On the Kavanaugh farce

Subtitled ‘The white man’s head in a noose’, this article by Relampago Furioso appeared yesterday on National Vanguard.

I’ve been away for a while because I don’t really know how much good it does to keep doing this. The hour is late, the awakening is falling flat and there are snakes and deceivers all around. Even I often do not know who to trust in this age of misinformation and propaganda. And, it is becoming dangerous to put one’s self out on a limb.

Nonetheless, here goes. Let’s analyze the shit storm currently swirling through America and look at the larger implications of what it all means.

As the Kavanaugh Supreme Court circus continues, I often ponder what brought us here as a nation and why it seems forces are arrayed around and closing in on whites—and especially white men.

The steady drumbeat to open violence continues as hatred of whites grows bolder and is now unabashedly displayed. A global minority, whites are a scant 7% of the world’s population. Whites are being displaced from the nation they founded—and even the continent where they evolved—to roaring cheers from a bloodthirsty, leftist mob. It seems the mob is out to destroy them with a genocide occurring out in the open, yet no one dare speak its name because whites have been trained that their own self-interest is now verboten.

Precedents are being set in far off places to kick whites off their land. Already happening in South Africa, how long before this sentiment comes to America?

Make no mistake about it, the Kavanaugh nomination fight is about making conservative, straight, white men pariahs in their own land much more than it is about keeping a moderate judge off the Supreme Court. It is meant to legally castrate white men, to render them impotent. (Before they’re perhaps literally castrated someday to cleanse them of their “toxic masculinity” we hear so much about.)

Once a cultural and legal precedent involving an appointment to the highest court in the land is set and women are given carte blanche to destroy a man with baseless claims, with no evidence other than a woman’s word that a man got a little rough with her 35 years ago (but didn’t actually have sex with her), it will be off to the races to have men removed from any position in business, industry, or government at any time based on nothing more than a woman’s whim.

#MeToo was only getting the party started. This is how leftists plan to eviscerate white men—by using their own women against them.

When sloganeers tell us the future is female, they’re hinting at a future world in which emotion and not rationality rule the day. The law books currently written will be basically worthless in a court room based on emotion. The world of reason men designed will be replaced by a female world of unreason. Look around: One thousand years of cultural evolution already been bascially destroyed in only a few short years. From the Magna Carta to the Bill of Rights, long-respected and hard won Western jurisprudence is being phased out.

Marvels like this are what agencies like the CIA specialize in.

With leftist hate mobs conducting an open witch trial of not only a President but his Supreme Court nominee in the court of public opinion and the mainstream media fanning the flames, whites who support these “relics” of the past are openly mocked and shamed in an American media that claims to oppose racism. Trump is called a Nazi. Kavanaugh a gang rapist. Mass hysteria is gripping the land—and is only the beginning of a new Dark Age for the West.

Racial Bolshevism has set a grotesque narrative: The Utopia leftists seek cannot be realized until the last white man is chased down and killed.

Whites find themselves in a carefully laid trap. It’s been half a century if not more in the making. Call it a slow-bake genocide with the oven timer rapidly ticking towards zero. Let’s examine but a few puzzle pieces starting back in the 1960s when the seeds of today’s revolutionary harvest were laid.

Social engineers or “human hackers” as they should be called knew what they were doing when they first proceeded to drive a wedge between man and woman with feminism. How to break up the family and turn woman against man? Set the rules in opposition to what millenia of biomechanics have taught us. Scapegoat men as oppressors and villains and ramp up the emotional hysteria to a frenzy.

White men have been driven out of their families and forced into living increasingly solitary lives. The marriage rate has reached an all-time low with the millennial generation. Birth rates are demographically suicidal.

Western governments operating at the behest of their corporate paymasters successfully relegated white men from “indisposable” to “disposable” status with a deft sleight of hand. Dads now beg to see their children and get enslaved by state child support systems on a woman’s whim. They didn’t stop after men were thrown out of the human family and assigned sperm donor status.

They called the new rules “female empowerment” but there’s no honor among the thieves and robber barons who would do this to a nation and a people. Feminism was supposed to get white women out of the kitchen. But, make your way into any corporate fast food joint, family feedbag, or other restaurant and you’ll find white women still in the kitchen. Only, they’re now making slave wages cooking for strangers rather than cooking for a family. And totally clueless to how they’ve been manipulated and used by social engineers. Women are unhappier than they’ve ever been.

If they’re not in a kitchen they’re toiling in meaningless corporate jobs, the basic building block of civilization—the family—crushed.

It gets worse. White men are now being openly persecuted for having functioning libidos, as we are seeing with the Stalinist-style show trial now being conducted in the U.S. Senate. White men are now openly mocked and lampooned in the media. Even the Emmy Awards were nothing but a massive middle finger to white men this year.

Worse, women have absolutely no loyalty to their tribe or their country. As one astute blogger put it, “They already hold an enormous amount of power over men through sexual selection, social selection, and social approval.” Giving them power over government is the surest way for men to be turned into slaves. Something the American government has already been successful in achieving.

Women will not associate with men lower than them in status. But reducing white men to slave status isn’t enough. Now they’re coming for your dignity, and eventually, your life. Such is the price of getting weak in a world in which rivers of blood have been spilled throughout history so a select few men can become momentary masters of a fraction of a dot.

There is an irony in all this social upheaval and nightmarish imagery, though. Women and non-whites think they’re advancing their interests by destroying white men. That’s simply not the case. The sad reality is they’re only useful idiots of a global elite bent on gaining control over the totality of this planet at any cost.

Play with Communism and Racial Bolshevism, and get burned, stupid leftists.

If women and minorities thought they had it bad under white men, they have no idea what’s coming when the sadistic people who planned a covert genocide have absolute power over the entire planet. It’s usually at this point, after the puppet masters have taken what they want when a shocking realization hits the useful idiots of such a Communist revolution like a thunderbolt at midnight.

“We got duped!”

At that point, leftists will turn against those who took advantage of them. In this case, the Democrat-Socialist Party who are experts at using demagoguery to gain power. But, by then it will be too late. Their submissive status on the new global, electronic plantation will already have been cemented. What was done to white men, to bring them to heel, to shame, debauch, disinherit, subjugate and castrate them, will be done to all men—black, brown, and yellow. Women will be okay as long as they toe the line.

Leftists have no idea what kind of sociopaths they’re doing the bidding of. They may destroy whitey, bit in their bloodlust for power they will also destroy themselves.

P.S. I’ve long thought that if the human species doesn’t go extinct, life is soon about to become so miserable for anyone it won’t be worth living. To think, white men will have gone from walking on other worlds to extinction in less than a century. This is a not a nice planet. Get soft and weak at your own peril. Not only will other tribes burn you, but your own women will light the bonfire.

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  2. “women have absolutely no loyalty to their tribe or their country”

    But at the same time, weren’t Führer’s secretaries more loyal than many men? I find a contradiction in this question depending on the point of view.

    • Why should we? White men. certainly don’t.

    • You are comparing the still healthy women of the Third Reich era with the degenerate, corrupted feminist thots of today.

  3. I think that women were “loyal” to 3rd Reich higher-ups and that particular ideology because of the fact that it was a dominant society. It was an open dictatorship, and even though they allowed women to be secretaries and to make movies (Leni Riefenstahl), they were not allowed to have any real power which affected anything patriarchal in their society.

    But give them power, and they will abuse it as they are not fit to own it. Hence, women have no real loyalty. At least that is how I see it.

    • Is it weird that I can’t really feel it that a woman in the room is the judge? That a particular female president has a legitimate and absolutely higher power than a given man? Is it weird that if a movie has a female lead, I’m trying in vain to find a proper (i.e., male) lead? Is it weird that I can’t respect the men? boys? no, faggots! whose careers and lives get destroyed by a woman’s word?..

      And yet there is no word about white Sharia. Even though the mere education of women is a death sentence to the race. Imagine all these universities where dozens and hundreds of thousands of young girls enroll! They are the factories of death!

      The Swiss only gave their women the right to vote in 1971. But at the same time, they are the only country that had a referendum about it. The ultimate cvcks?

  4. Women have loyalty to their immediate blood (children). You need to remember that across history women have never led mankind without men permitting it despite decades of feminist delusion saying otherwise. Women were either living in small, close-knit tribes or taken away from their tribes by way of war or handed by their patriarchs to other men to secure alliances. We have plenty of evidence from little things like Y-Haplogroups that only a minority of men have reliably reproduced across history.

    Woman by nature eyes the men around her as a possible mate/resource provider. Left to her own devices with no coercion, the woman’s sexuality would lead to the man fighting viciously against his neighbors until she mates with a victor/survivor. This is the state of things in the Nigger Community. White Civilization has avoided this by enforcing a system where men make alliances with other men to cooperate for primary access to women.

    Women have only evolved to function at the level of the tribe. Much of the pathology in modern woman can be addressed with this. Woman has no concern for artistry or technique beyond the mere functional. Can’t concern herself with her Race anymore than she can with Achmed’s. When she’s protesting for refugees, she’s really doing the following:

    A. Looking for a way to attack her rivals (Achmed rapes/murders Sheila).

    B. Trying to raise her appeal as a mate among her men (even if she’s fat, the Mud women are even worse looking)

    C. Getting in some men to fight with her land’s men so that she can mate with the winner.

    D. Has lost all concern for her Races’ children (one blogger actually talked about this).

  5. Again – you’re blaming women. White men allowed EVERYTHING to happen. EVERYTHING. For centuries. White men abandoned White people for sheeny gelte centuries ago and White women and fatherhood for jew PORN approx. 60 years ago. White have been the niggers of the Jew for centuries/

    • Denise I agree that there are two sides to this situation. There is a way that this situation can be looked at that is critical of the male behavior in addition to this way that is critical of the female behavior. Also there is a principle of reciprocity that must be respected, if men want the loyalty of women they have certain duties they need to do in addition to respecting the status and place of the female tribe and vice a versa.

      This doesn’t necessarily mean traditional roles have to be strictly enforced on a quid pro quo system, there are a small number of couples whose relationship does not conform to the traditional system and they can play a role in the culture of the people. It does mean though that the equal contribution of each is respected and appreciated.

      Ultimately we should be careful, all of us should be, in our criticism of the behavior of our race to not go so far as to shame the race into a sense of worthlessness. Our criticism has to be constructive and we must realize that our potential as a people outweighs and present situation. We as a people shouldn’t be defined by who our people is now, we should define ourselves as who we have the potential to be.

      To understand who we are we should take time to read the Greco and Roman classics, as well as the histories of our various countries of ethnic origin. Our people did not always view nature as a soulless machine. The people of the Greco-Roman civilizations viewed nature as alive and animate. They even personified the Ocean as having a spirit which they called Neptune and it was this spirit they prayed to in order to hope to calm the ocean while at sea.

      The religion of our ancestors was ancestor veneration, each family kept a shrine to honor the ancestors and everyone recognized that the spirits of the deceased could intervene in the affairs of the living for both good or bad. In Icelandic mythology this concept is found in the poem in the Poetic Edda called Grogaldr.

    • @Denise
      The Women Problem is part of the mix – AP, JP, CP, WP. Feminism is a symptom of Western cultural collapse not its cause; so blaming Western women misses (((the target))). They’ve had their heads stuffed full of toxic ideas and delusions since birth, all by design of course. Divide society by class; then divide men and women, have them at each other’s throats. The Divine Feminine has been murdered.

  6. This whole “castration of white men” business is only a fraction of Nature’s reckoning. To which I say, let it come. Yes, accelerate the collapse. Yes, stomp the feminist bootheel on the complacent-consumerist testicles. Yes, piss and shit on the blood of these undeserving Aryans. The hour is late, and the toll is high. To live is to struggle, and those who wish not to struggle, should not live.
    I’m sure the Xtian eunuchs are still dreaming of a white ethnostate in the mountains.

    • This midnight I’ll post precisely an article on dreaming of a white ethnostate in the mountains…

  7. Everything says 1945(or 1943 if you want) was the absolute end of any conceivable order on this planet. Yet, we would still like to find a way out. There is none!

    “The Jewish doctrine of Marxism denies the noble goal of Nature and sets mass and dead weight of numbers in place of the eternal privilege of strength and power. It denies the value of personality in man, disputes the significance of nation and race, and deprives mankind of the essentials of its survival and civilization. As a foundation of the universe, Marxism would be the end of any order conceivable to man. The result of applying such a law could only be chaos. Destruction would be the only result for the inhabitants of this planet. If, through his Marxist faith, the Jew conquers the peoples of this world, his crown will be the death and destruction of all mankind. Earth would again move uninhabited through space as it did millions of years ago.” – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

    I say let them be. Mankind will always live as if it were an eternal, immortal species, and individual death will be the only one available, cowardly recognized as a CATASTROPHE (disconnection of one’s essence, primordial fate). Oblivious to oblivion itself, nothing of value will ever be accomplished (TAO). Mankind has moved from truth each step of it’s journey, because each step away from conscious death. There is no beauty in this world anymore.

    All hail death – the cleanser!

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