Jean-François Gariépy destroys Stefan Molyneux

Although I find offensive the American flag that shows up sometimes in the studio’s background and disagree with Gariépy that Molyneux is honest, with a diametrically opposed character to mine (I’m a creature of boiling hate) Gariépy pulverised Molyneux in his most recent show. Gariépy has demonstrated that Molyneux’s most recent video on the Jewish question, that I briefly discussed yesterday, is full of strawmen.

After 1:10 to 1:18 it is very interesting to learn how Gariépy became interested in the JQ. Those who don’t have the time to see the whole show must at least watch those few minutes.

Unfortunately, at 1:24 atheist Gariépy reveals himself as a secular neo-Christian. If he already woke up in the JQ, he still has to go a long way to wake up in the CQ. (Later he says that he has people to ban hate speech in the comments section.)

After 2:31, almost at the end of the show, Gariépy believes Molyneux that the latter has no Jewish blood: a claim Molyneux made precisely in the video Gariépy is taking issue with. Well, I’m not so sure…

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  1. Gariépy is therefore a perfect example of an advanced-conscious individual who is ‘pilled’ but not tuned. I hate the filmic Americanisms ‘pill’ and ‘pilled’ that are used in this sort of context, but I use them here to illuminate the point that it is not enough merely to ‘know’. Knowledge of the Jews amounts to nothing because we know that class, whether having an ethnic or purely economic basis, is something that inheres. It’s not a great insight to say, ‘Oh well, this or what group runs or influences things’. Anybody can see that, and once this is recognised, it tends not to matter whether it is Jews or Normans or a lacertiliocracy.
    Awareness of the JQ is not transgressive and therefore not truly revolutionary.

    The fully-conscious state is transgressive of societal norms and is only possible with the transvaluation of values: the moment when the Nordic Man is free of the Jews, but just as importantly, free of his own psychohistorical demons.

    Then action is possible.

    • I couldn’t have said it better (which is why I self-described above as a creature of hatred :)

      • Yes, we must hate. It is difficult. Unfortunately, even those (like me) who have never had to go through the struggle of moving beyond Christianity still have vestiges of the neo-Christian ethic in us. We may think we have a transgressive consciousness, but we are still axiologically-framed by Christianity, even if we are strong atheists. But I am almost there. I am approaching ‘Level 10’.

        A number of further thought-inquiries and action-avenues present themselves. For instance, do we need learning programmes/packages for believing Christians? If so, how can these be written? What should they contain? Should we try to steer the believers towards a moderate Tolstoyan attitude to Christian ethics as a stepping stone or safe harbour, rather than ambitiously demanding a full transvaluation of values?

        How do we teach and disseminate the ‘transgressive tuning’ to normative minds? I read all the blogs (I find there is wisdom in everybody) and Vox Day does make some good points, and one of them is that we need platforms of our own.

        But Vox Day is flawed because he is a believing Christian and believes in Christianity’s artificial transvalued morality. Thus, what he is advocating is not the establishment of Hate Platforms, which is what we actually need, rather he is calling for platforms that merely disseminate and publish politically-incorrect information within the existing ethical spectrum.

        Vox Day’s Love Platforms would represent a passive metapolitical, propounding a self-abnegating axiology, in which the individual is ‘pilled’ rather than tuned. This would neuter the Nordic Man as much as any Jewish Big Tech company, only more subtly. Instead of making his followers understand that we must Hate and our enemies must be Killed, the individual develops advanced consciousness by soaking up information and imbibing a meta-cultural perspective. This is the mirror image of the Left’s political correctness and is just as totalitarian.

        We must, I believe, do the opposite: the individual must be able to tune his own environment and be active and empowered. He is not ‘pilled’, he is a doer. He is given not just information nor simply told what to think, he is given the basis for a wholly different moral and ethical framework based on facts, from which he is then equipped to take action: to hate, to subvert, to revolt and ultimately to exterminate.

        Thus axiology, metaopolitics and technology meet and reflect one another. The neo-Christian Alt-Righter and white nationalist just wants an alternative top-down platform that ‘we’ control in which the user continues to be passive. In contrast, the Post-Nietzschean has transvalued his values and is thereby liberated and is his own soul pilot. Passivity is replaced with activity, Social Platforms simply become a tool, and networking is bottom-up, distributed and decentralised.

      • Because of my tormented life since the middle 1970s, hatred has become the daily bread, and I’m astounded that most racists don’t feel it (in a podcast with Jez Turner, that I had met in London, I asked ‘Where is your fucking hate?’).

        Since I know how hatred works in my mind I believe that white racists won’t reach my level until after I am no longer in this world. Things must deteriorate enormously for normies to reach the level of consciousness (‘hatred of the Neanderthals’ I call it) that I’ve developed.

        After the dollar collapses within my lifespan, Anglo-Saxons will change from ‘Happy mode’ to ‘Angry mode’. Unfortunately, Angry mode is not enough, not barely enough, for revolutionary action. We will need ‘Combat mode’ (protect your estate from hungry, zombie niggers looking for food & white pussy) and ultimately ‘Killing mode’: Uncle Sam must die.

      • @C. T.

        I am feeling the hate, but not nearly enough. I have always been atheist, but it is only since reading this blog that it has become clear to me just how much my outlook is anchored by neo-Christian axiology and how soft I am.

        I think in my case (and maybe others) the only way to cure it and develop the Hate is, oddly, to adopt an aesthetically Tolstoyan approach and live separately. I am reminded of both Breivik and Varg Vikernes, for very different reasons.

        Breivik obviously rejected Tolstoyan propositions and was anti-Tolstoy in his ethics, as should we be. Like Tolstoy he sought aesthetic purity, but for the pursuit of Hate and to make his Hate pure. Whereas Varg is – as far as I can tell – thoroughly Tolstoyan and literally advocates passivity in the hope that normative society withers or collapses and then dies without interfering with the separatists.

      • I read LOTR. One of the passages that most distressed me is when Strider stops the recently ‘pilled’ King of Rohan from killing Wormtongue.

        Even folks from the ‘Shire’ (Tolkien obtained his inspiration from bucolic England) are unable to shake off their Xtian programming.

        We need something akin to the SS to train the youth.

      • warrior-poet, beautiful expression: hungry, zombie niggers looking for food & white pussy
        something about the simple ferocious cadence reminds me of a george jones & emmylou harris simple intense lyric,
        castles tall
        houses small
        left alone
        all fall down.

    • Andrew – there are millions of Whites who aren’t aware of the JD (jewish DISASTER. It’s not a question at all). Completely oblivious, and jew fluxed, in fact. All they know is what the Jew tells them.

      JF is on a journey. He’s brilliant; he’ll “get there”. I’m certain he’s also just trying to stay online. Which is very smart.

    • Gariépy is a self-ascribed nihilist. Ironic that he has done some “academic research” on health and fitness yet he is such a slob.

      • Yes: I’ve stated in this site that his sexual life is degenerate. (And I would add that his movie tastes are degenerate too.)

  2. Andrew’s posts are like a breath of fresh air! I might also add that the knowledge of history from the correct angle (like that of ‘Who We Are?’ by Pierce) is a nice fuel for such hatred that will cast the US in a properly monstrous light, and that will inspire to create something different than the poisoned branch of Christianity, something that would have already prospered in our culture for centuries had it not been for the grave crimes of Constantine and Pepin and Luther…

    @CT I suggest you reading some excerpts from The Silmarillion and The Children of Húrin, much less cvcked stories than LOTR, much bitterer as well.

    Take the story of Mîm the Dwarf who was in the end killed by Húrin for betraying his son years before.

    Or take the story of Húrin himself who was captured in the last great battle against the Enemy, and was forced to watch the doom of his cursed race, unable to avert it. Much like the perspective of this blog.

    Some call early Tolkien’s stories more inspired by the Old Testament – similarly to how Hitler’s Germany is sometimes claimed to have tried to “usurp” the Jews’ place as the “chosen people” (because the Whitie clearly could have never conceived of such a concept as the agency of his own, right?).

  3. What is the Jewish question? Have you properly defined it? I’d say it is: how do you make it lawful for a Jew to abide by the law of the land in which he lives?

    • Dan – why do you want jews in our world at all?

      • I don’t want them in our lands. This post is a test of your understanding of the nature of the kikenvermin.

    • Did I pass the test?

      • What is your answer to the question? You can’t pass this test by not answering the question.

        Hint, there are two different legal systems involved here, not one as westerners would assume.

  4. The real question is : What if you encounter a Jew within you, isn’t every christian a metaphysical Jew ?.

    Does he posses enough courage to commit ritual seppuku for greater good ?.

  5. Mr. Tort, I thank you for the phrase, “secular neo-Christian.”

    Different Gods sponsor different moral codes.

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