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Senator Lindsey Graham’s impassioned, explosive defence of Judge Brett Kavanaugh at the hearing yesterday reminded me a moment of Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation that I watched long time ago on our black-and-white, family television:

They even called on the great sculptor of the Enlightenment, Houdon, to commemorate their victorious general. The resulting statue of Washington stands in the Capitol at Richmond, Virginia, designed by Thomas Jefferson on the model of Maison Carrée at Nîmes. This chapter began with Houdon’s statue of Voltaire, smiling the smile of reason; it could end with Houdon’s statue of Washington.

No more smiles.

Houdon saw his subject as the favourite Roman republican hero, the decent country gentleman, called away from his farm to defend his neighbour’s liberties; and, in moments of optimism, one may feel that, through all the vulgarity and corruption of American politics, some vestige of this first ideal has survived.

Page 266 of the book adaptation of Clark’s TV series.

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  1. Politics are naught but Jew scripted “reality shows.” The movie The Truman Show is the Jews’ way of telling us how our lives are constructed and perceived.

    To ascertain the real motivation behind the Kavanaugh episode, one only need ask how the goy will react. –

    (1) Trump is ostensibly hated by Jews.

    (2) Therefore, all his appointments will suffer scathing, vitriolic attacks by the Jew media.

    (3) Liberal, “useful idiots” will react predictably, screaming and yelling and carrying on like recalcitrant schoolchildren making spectacles of themselves, thus driving yet another nail into the dying liberal’s coffin. –

    (4) This reaction will solidify Trump’s position among his supporters, while further calling stupid, senseless liberal motivation into question among disenfranchised liberals and “fence sitters.” Liberals lose more political traction. Note that anti-Trump Move On is funded by rat-faced Jew, George Soros while the shining punk, Jared Kushner, Jew, is Trump’s top advisor. Can you see the scripting connection yet?

    (5) A besieged Trump will once again come out looking like the strong “conservative” victor, fighting a single-handed war against fifty years of liberal nonsense and stupidity. The picture of Trump standing alone, bowing at the “wailing wall,” says it all – at least to Jews.

    (6) This political “fight” will further validate the strength of the Jews’ new “Middle” East Messiah who must fight evil dead commies rising from the grave to threaten all civilization.

    The Trump sequel is simply the third installment of a series of remakes of old blockbuster hits that began with WWI and WWII.

    Coming soon to a nation near you, Global War III – just when you were beginning to think the “Muslim threat” was a sham.

    Watch in awe as bad boy Dondolf Trump delivers America from hellish, liberal perdition by becoming the strong straight-talking, dependable leader that takes America to victory over its evil, intractable enemies. Watch out rooskies! A new Captain America has arrived on the scene. He’s carrying a nuclear “football” and he doesn’t like liberal, anti-war, pansies.

    “Because the cry of Syria is great, and because their sin is very grievous; I will go and see whether they have done altogether according to the cry of it, which is come unto me; and if not, I will know. Peradventure, if ten sinless Syrians shall be found there, I will not destroy it for the sake of ten. Peradventure, show me ten rooskies worth saving and I will stay my nuclear hand.”

  2. Lindsey Graham was able to tap into archetypal understandings in order to deliver his scathing critique of what the democrats have done. It is possible that some aspects of the Roman country gentlemen and that culture have intersected with what Lindsey Graham is despite any character flaws he may have. I don’t agree with all of Grahams policies but he displayed masculine boldness in his defense of Kavanaugh.

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