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Antimalware software

In a program for Japanese television Jared Taylor said in Japanese, ‘Koreans, Japanese, Chinese for those reasons are superior to White people in terms of IQ, in my view’. A genuine priest of the 14 words would never say such a thing in a public space. Just look at the faces of Taylor and the Asian interviewer and tell me if, from the esthetical viewpoint, he’s not far superior to the Jap (who beside Jared looks like a Neanderthal)?

But Taylor is the typical Neochristian. The son of very pious parents who moved to Japan to preach the Word to the heathens, once he distanced himself from religion he maintained in his mind residual malware that Christianity implanted in our psyches millennia ago. So let’s talk about the original virus.

As we said in the previous entry of this series, it was Saul/Paul the one who first preached about how there should be no distinctions between the peoples of the Roman Empire, Hellenes (whites) and Jews included. We have also linked to the conference by Marcus Borg about the zeitgeist of the first Christians, ‘thoroughgoing eschatology’ as Schweitzer put it or ‘apocalyptic eschatology’ as exegetes call it today. When the eschaton failed to occur—which means that both Jesus and the early Paul (the Paul of 1 Corinthians) failed—, Paul started to rationalise the failure in subsequent epistles (see Paul’s apocalyptic eschatology in chapter 15 of 1 Corinthians). As Karlheinz Deschner noted in Christianity’s Criminal History:

And here there is how the oldest Christian author, the apostle of the peoples, Paul, reacts. If he first explained to the Corinthians that the term ‘had been set short’ and the ‘world is heading to the sunset’, ‘we will not all die, but we will all be transformed’—later he spiritualised the faith about the final times that, from year to year, became increasingly suspicious. Paul thus made the faithful internally assume the great renewal of the world, the longing for a change of eons, was fulfilled through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

(((Paul))) preaching to Hellenes by Renaissance painter Raphael. Instead of the preaching of the kingdom of God, instead of the promise that this kingdom would soon emerge on Earth, Paul thus introduced individualistic ideas of the afterlife, the vita aeterna (eternal life). Christ no longer comes to the world but the believing Christian goes to him in heaven! Similarly, the gospel authors who write later soften Jesus’ prophecies about the end of the world and make the convenient corrections in the sense of a postponement. The one that goes further is Luke, who substitutes the hopeful belief for a history of divine salvation with the notion of previous stages or intermediate steps.

This was Pauline Christianity’s gigantic fraud: selling to us gentiles a salvation Christology when the original Yeshua cult—thoroughgoing eschatology—was something altogether different. (As a defence mechanism before the Roman occupation, the Jesus cult immersed themselves in apocalyptic imaginary: believing that the kingdom would come within their lifespan, something that still lingers in 1 Corinthians.)

But there is something more serious than selling us a religion that had very little to do with the original Yeshua cult. Once again, see the first chapter of Paul’s letter to the Corinthians. In a chronologically ordered New Testament it was Paul the first major writer who sold us the inversion of Greco-Roman values. If accepted by whites, this ideology would be the original virus for Aryan decline: that the strong should be considered evil and the weak good:

Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?… God was well-pleased through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe… but God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong, and the base things of the world and the despised God has chosen, the things that are not, so that He may nullify the things that are, so that no man may boast before God.

So that no white man may boast before the Jewish god, Paul would have written today. No wonder why Nietzsche wanted to transvalue back these values that Paul had inverted! By the end of chapter 3 Paul reiterates ‘For the wisdom of this world is foolishness before God’. In verse 13 of chapter 4 he adds ‘we have become as the scum of the world, the dregs of all things, even until now…’

Preaching inversions of values could be interpreted as slogans based on Semite envy before the handsome Roman world. In my Saturday entry I quoted Catherine Nixey’s book about how the scum of the world, once in power, rationalised their drive to destroy the handsome Greco-Roman sculptures: by claiming that they were demons! It was that tiny seed, Paul, the one who first sowed such attitude in his letters. In chapter 10 he says:

I say that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to demons and not to God; and I do not want you to become sharers in demons. You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of demons.

Incidentally, it was in this long epistle where Paul wrote his famous words, ‘When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things’.

I wonder when will American racists do away with their childish Xtianity? Or do you believe you can save the race with this malware still installed? Why don’t you see this site as a sort of antimalware software for your minds?


  1. On IQ; generic “whites” might be slightly inferior to northeast asians, yet some parts of northern Europe (certain regions of germany for example) have average IQs on par with or even slightly better than asians.

    • If Asians are so much smarter than us, then why do they attend our universities and steal our technology and science?

      • Well that’s always been an interesting question. Firstly the point I made; Aldos’ point B.

        It’s also been surmised that Asians are more conformist/less creative than we are; traditional Asian societies were less tolerant of innovation than European ones.

        Cesar also mentioned somewhere the fact that whites have a greater proportion of geniuses; Asian IQs tend to cluster around the average. Whites not only have more geniuses but more dysfunctional idiots among ourselves, British chavs and the like than Koreans and Japanese have.

        With proper eugenics we could easily raise our average IQ to be better than asians and also minimize the proportion of dysfunctional low IQ types (also raising our average IQ).

      • It seems clear to me that IQ tests do not measure everything as indeed the question has to be asked if Asians have higher intelligence than Whites then why do they not progress in science and technology, philosophy etc.? It seems Whites have a creativity that is not picked up by IQ tests or that IQ tests are not designed to measure.

        I’ve read that Jews have the highest IQ of any group on Earth but that is only in verbal IQ from my understanding, they have little advantage in other IQ categories. And since Whites constitute a much larger population than Jews we have many more geniuses in our race than Jews have in their people (and I’m sure many of us would argue Jewish genius is a negative, destructive sort of genius). The situation with Jewish IQ reminds me of the situation with Jewish wealth. Yes Jews are an extremely wealthy ethnic group but Whites have many more wealthy Whites amongst their race than Jews have wealthy Jews amongst their people. Despite our advantages in IQ and wealth etc. we lack the group cohesion and sense of racial loyalty the Jews possess and so we cannot compete with our enemies. For all of White history betrayal has been a constant feature, our race has traitors aplenty that sabotage us from within.

      • It’s whites the group that provides males of 160 IQ, on which civilisation depends (something that Asians lack).

        Yes: Ben Shapiro has verbal IQ to the roof, but in slow writing we can beat him conceptually (verbal IQ is good for spoken rhetoric, but is ultimately superficial compared to real geniuses).

        IQ tests measure who may be a good engineer (Asian) or a master of oratory (Jew), but do they pick more profound aspects of intelligence?

  2. Good work Cesar. The original inversion of our race’s healthy morality by Saul of Tarsus was made stronger by a second inversion of morals that occured much later in 1945 after WWII when so-called ‘racism’ became evil. As a result of National Socialist Germany, which is the closest our race has come to an anti-Christian Aryan nation, a vicious reaction was caused whereby whites doubled down on Christian morality as if to say “It is these values, the values of Jesus and Paul that are absolutely the right ones, the moral ones. Never Hitler’s values!” As I said before, 1945 represents the TOTAL triumph of Christian values over the Aryan race. The second half of the 20th century up to today, the early 21st century, is the era when Christianity is reaching it’s logical conclusion in the history of the West.

    I think perhaps the best evidence of the Jews subversion of our race’s morality is the fact that so many Aryans actually believe that the survival of their race is evil. If there is any morality for species on this planet it is that survival of your species is right and good and extinction of your species is wrong and bad. The victory of our enemies is evident from the fact that, since 1945 especially, there are actually whites who think the extinction of their race/species is right and good and something moral. This is the ultimate transvaluation of values.

    But the question has to be asked: why were the manly Aryans so susceptible to this obviously false ‘morality’? That would be a question that forms part of the greater Aryan Question.

    • The answer of that question may well be visible in the alt-right and white nationalist movement.

      Just as Taylor has to debase himself a bit in front of a Neanderthalesque Asian, Nordish white nationalists debase themselves before Mediterraneans, to the point of getting extremely upset when someone points out that the original eugenicists (and the Nazis) took Nordicism for granted. Greg Johnson goes even further. He has elaborated an ideology that considers obsolete, and even evil, what he calls the Old Right and advances a totally emasculated ‘New Right’ (this is also why WNsts seldom use the most powerful historical weapon at their disposal: the Hellstorm Holocaust). Furthermore, quite a few American racists called Dylann et al psychos right after their mischievous deeds, and many of them use liberal newspeak (‘misogynist!’) while criticising those guys who simply want a transvaluation of values regarding the war of the sexes.

      I could go on an on, but the bottom line is that the Aryan question is right before our noses even among those who claim to be white advocates. If they run our antimalware software, they would see that the only way out of this mess is hatred like the one in The Turner Diaries; in other words, the total transvaluation of current values (because Christian love is murdering the white race). But the fact that they don’t even have Pierce as the most perceptive racist that the US has ever produced (they don’t even treasure his only non-fiction book) speaks for itself: they are stuck in Christian ethics.

      My prediction is that even if the convergence of catastrophes occur, they will need decades of continuous suffering before values are rebooted again to standard mode, and this could even involve the next generation of whites. Xtian guilt, especially among secular whites, cannot be erased with the naïve presentation of facts (the Taylor race realism): the malware has literally possessed the Aryan soul.

      • Is it possible that you read into it too much? He said in terms of IQ; just a statistical fact. What if he were interviewed by a Masai and he said “in terms of average height, Masai are superior than whites”, who cares? What puzzles me is that in the following paragraph you state , “it was Paul the one who first preached that there should be no distinctions…” but isn’t that a non-sequitur? He was asserting distinctions wasnt he?

      • @Cesar

        Greg Johnson, by viewing what he calls the Old Right as evil shows his neo-Christian side. In a sense I agree parts of the Old Right are obsolete, but not for the same reasons as Johnson. As you say, his New Right is totally emasculated when logically it makes sense that anything new would have to be more radical, more ruthless, more extreme than National Socialism and Fascism ever were, as history has moved forward and the situation our race is in is much more serious than it was in the 1920’s-1930’s.

        I have noticed that the degeneracy of the West is total—it affects the entire white race, including racist whites. It is like a degeneration of an entire species. After being involved in this movement to ‘save’ the white race for 13 years now a part of me is really fed up with the imbecilic nature of whites.

        Honestly, a race that accepted or has a morality it’s enemy devised for it for 2,000 years and during that time has barely resisted Christianity, then when they finally make an effort to do so (NS Germany) the entire white race embraces Christian morality even stronger as a reaction (even people in the Alt-Right laughably think National Socialism is ‘extreme’.)

        They’re fucking pathetic. It feels like trying to prop up a dying species that can’t be saved, that is determined to die. And really, if the white race has become unfit to survive then it’s impossible to save it from extinction. As Revilo Oliver stated 50 years ago “It may be that any attempt to reason with a people seemingly in the grip of suicidal mania is itself the greatest folly, and that the vainest of all illusions is the hope that anything can save men who evidently no longer want to live.” Attempting to save the white race is like attempting to save idiots.

        And really, the possibility of white extinction and a coloured, third world planet as a result doesn’t bother me like it used to. After all, if a species has become unfit to survive then it deserves extinction. And I know our race will RICHLY DESERVE its extinction, if it does indeed go extinct. As Ben Klassen said, Nature is always evolving to a higher level and testing species for their capability to survive. Maybe white genocide is the next stage of evolution?

        So I say, these white idiots want racial extinction? They want mass immigration? Bring it on. Let’s have more terrorist atacks, more pedophile rape gangs, so much mass immigration that’s there nowhere for the white scum to escape from the consequences of their cowardice (like in South Africa) or no possibility of leaving the mess for their grandchildren to clean up. I support accelerationism. Let’s speed up white genocide and if our race is fit to survive white males will kill their enemies and if our race is unfit to survive it shall be wiped clean from the surface of the earth by it’s enemies.

      • The first beam of hope can only break through the menacing and immense dark clouds over our heads after the dollar crashes. Otherwise even white nationalists, with their axiological standards intact (in normies, even increased like Pope Francis: who uses St Francis as a return to Jesus’ message in its purest form) will complacently continuing to walk through the road to extinction.

        If WNsts were serious they’d take what, for folks like this guy who wants me literally dead, is a wrong turn: the glorious U-turn from St Francis of Assisi to Himmler.

        Umwertung aller Werte.

    • Joseph

      It is in comments like yours why I realise why most of those in our ideology tend not to have families, as in a wife and children. And I am not even being rude here. I have realised that our ideology and family doesn’t compute, at least not in the timeline and countries which we inhabit. How can we have children and a wife if we believe there is a higher threat of any of them being raped, murdered or being absorbed into the current decadent societies of the West?

      It is a very depressing and pessimistic worldview we have for ourselves, hence why I told a commenter here that they must be insane to enjoy life typically while things are the way they are. I suppose it is the same as how members of doomsday cults do not have functioning families.

      • A soldier is not supposed to be a pessimist. ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’ (Burke).

        A ‘holy racial war’ soldier, like one of the characters of Pierce’s novel (even the ones in Covington’s fictional NVA), hates more the enemy than loves his own life. If enough whites embraced this formula the white race would be saved.

    • @ Joseph Walsh…“why were the manly Aryans so susceptible to this obviously false ‘morality?”
      In Classical times they weren’t. jews were regarded as fanatics with abhorrent religious practices and for a preposterous boasting to cultural superiority. Christianity made no real headway until it became the state religion in the 4th Century. But Aryans have always directed their strongest hatreds towards one another. One civil war after another through the ages – Peloponnesian War, Caesar in Gaul, Thirty Years War, Civil War, WWI, WWII. These have been massively dysgenic of the best Aryan males. Christianity, and now (((feminism))). Even the strongest and healthiest can be slowly destroyed by parasitic poisons given enough time.
      In future, the biggest immediate (street) enemy for any Aryan resistance will come from Antifas – other White males.
      Great comments – yours and CT’s.

  3. I gotta’ admit Cesar, you have most definitely put Christianity to the well deserved question. Judaism spawned an even greater monster than herself in this religion. Jesus would no doubt be dumbfounded and much chagrined to see the history of holy terror invoked in his name.

    Christianity is like everything else Jewish; on the surface it looks innocent and harmless enough, but when one begins to dig, they find a sickening horror of countless dead bodies, murder, terror, lies and misdirection lurking just below the surface.

    I thought the inquisition pretty much summed up Christianity’s horrific past – I was wrong. For Christians, the inquisition was merely bizness as usual. The more I read, the more I find sick, twisted, Jewish psychopathy at work, the more I realize chust how Chooish this religion is; a point obviously missed or denied by goy believers.

    Dreams – 12/21/06

    I find myself walking down a country lane where I see a decaying, Victorian mansion situated upon a distant hill. The many roomed mansion is the classic dilapidated structure with columned entry way, gingerbread roof, peaked dormers and gray, peeling paint on loose clapboards. It is located on a huge property surrounded by a spiked, wrought-iron fence spanning out of sight.

    An old woman descends from the mansion with two, large German Shepherds and approaches me. One of the dogs is older while the other is a puppy. The puppy is quite friendly and though large, jumps on my lap to lick my face while the older dog remains aloof, eyeing me suspiciously.

    The woman is friendly and invites me into the mansion where I discover two more aging spinsters. I am unsure of their relationship, but the three seem to be sisters of different ages. Two seem quite a bit older than the youngest, who appears to be in her late forties or early fifties. All three are classic spinsters with grey hair tied up in buns and long flowing dresses.

    The house is cluttered, filthy and quite disheveled. One of the older spinsters is cleaning upstairs. I go up the once grand, balustraded staircase to offer help taking out the garbage. Removing an extremely large bag of garbage from a can, the old spinster tells me my help is not necessary, but I insist.

    Hefting her massive bag of garbage, I proceed down the rickety staircase, through a hallway leading to the front door, where I pass a man. He is apparently a repairman, probably called to make repairs on the house. I exit the house with the bag of garbage to negotiate a winding pathway down to the fence-line where I place it close to the wrought iron fence next to the driveway.

    Returning to the house, I start up the path where I spot a hole underneath a short run of maybe five or six flagstone steps leading up the pathway. The hole is dark and obscured so I pull a flashlight from my pocket and shine it into the hole. As I begin examining the hole, I note neighbors outside their houses watching me and talking among themselves.

    Playing light into the hole, I see a skull. Upon closer examination, I see three, almost intact, yellowed skeletons, partially uncovered in the dirt. I have the impression of an immense, tomb with many more skeletons, maybe hundreds, but can only make out three. I think nothing of this other than it is interesting to find skeletons buried under the steps.

    Returning to the house, I pass the repairman standing out front. I stop to comment on the skeletons under the steps, but he takes no notice of my comment. I then proceed back into the house with the intention of taking out more garbage. However, a moment later the front door smashes open.

    Men dressed in olive-drab, military style, full exposure suits barge into the house holding a large fire-hose and begin spraying everything with a thin, white, foamy substance. I think to my self these guys must be hazmat people, someone must have called a hazmat team in to clean up.

    Exiting the house, I find the repairman donning an official looking jacket with some sort of badge and reflective tape identifying him as an official or government agent. Suddenly, a number of huge, olive drab, military style tanker trucks pull into the driveway.

    Men dressed in hazmat suits scurry about the massive, square-shaped trucks removing hoses from their racks. Connecting the hoses to the trucks, they begin pulling them into the house. The scene is one of ordered confusion – bedlam.

    As the men proceed with their task, excited neighbors chatter among themselves, pointing at me, the house, trucks and men. Because of the disturbing activity, I decide it’s time to leave. I get into my small, gray pickup, only to discover myself hemmed in by the large hazmat trucks. I make several efforts at turning the truck around before finally achieving my exit.

    It seems to be late autumn as I drive down the empty road, sparsely lined with dead trees on one side. I look back to see the dilapidated mansion fading in the distance and can see no sign of activity.

    Then I awaken.

  4. I think that Jan Assman and a few others make a good point that Judaism is, from its origins, an anti-religion, in that originally it was simply inverted Egyptian state religion. You can view every movement that follows this same way. Every host culture they come into contact with is subverted. This is at the core of Judaism.

  5. The only source for Gooks having a higher IQ than Whites are scores from tests and education acquired by Richard Lynn and other researchers that:

    A. Don’t properly control for cheating.

    B. Doesn’t properly control for population quality (White IQs lowered by including the scores of Italians, Spaniards, Balkanites, and Irish).

    link (is on Jews but still notable for it both debunks the so-called IQ advantage but also shows that population quality is always relevant)

    link (goes the economic history of China compared to Europe, with China performing worse than European lands like Italy since the Dark Ages ended)

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