A terrible mistake

Dear Stead,

For your information and in respect of Collette & Jon’s ongoing campaign to estrange me from The Blot [Pagan Mass], please find attached my reply answering Jon’s many complaints, together with a mock up of two of the contentious memes that I recall sending to Collette in private conversations through FB message chat, and also a link below to the blog post of my friend Cesar Tort that I most foolishly expected Collette to have sufficient intellectual rigour to both withstand and intelligently comment on.

The first meme was meant to convey my opinion of the Satanic ‘9 Angels’ group Collette seems to support on grounds of its gynocentrism. The second meme was meant to convey my disgust of the modern world in a conversation exactly about the modern world.

They were not “sent” in isolation and were a part and parcel of a flowing conversation in private messages. They are also what the courts would describe as “transformative”, meaning that they have been transformed beyond the several purposes of the original materials in question and are therefore no longer technically “porn” in the legal sense.

Collette complained about the second meme and I therefore removed it. Collette did not complain about the first meme and simply typed “Eww”. In addition I think I must have “sent” Collette hundreds of images, and I don’t understand why references to these particular pictures are being dredged out of the mud now at this very late stage.

As I have already stated I sent these memes to many people in my circle of friends, obviously Collette was the only female to have received them. I broke my own rules by befriending a female and then allowed her into my comfort zone, where she should not have been in the first place. This was a mistake and I regret making it. I am prepared to take full responsibility for it, up to and including not attending anymore blots if deemed necessary.

Having said that, the fact is that Collette’s ‘hysteria’ as you call it was most certainly not present when these exchanges took place. Indeed she kept insisting on referring to me as “Brother” Chris until very recently, and without the slightest prompting from myself.

This hysteria seems only to have materialised since Jon realised that we were having frequent private conversations, after I actually asked her to contact him to see if he would like to participate in my friend’s completely legal paramilitary training course in America. I can therefore deduce that Collette has probably made herself hysterical in order to quash any notions on Jon’s part that any infidelity (or thoughts of infidelity), have taken place relating to her. This therefore seems to me to be a domestic dispute into which I have unfortunately been unwittingly sucked into as the scapegoat.

As you probably know Stead, goths can get very uptight over the most trivial of suspicions, and from his previously long hair, effeminate dress and general demeanour, I’m sure that you would agree with me Stead that Jon is obviously from the goth subculture.

I’ve obviously made a terrible mistake in befriending a female into my inner circle against my better judgement. You can rest assured that I sincerely regret making this mistake and that it most certainly will not happen again.

Thanks for today’s meetup, I hope to see you at the next TBG [Traditional Britain Group], (on the 24th?)

Best wishes,



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  1. Chris is an activist in the UK that I met four years ago in London during a BNP meeting.

    Three reasons why we must not try to turn a WN woman into a comrade in arms:

    * We males are natural-born killers; women are not

    * We males are natural-born rapists capable to abduct the Sabine women in order to found virile Republican Rome (‘lycanthropes’); women cannot turn in full Moon

    * We males are civilisation creators; women are civilisation destroyers (just watch the deranged protesters after Kavanaugh’s confirmation yesterday).

    Remember the guideline of the Priest of the 14 Words: Thou shalt only speak out with Aryan males.

    • I mentioned your guideline to Chris and he said it was also his own rule that he made the mistake of violating. It is a very valid rule. I find that white women simply cannot understand where White Men are coming from. Men and women are like two different worlds.

      By the way, did you read Anglin’s article on the Daily Stormer today?

      • I had glanced through it but not read it. With his images I get the picture.

        Women may be in the Alt-Right/WN but never on the front as combating soldiers during civil war. Covington puts valiant women and calls them ‘Gun Bunnies’ in his novels but in real combat action they freak out immediately. (Remember: I’ve heard horrible stories of the civil war in El Salvador from actual combatants: one agreed that guerrilla women became hysterical after the first atrocity is committed.) Only we have the stomach for the really gruesome job that’s coming ahead.

      • Joseph Walsh, I hope you do not agree with this part of Anglin’s article about rape:

        “The core of the upcoming ruling is that all women are the collective property of all men. As your property, you can do with them as you will, but as they are also the property of the general public, you are obligated not to damage them.”

        “collective property of all men”!!! That is not National Socialism.

        Would you want your wife or daughter to be the collective property of all men? I doubt it. Remember, the article is about rape.

        Also, are you aware Anglin encourages the White men who visit his website to have sex with non-Whites if they cannot find a suitable White woman? That is not National Socialism.

        Please do not tell me it is all a big joke and Anglin is not being serious. He is being serious.

      • I didn’t say I agreed with everything Anglin wrote in my post to Cesar, in fact I didn’t say I agreed with any of Anglin’s article, you’re assuming that. The reason I asked Cesar if he’d read the article is because it is so over the top after decades of feminism in the West that it makes for refreshing reading.

        As for the part you asked me if I agreed with, you say women being the collective property of all men is not National Socialism and you are right. But I’m not a National Socialist, I’ve come to think Hitler and National Socialist Germany eclipse the entire history of the white race as a focus for too many people. NS Germany was a great period but I refuse to be stuck believing in the tenets of an ideology devised for 1930’s Germany. I am fed up with this blind “because Hitler and the National Socialists said or did this we have to do it that way” thinking. And this is coming from someone who would like there to be a religion of Hitlerism that replaces Christianity in the future civilization of the West when a new order is built on the ruins of the present dying Western Christian civilization.

        I don’t agree with that specific part of the article that you mention. Although Anglin may be serious in what he writes he doesn’t seriously expect what he is writing to become law which is a large part of the reason why he is so over the top. If you’ve got a problem with it contact Anglin and ask to have a serious debate over how his article on rape contradicts the tenets of National Socialism.

        Ultimately, killing and raping have been two primal male acts since the dawn of humans and do not and will not disappear behind the thin veneer of civilization (as what occured in Germany between 1944-1948 clearly demonstrates). I’d have thought that would have been evident to someone who claims to be a fan of the Social Darwinist tract Might Is Right. You also mentioned the 14 Words, well David Lane was a supporter of rape and the capturing of white females. It wouldn’t surprise me if marriage originated in abduction, rape and enslavement. Man is built stronger and taller than woman, Man is (or should be) master, woman slave. Or do you not have a problem with rape, just that specific part of Anglin’s article?

        You mention Anglin encourages miscegenation. I don’t like a lot about Anglin, I met him over 4 years ago, he is a literal dwarf and I’ve come not to like his character. But that said I enjoy a lot of his articles. If we are going to purity spiral then nearly everyone in this movement cannot be included in it as they’ve broken one or more of the rules of National Socialism at one time or another. Anglin looks like he has non-white admixture to me, like he’s an octoroon or something. There really exists nobody who is perfect in White Nationalism, nor I am willing to bet in the White race as a whole at present. And as you say Anglin’s advocacy of miscegenation is not National Socialism but Anglin is not a National Socialist either as his article on rape yesterday and so much else of what he writes demonstrate.

      • Joseph Walsh, you said:

        “I didn’t say I agreed with everything Anglin wrote in my post to Cesar, in fact I didn’t say I agreed with any of Anglin’s article, you’re assuming that.”

        You are right. I made the mistake of thinking because you posted a link to the article you agreed with at least part of it. I had no logical authority to think that. I am usually more careful, lol. I apologize.

        I do not have a moral problem with rape, but I would have a big problem with any man who thought a wife or daughter of mine (my property) were the “collective property of all men”. That is the main part of Anglin’s article I have a problem with. I would do my best to kill any man who tried to rape a wife or daughter of mine. Not because I would judge the rape of them to be breaking a universal, absolute moral law, but because they are my property and it is masculine for a man to defend his property. Nature is amoral.

  2. @ Redbeardian,

    I’d very strongly recommend you to read this—:


    —that, together with other texts, I may take to Lulu so that it becomes available in book form.

    Once you read it, you’ll get the ‘laws of psychics’ on sexuality so to speak. The pendulum has swung so far to the extreme left, that it will come back with vengeance to the extreme right after societal collapse.

    This means that the Nazi golden mean won’t be possible after the coming crash. The pendulum will swing toward the other extreme, as in Roman times, when the Pater familias literally owned his wife and offspring to the point that he had the right to kill his wife.

    Just imagine Pierce’s Day of the Rope, that I could describe as How to Nuke Feminism in a Single Day.

    Do you honestly believe that if Aryan males hang miscegenating women across the US and then proceed to rape the Sabine women, they will behave the next week as gentlemen wooing the surviving females? Of course not. In times of final solutions to the non-white problem they’ll be treated as property (read also the ‘Lycanthropy’ link that Chris posted in his letter).

    Only after a century or so that the hard Roman ethos is established in the White Republic, will the pendulum naturally shift to the golden mean: the Jane Austen world, the final objective of the ethnostate, where women are treated fairly. But it is impossible for the pendulum inertia that comes from the far left to miraculously stop at the middle after the holy racial wars become gruesome.

    That’s the only way to survive. Folks in the Alt-Right are deceiving themselves by imagining a fair solution (‘pendulum miraculously stopped at the arc’s midst’) to the war of the sexes where everyone will be happy, including non-whites, Jews and women.

    A century-long winter is coming and you better be prepared for it.

    • Thank you for the reply. I understand all of that, I am a Redbeardian! I have embraced the philosophy in Ragnar Redbeard’s MIGHT IS RIGHT book. I am Nietzschean. I am an exterminationist, not just for jews, but for all non-Whites. I want this whole planet for the White race. I believe life is war and war is life, and I embrace that. I embrace and celebrate brutality in the service of the sacred 14 Words. I agree with the message in your Lycanthropy essay.

  3. Thou shalt only speak of the 14 Words with Aryan males.

    I broke that commandment yesterday. Spoke with three Gen-X non-Aryan “white” men. Couldn’t help it. I never get the chance to speak with Aryans here in Portugal, and I long for companionship. Not a terrible mistake, but a terrible waste of time.

    The topic of Brazilian elections came up, and my compatriots were in support of Bolsonaro. By their opinions I judged them to be Level 2 (closet racists).

    I attempted to dissuade them from Democracy: elections are fake, candidates are puppets, votes change nothing. They all agreed, grudgingly. So far, so good.

    I stepped up my game and explained demographic decline through race mixing – that Brasil is too far gone, that politics are meaningless without a homogenous population.

    “Hold on, are you a NADZEE?”

    The rest of the conversation was an abasing lecture on my part, ending with consensus on the idea of relocating different races to different continents.

    If only they knew how I wish to cleanse this world in nuclear fire. That I wish for nothing less than suffering and sorrow for all Whites, and disease and death for non-Whites.

    Stupid fucking lemmings.

    P.S. Fuck the Daily Stormer, and fuck that race-traitor, Anglin. He wrote an article the other day about renting Asian wombs with IV insemination to breed a master-race.

    • It is a guideline for the priest, not a real commandment, which is why I also break it once in a while.

      Last month a Mexican friend with high IQ and I were discussing precisely the subject of the differential IQ among the races. Subtly I left some homework for him, starting with the (((Stefan Molyneux))) interview with the fag married to another fag in The Rubin Report, which is a hit in YouTube on the subject of IQ. I insinuated that that video is a white rabbit that goes on steppingstones that could be followed (through other videos) toward the other side, what you call level #10.

      But I bet this guy won’t even take that Stefan step for obvious reasons: Latin Americans suffer from a horrible complex of inferiority, and even if there are some of +100 IQ, because of Mendel laws their offspring may be born with -100 IQ.

      I sympathize with you: often it’s tempting to break the guideline. But the breaking is healthy as it forces us to realise that we only have a chance of communication with Aryan males. Just try to talk one by one, otherwise even these Aryan males will fall to their social alters if you try to speak out in public. (It’s like the Jedi training: you train a single disciple.)

      By the way, sometimes WordPress spams your comments. Don’t worry: I will un-spam then when detected.

  4. As a preconciliar Catholic, I am not pro rape. At all. This is one of the reasons why I think that atheism can get a little screwy.

    I must concede, however, that rape is not contrary to natural law. The atheist Mark Twain writes about this in “Lettters From the Earth.”

    In Hellenic Ancient Greece there were crimes against nature – or “Physis” – and then there were crimes against convention – or “Nomos.” Rape is only wrong by convention.

    One cannot even argue that rape is contrary to “divine law” if it is the god of the bible that is being invoked. The Israelites could buy, sell, abduct women and “ravish” them against their consent all with the blessing of Yahweh.

    • I am not “pro rape” of decent Amish women. But the spoiled Western women of today need a good spanking after the Day of the Rope.

      • Where is the line between decent women and spoiled women?

      • Amish girls don’t ride the cock before marrying, right?

      • Oh I see.

        Anyway, regards amish and other inbred groups such as mennonites should they be allowed to continue to breed in your opinion?

      • Of course, but the pagan State education would run parallel to the BS they hear from their pastors.

  5. So the inbreeding and it’s associated physical; defectiveness is no problem to you? They’re allowed to breed with the rest of us?

    • Obviously in an ethno-state the peculiar Xianity behind the inbreeding would be weakened to the point that they’ll start to marry to non Amish / Mennonite whites.

      • Fair enough…after all, we’re all descended from ancestors who inbred to some extent. I just personally wouldn’t want have kids with these types.

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