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Don’t listen to (((jesus))), white man, listen to me.

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  1. Mr. Tort,

    Looking forward to receiving your Dies Irae and Fair Race’s Darkest Hour compilation.

    • I hope you’ll like them…

  2. My thoughts exactly.

    • My comment was sincere, albeit independent of the post.

      I regard Savitri Devi and César Tort as being the two primary writers one should seek towards unplugging oneself from the Semitic syphilis of Magian dogma and ethos; a dogmatic ethos contrary to the detached warrior-asceticism of the Vedic conquerors to the Indian subcontinent, Germanic barbarians, Greek Spartans, and Roman Trojans. Judeo-Christianity was a Semitic psychosis coercively inculcated into the Aryan psyche. An accident of political affairs. An inevitable concoction of the Dark Age. The repercussions of this psychosis are so severe that Christian zealots of European descent in the 21st century will indulge themselves to unheard-of extents to justify their reverence for a foreign Semitic god. Never once has there been an inkling of truth in their justifications as well. No DNA evidence, no factual linguistic evidence, nothing.

      • > Judeo-Christianity was a Semitic psychosis coercively inculcated into the Aryan psyche.

        This is a quotable quote. I could not have said it better. Once white nationalists unplug themselves from *all* the plugs they will be able to fight like Neo. Otherwise they still are in the energy plant, awake but plugged.

      • “Judaeo-Christianity.” I believe the term itself, sums up the essential root of the problem.

  3. All Whites should listen to Linder. If they did, and acted on what they heard, the White race would not be in the trouble it is in. Christ-insanity has to go, it is killing us.

  4. I look at men carrying purses, wearing dresses and worrying about their makeup. I look at women – fat, tough, ugly, broad-based women, that refuse to carry purses, wear dresses or makeup. I look at surly Negroes, evil-eye-fucking me as I walk down the street, confident they are now the (Jews) chosen race and hence have nothing to fear from white men, especially those with purses.

    Negroes rape and murder white men, women and children with violent malice aforethought for the white race, yet they never commit a hate crime as that is reserved only for whites so fearful and cowardly they can only say “N-word.” All the while, cops are afraid to even question them, never mind shooting them for committing their violent, heinous crimes.

    I look at people who believe in Jesus and his dinosaurs, demons, flat earths, geocentric orbits, global warming, equality, human rights, box-cutters destroying trade towers, lizard people living under DEN, the “holocaust,” Dan Dickbreath’s Nightly News, the government is here to protect and serve and I know we have lost it – totally, freaking, lost it. Our ability to reason, to think rationally, has degenerated to a level akin to that of a “mentally challenged” child. Then I read history and find myself asking, has it ever been any different?

    I look at the multitude of people walking down the street with barking shit-dogs trotting bedside them, befouling the sidewalks on which I must tread. At that moment “I seen vit mine own eyes” America as quite literally gone to the dogs. It all sickens me, as I know that there is nothing to be done. There is no cure for man’s sickness, his mindless hatred and stupidity. It’s the way it is. This terminal, cultural sickness will have to play itself out to extinction and most assuredly, it will – one way or the other.

    With old age rapidly advancing upon me, my only concern now is how to avoid coming back to this beshitted hellhole for souls. When I close my eyes for the last time, never again do I desire to reopen them to see this faggoty, Jewish dog latrine before me. Never again do I want to tour this hell for visitors.

    It is legend that the Buddha exclaimed on his deathbed “never again will I have to reenter a womb!” Evidently, he too had suffered enough of this horrific freak show called “life.” His legend left a major clue. In his final battle with his own base natures, depicted as the demon Mara, Siddhartha successfully fought off all of Mara’s fearful attacks, his temptations, even his beautiful, sexy daughters. In the end, Siddhartha had none of those desires remaining that return one to this life.

    And speaking of Mara’s beautiful daughters, check out this one –

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