Neo-Christian Greggy on Bowers

Today Greg Johnson wrote about Robert Bowers:

This was a terrible act: immoral, illegal, and politically damaging to white interests. I hope Bowers receives a fair trial and just punishment…

Again, no in-depth article on this site. But post-Nietzscheans are welcome to offer their comments below. Suffice it to say that Hunter Wallace, whom I mentioned in the previous post, commented today on Greggy’s article. A Christian hetero and a secular neo-Christian homo: they are on the same page axiologically.

Wallace’s and Johnson’s love is murdering the white race.

You see now why this site focuses on axiology and the transvaluation of all Xtian and neo-Xtian values?

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  1. In the tomb of Baruch Goldstein, the inscription reads: “To the holy Baruch Goldstein who gave his life for the Jewish people, the Torah, and the nation of Israel”. Goldstein had murdered 29 Arabs and wounded 125 in the Mosque of Ibrahim in 1994.

    Jews hate their enemies.

    White nationalists obey (((Jesus))): they love them.

    Who’s winning?

    Umwertung aller Werte!

  2. its neither christian love nor christian morals, most of the white men are cowards, they can murder brown people at will upon the order of merchants but they cannot overcome their servile nature to merchant.

    This is has been the story of a dishonorable race which calls itself as Aryan , whites have equated Aryan to celebration of sodomy,materialism color of skin and blue eyes but to be an, aryan is to transcend above all these superficial attributes and become a holy warrior.

    What you have is low genetic stock of plebs good enough to serve the needs of merchant and possibly bomb some brown nations before their nations are overwhelmed by brown barbarians.

    • You may be right about whites in general, but Wallace and Johnson are framing their opinions on Bowers on ‘moral’ grounds. Even Irmin Vinson, who wrote a good book about Hitler, commented on that very thread: ‘Normal whites find terrorism and murder disturbing, as we should.’

      • Morality is the last defense of a coward, what these people want is 1960 status quo where they can return back to sodomy and Jesus worship.

        If whites have any honor these traitors need to be hanged first.

      • You have no idea how low hitler larpers are, its stupid to put any faith on USA, nothing better will come out of that racial stock.

        Germany was the last place where some noble blood existed but that was snuffed out by eternal anglo.

      • Uncle Sam must die in order for the Aryan race to survive. White nationalists cannot see something so obvious (the exception is James Mason).

      • I see it. Idc what the name mutated into… My Identity is my race siege is the state of mind.

      • There will be no moral representation for the vanquished. They would not extend to you the same courtesy.

      • There is no Aryan race, its a mythical race which whites started calling themselves ever since SS and Himmler used these words.

        Whites never called themselves as Aryan, its only ever since William jones who translated Tripitaka and Vedas into english some whites started calling themselves as Aryan.

        The spirit of white man and women is much closer to the Jew, this is why Anglos’ considered themselves to be Israelis ( British Israelis ).

        Once you climb the social ladder in any white nation, you will encounter the truth that many whites are at least 10% Jewish.

        The Aryan identity is a fictitious identity adopted by sodomites, low class whites and neo nazis .

        If there exists an appropriate word which can classify white race it would be shabbos goyim.

      • Devan – you really get your anger out here.
        To demoralise? Or to build up something?

        You say:
        “Germany was the last place where some noble blood existed but that was snuffed out by eternal anglo.”
        OK – so that’s gone. Forever. We whites of any significance are all partly jews, and the only way forward is down due to our demoralised blood?

      • Devan is wrong in blaming Anglo-Saxon genetics. The real culprit is Xtian ethics. Just see the statements about Bowers by those who should be speaking as Linder did—right before they took Gab down yesterday.

    • That’s true, when it gets down, we act like a pack of yids. Stabbing each other in the pack. RN it’s all bout the “clicks” tho. Blood for blood later.

      • Just compare Greggy’s words with President Trump’s today: “Those Seeking The Jews Destruction, We Will Seek Their Destruction”.

      • Oh yeah this is that day, to be sure.

      • And now, on minute 23:24, Richard Spencer (TPS #201) states that Dylann’s actions were ‘heinous and depressing… certainly immoral’ etc.

      • Check tds #270 I remember it cuz it was when I started shit posting them and bps did a vid about western Civilization happened by accident in 10 yrs. It’s this one and I think the death panel on 273.

        I’m just a lowly carpenter from earth but Enoch weighing in on international relations theory was an intellectual offence.

      • Don’t forget Bob that our friend, the Lord Jesus, was a carpenter too.

      • I’ve been waiting for you to pop up. You still think abandoning white identity for true chaos is gub? It’s all we have. Well it’s all I have, you 56%. Lol!

      • @Bob Mathews

        Is that comment directed at me? I’m white and I don’t live in the United States, so not a 56%’er – whatever that means anyway.

      • Sorry thought you were different Andrew I know.

      • @Bob Mathews

        No problem. In that prior comment of mine, I was just teasing – apologies if I offended you.

      • It’s alright same

  3. I don’t think it really matters. I don’t really care what happens as long as the industrial nation state fractures and new European ethnicities can emerge on the North American continent in various homogenous ethno nationalist states.

    • I don’t think most whites are much better than the faults commonly ascribed to Jews. The time for violence may come but I don’t think it is now.

      • Agreed with your 2nd comment.

      • What are your thoughts on the first?

  4. Doctor Queer has to be a Boomer or Early Generation X’er. Failing that, he is an honorary one.

    Please, somebody shoot me. I’ve had enough.

    I can understand why these people don’t want to praise Bowers. That’s one thing, and it’s easy to see why caution should be counselled. They are operating in a political environment after all, and there needs to be an element of pragmatism and realism in terms of the mode of engagement and tactics. Johnson’s forté is infection, dissemination and education and his audience is the middle-class type. OK, fair enough so far as it goes.

    But he isn’t content with that. He has to go further and condemn Bowers. You simply don’t do that unless you’re weak and spineless and lack a focus. I may be mistaken but I seem to recall he took the same line on Breivik.

    This is what happens when you have a ‘movement’ steered by buggers.

    • But Wallace is hetero, and at midnight I’ll add another post about what another hetero, Spencer, said about Bowers.

      Spencer is right that Bowers’ deed was counter-productive for the movement from a tactical POV. But like Greggy, he takes the next step and condemns him morally.

      Most WNsts, Southern Nationalists and Alt-Right folks seem to be under the spell of Christian ethics, atheists included.

      • Yes, I know. Perhaps I should have said: This is what happens when you have a ‘movement’ steered by homosexuals and sympathisers/condoners thereof.

        Anyway, I entirely agree with your central argument. Christianity is poison for whites. I am fortunate in that I was always atheist, so never had to deboot all that much of the programming.

  5. Not JUST to be fatalistic; albeit i belive a modicum is required at this moment in time, you neednt adress the lone wolfiness of it… all that needs be done is a focus on #HAIS.

    We are, in fact, the agrieved party… right? Thats why im here. I seek redressment of my grievances. This is my nation, maybe yours, and i cannot sit by and “allow communist subversion, communist infitralion, communist indoctrination and the international communist conspiracy to sap and impurify our prescious bodily fluids…”

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