was at the forefront of the modern application of these mental mind games that have now altered the path of human kind with the subliminal programming of mass white suicide – it’z all zo zientific! White people are literally a dying race with death rates exceeding birth rates throughout western civilization. You’re going to blame that on Louis XIV? Not me! I blame it on Jews like Freud and Geisel.

      • So even if Louis XIV, who founded the first ‘hospitals’ to incarcerate people who had not broken the law, is non-Jew you blame Jews anyway? And when the profession got its name ‘psychiatry’ in the 19th century its main founders, Emil Kraepelin and Eugen Bleuler, were non-Jews as well.

        No wonder why monocausalists have given WN a bad reputation before the normies’ eyes (unlike objective critics of Jewish subversion such as Kevin MacDonald).

  3. I was thrown out when I said go to the chalkboard and draw me up a psychology equation. Also the pills are the worst ever and should be thrown into the thrash.

  4. Okay, I’ll grant you the point. Now, to what use can this information be applied? How can this be used to tell the average man on the street why his life is coming apart at the seams as he takes ever more stimulants and depressants? What will he say if he is told that his present day psychiatric nightmare began with Louis the XIV? – “So what is that to me?”

    You speak of the pharmaceutical industry. Who began running medicine as an “industry” and who runs it today? Surely not Louie the XIV, Emil Kraepelin or Eugen Bleuler. Can you guess who presently has the lock on pharmaceutical company ownership and patenting? It’s the same people that have a lock on the Federal Reserve, media, politics, law and virtually every other cultural institution in western civilization. Consolidated monopolies under totalitarian government – it’z what (((they))) do, it’s what (((they))) have always done.

    You failed to mention that it was the pharmaceutical companies that began the modern medical degree program by funding the establishment of medical schools around the end of the 19th century and then promptly manipulated the outlawing of practicing medicine for anyone that did not have a degree from these schools. Because of this history, modern allopathic medical treatments are fully based on expensive drugs. And what do present day psychiatrist use to treat their patients?

    Can all this be traced back to Louis the XIV? If so, to what end does this information serve other than “nice to know?”

    To be fair, I am fascinated by the information presented here and read as much as possible, but how many others can be effectively reached with this information? Rome is burning while Louie the XIV fiddles with insanity. Maybe its time for the sun to set on Louie and start shining on the Jew.

    If you think “monocauslists” give White Nationalism a bad reputation, wait till you find out what the Jews have done to the WN reputation. Of course you realize there would be no need for white nationalism were it not for Jews.

    • You failed to mention that it was the pharmaceutical companies that began the modern medical degree program by funding the establishment of medical schools…

      I did mention Big Pharma in the series linked at the hatnote.

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