Finally, the abridged translation of Karlheinz Deschner’s book on the history of Christianity is available in printed form (here).

This January, in a discussion thread at The Occidental Observer, Karl Nemmersdorf, the Christian author of the featured article, told me ‘Um… no, I don’t follow your blog. Please let me know, however, if you supersede St. Paul, St. Augustine, St. Aquinas…’

In other words, these guys are so giants that I could not possibly mess with their divine wisdom. But however erudite Nemmersdorf may be in traditional Catholic literature, he is ignorant about the real story of his religion. His ignorance is explainable because only until very recently did someone turn his life into the encyclopaedic mission of uncovering the criminal history of Christianity. Apparently, white people had been unable to read an encyclopaedic work about real Church history for the simple reason that it didn’t exist before Deschner.

The fact is that the Big Guys mentioned by Nemmersdorf, Paul (recently discussed in this site in several posts), Augustine and Aquinas, were evil men. And evil men were also the church doctors in Augustine’s times, Athanasius and Ambrose, as demonstrated by Deschner.

Remember that I offered my opinion on a recent article by Andrew Joyce about Jewish psy-ops: they have infiltrated our educational system in order to brainwash generations of white children. Well, although Ambrose probably was not Jewish he was not white either, as can be seen in this ancient mosaic. In a passage from this first translated volume, Deschner talks about the psy-ops that this non-white doctor used to brainwash the Roman princes:

Bishop Ambrose saw the sovereigns daily. Since when Valentinian II was proclaimed Augustus (375) he was barely five years old, his tutor and half-brother Gratian had just turned sixteen and the Spanish Theodosius was at least a very determined Catholic, the illustrious disciple of Jesus could handle perfectly their majesties. Valentinian I died a few years after Ambrose’s inauguration. His son Gratian (375-383), of just sixteen years of age, succeeded him on the throne.

The emperor, blond, beautiful and athletic had no interest in politics. ‘I have never learned what it means to govern and be governed’ (Eunapius). He was a passionate runner, javelin thrower, fighter, rider, but what he liked most was killing animals. Neglecting the affairs of state, every day he killed countless of them, with an almost ‘supernatural’ ability, even lions, with a single arrow.

Note how this is eerily similar to contemporary Aryan frivolity in extreme sports—at the same time that the Jews plot how to exterminate them! (which is why we speak about an ‘Aryan question’ beside the ‘Jewish question’).

In any case, he also prayed every day and was ‘pious and clean of hearing’, as Ambrose affirmed: ‘His virtues would have been complete had he also learned the art of politics’. However, this art was practiced by Ambrose for him. Not only did he personally guide the young sovereign, effectively since 378: he also influenced his government measures. At that time the sovereign had promulgated, by an edict, precisely tolerance towards all confessions, except a few extremist sects. However, Ambrose, who four years before was still unbaptized, hastened to write a statement, De fide ad Gratianum Augustum (Faith for Gratian), which he quickly understood.

As soon as Gratian himself arrived at the end of July 379 in Milan, neutral as he was from the point of view of religious policy, he annulled on August 3, after an interview with Ambrose, the edict of tolerance promulgated the year before.

The Greco-Roman religion, reviled as ‘pagan’ by Christian Newspeak, was a religion originated by pure whites (see the articles of Evropa Soberana in The Fair Race). Eventually, the white religion was prohibited and the Jewish god imposed on all Roman citizens. A few pages later, Deschner tells us:

The young Gratian at first had given a good treatment to the ‘pagans’, but he learned from his spiritual mentor ‘to feel the Christian Empire as an obligation to repress the old religion of the state’ (Caspar).

Other early Christian writers were most likely ethnic Jews, as can be guessed when pondering on how they avenged the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem a few centuries earlier:

Lactantius [an early Christian author who became an advisor to the first Christian Roman emperor, Constantine I] is the one who then states that the sovereigns of the gentiles [emphasis added] were ‘criminals before God’, and he celebrates that they have been ‘exterminated from the root with all their type’. ‘Now those who pretended to defy God are laid prostrate on the ground; those who knocked down the Temple were slow to fall, but they fell much lower and had the end they deserved’.

Judeo-Christianity conquered the Roman Empire because the empire had become the melting-pot for non-white peoples, Jews included, who took advantage of the Roman upward mobility after the old religion became obsolete. This site, The West’s Darkest Hour is based on a passage from William Pierce’s Who We Are: that the ancient Greeks and Romans should have gotten rid of non-whites instead of using them as slaves or second-class citizens. If pre-Christian emperors had taken heed of a Cassandra prophecy, what Deschner says would not have occurred:

Constantine dedicated ten years to rearmament and propaganda in favour of Christianity as in the East; for example in Asia Minor, half of the population was already Christian in some areas [i.e., non-white]. After those ten years he rose again in search of the ‘final solution’.

That the earliest Christians were not white but fully Semitic is apparent in the footnotes below these maps provided by Evropa Soberana. We can assume that by the time of Constantine most Christians were also non-white, as Christians preached slave morality, blessed are the poor, etc. But I would like to continue to respond to the erudite Christian authors and commenters at The Occidental Observer. Not only St. Ambrose was non-white but St. Augustine was not white either (scholars generally agree that Augustine’s parents were Berbers), and probably the other great Church doctor of the time, St. Athanasius, was another non-white. Deschner wrote:

Probably like Paul and like Gregory VII, Athanasius was short and weak; Julian calls him homunculus. However, like Paul and Gregory, each one of them was a genius of hatred.

This suggest that Athanasius did not belong to the handsome Latin race (‘Aryan race’ the Nazis would say) to which Emperor Julian belonged. Like Nemmersdorf , Lew Wallace, author of the huge bestseller Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ, did not admire Julian but the Christian emperors. What white nationalists ignore is that, without millions of useful idiots like this pair, the Jews would never have taken over the United States. These are the final words of Ben-Hur:

If any of my readers, visiting Rome, will make the short journey to the Catacomb of San Calixto, which is more ancient than that of San Sebastiano, he will see what became of the fortune of Ben-Hur, and give him thanks. Out of that vast tomb Christianity issued to supersede the Caesars.

The reading of Deschner’s books, and I mean not only this first translated volume but the next ones, will convince the honest reader that—contra Wallace—compared to the monstrous Christian emperors, the pagan Caesars were almost saints. If life allows, we will reach the pages where Deschner debunks the last doctor of the church mentioned by Nemmersdorf, Thomas Aquinas, but that is still too many books ahead.

For the moment, this is the Contents page of our first translation of:


Christianity’s Criminal History

Editor’s preface


The Early Period: from Old Testament origins to the death of Saint Augustine
Forgeries in the Old Testament

The bibles and some peculiarities of the Christian Bible

The five books of Moses, which Moses did not write

David and Solomon

Joshua and Isaiah

Ezekiel and Daniel

The Jewish apocalyptic

Portrayals of the biblical female world

Opposition to the Old Testament

Forgeries in diaspora Judaism

Forgeries in the New Testament

The error of Jesus

The ‘Holy Scriptures’ are piled up

God as the author?

Christians forged more consciously than Jews

Neither the Gospel of Matthew, nor the Gospel of John, nor John’s Book of Revelation come from the apostles to whom the Church attributes them

Forged ‘epistles of Paul’

The Second Epistle to the Thessalonians

Colossians, Ephesians and Hebrews

Forged epistles of Peter

Forged John and others

Interpolations in the New Testament

The invention of Popes

Neither Jesus instituted the papacy nor Peter was bishop of Rome

There is no evidence of Peter’s stay and death in Rome

The story of the discovery of Peter’s tomb

The list of fabricated Roman bishops

Background in the Old Testament

Moses and the Book of Judges

The ravages of David and the modern translators

The sacred warmongering of the Maccabees

The Jewish War (66-70)

Bar Kokhba and the ‘Last War of God’ (131-136)

The Jewish religion, tolerated by the pagan state

Early Christianity

Interpretatio Christiana

‘Orthodoxy’ and ‘heresy’

First ‘heretics’ in the New Testament

Thirteen good Christians

Saint Jerome and Origen

The persecution of the Christians

Anti-Hellene hatred in the New Testament

The defamation of the Greco-Roman religion

Celsus and Porphyry

The persecution of the Christians

Most of the written statements about the martyrs are false, but all of them were considered as totally valid historical documents

The Roman emperors viewed retrospectively

Saint Constantine: The First Christian Emperor

War against Maxentius

War against Maximinus

War against Licinius

The Catholic clergy, increasingly favoured

Constantine as saviour, deliverer, and vicar of God

No more a pacifist Church

Christian family life and savage criminal practices

Constantine against Jews and ‘heretics’

Constantine against the Greco-Roman culture

Interim report

Persia, Armenia and Christianity

Constantine’s successors

The first Christian dynasty founded on family extermination

First wars among devout Christians

Constantius and his Christian-style government

A father of the Church who preaches looting and killing

First assaults on the temples


Hecatombs under the pious Gallus

Emperor Julian

Christian tall stories

After Julian

Rivers of blood under the Catholic Valentinian

Trembling and gnashing of teeth under the Arian Valens

Athanasius, Doctor of the Church

The complicated nature of God

It was not fought for faith but for power

The Council of Nicaea

Character and tactics of a Father of the Church

The death of Arius

The ‘battlefield’ of Alexandria

Antioch and Constantinople

Shelter with a twenty-year-old beauty

Ambrose, doctor of the Church

Non-white Ambrose drives the annihilation of the Goths

Emperor Theodosius ‘the Great’

Against the Hellenist religion

The Father of the Church Augustine

‘Genius in all fields of Christian doctrine’

Augustine’s campaign against the Donatists

The overthrow of Pelagius

Augustine attacks Greco-Roman culture

Augustine sanctions the ‘holy war’


  1. CT, thanks for all your hard work translating and bringing this volume to printing along with Soberana’s. Together with Catherine Nixey’s book, there’s enough recent material on Christianity’s destructive history to awaken the most Christ retarded. If they want to be awakened or can be awakened. Obviously with the O.O.’s Karl Nemmersdorf the psychosis is too deeply embedded. With those guys, you just cut bait.

    • Welcome. And unless I’m struck by lightning or a heart attack, next Wednesday I’ll continue with #101 of this series…

  2. “Bar” is Aramaic for “son” and “Kokev” is hebrew for “star.” Bar Kokbah, then means “son of the star” in Aramaic.

  3. CT, thank you and congratulations on the English translation of Karlheinz Deschner’s book. I placed my order for a copy as soon as I read your email. I want you to know how much I appreciate all your effort and contribution towards White awareness and survival. As you proceed with further work on the translation of Deschner’s history series, please let me know if there’s any way I can be of help. I can help proofread your English translation, contribute some extra money, or perhaps there is something else you can suggest that you need help with. Your efforts are invaluable, and it is regrettable that there are so few warriors making the attempt to turn the tide.

    • Thank you for your kind words, R.M.

      It would be great to have a proof reader, as my native language is not English.

      This day I am sending my CV to a translations firm because with the donations I receive it is not enough to work full-time on the next volume, which is why I’ll relegate the next Deschner series to Wednesdays.

      It would be nice if a millionaire sponsored a few of us. Once upon a time Michael O’Meara received a monthly donation that allowed him to write but he lost it after The Occidental Quarterly changed its editor. Now Michael has disappeared from the WN scene. He had to do blue-collar jobs to put some bread on his table.

      What you can do is advertise this site on WN forums, especially the essay on ‘Rome vs. Judea’ or even this book by Deschner. The real story of how whites became infected with Semitic malware, a catastrophe that explains the current situation, is something that very few know.

      • Hi CT. Thanks for your response. I just sent a donation to help with the translation to your Paypal account. Unfortunately, I’m not that millionaire that we need to help support the warriors. I, myself, live off a modest income that is adequate for my needs.

        I’m currently working on an online project (internet-based business) that will be dedicated to help support White warriors such as yourself carry on the fight. At this stage I’m reinvesting most of the profits back into the business in order to grow it bigger. With much effort and some luck I hope to be contributing financially to the cause in a bigger way within the next 15 months. You are at the top of my list of whom I will send a portion of the profits to. Meanwhile, I will continue to send you my small monthly donation, and occasional bigger contributions, to help with your work.

        I would be happy to help with any proof reading you need (or anything else I can help with), and will also be happy to help spread the word about “Rome vs. Judea” and the Deschner book, although I must confess I don’t currently spend much time on WN forums. I will look into that possibility further.

        Within the next few days I will send you a message to your email address listed in the sidebar. It will be to give you a bit more information about myself, and perhaps it will give you some ideas on how I may be of assistance to you.

      • Oh, thanks again! You can also contact me at:

  4. Will do, CT.

    • Charles Giuliani’s book ‘What is wrong with the Bible’ is out now. I read through the pdf. Very good. Very readable. @Jesuswaspartnigger is also working on a book on Gab. She was talking to a woman who was working on a book ‘Christianity Kills White Gentiles.’ I love reading antichristian literature. I get a real spiritual buzz from it. I would love to collaborate on a bible bashing book myself.

      • Today, the most disturbing exposé of how the religion of our parents has been used in a few cases to murder the soul of a child appears in my untranslated book: the sort of thing I wouldn’t dare to say outside the printed format of a book (except that it’s not sexual abuse but something far more serious).

  5. It has been a short period of time since I have read this blog. Very excited to see part of this text available in physical form. I see your Fair Race compilation is on Amazon. Will I have to purchase this text on Lulu or will it be on Amazon as well? And will future volumes be released as well?

    Furthermore, it seems Siege Culture will be independently publishing Siege as it was nuked from Amazon again.

    • My old Lulu account was nuked precisely because it harboured Siege. Lesson learned: Thou shalt not publish Siege thru Amazon or Lulu!

      However, a new Lulu account of The Fair Race has the 2018 edition of the book (IIRC the Amazon edition is already out of print). Alternatively the PDF is free and you can print it at home.

  6. I have a question. Why is your name not mentioned on the cover or on the webpage? I wouldn’t find the translation if I searched “César Tort” on Lulu.

    • I guess because K.D. is the author.

  7. And God looked down upon the earth and saw it had become rotten. He saw the hate and utter corruption of man. He saw the chemtrails, the poisonous vaccinations, the tainting of food and water supplies, the iron-fisted control of money, the hideous perversions, the planned genocide of the non-Jew races. God smelled the earth and lo! It stunk worse then rotten Gefilte fish left out in the Tel Aviv sun. Knowing that Jews were behind this horror and corruption, God realized Jews were bad, really – fucking – bad, for mankind. So God issued his eleven word commandment to non-Jews of all nations. – Thou shalt not put any Jew or Jew god before thee.

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