Spencer on Bowers

Further to my claim that ‘Wallace’s and Johnson’s love is murdering the white race’.

After minute 28 Richard Spencer, in the show The Public Space #201, said that Robert Bowers ‘should be punished for this crime…’ Eight minutes later he said, ‘We absolutely condemn them’ (Bowers and Dylann Roof). Spencer is right that Roof and Bowers committed mistakes from the point of view of harming the movement. But that’s not the point of this post.

While talking about a hypothetical ethnic cleansing after minute 134, Spencer mocked the novel of William Pierce of ‘kill all these people… Turner Diaries… We are going to live through this slaughterhouse… It will be only us… That is both absolutely absurd and completely undesirable. I think our movement does need to recognise other people morally speaking; that they are going to have their place under the sun…’

Spencer is not a post-Nietzschean. He has not read my Day of Wrath. Like Hunter, Greg and thousands of other identitarians, Spencer is a neo-Christian. Stalin’s (((willing executioners))) killed about 60 million. In narcosis while diving, the most dangerous symptom is the impairment of judgement. How many millions more will they have to kill outside Russia to wake up Christians and neo-Christians from their axiological narcosis?


  1. I’m not entirely sure I agree with you that Bowers actually committed a tactical error, but let’s not get into an argument about that. It is what it is.

    Thank you for listening to Richard Cuck and for patiently wading through the self-regarding witterings of Doctor Queer on our behalf. It saves the rest of us the trouble, and you perform a public service thereby.

    One point that can be made in Spencer’s defence is that by raising Tortist/Piercean tactics, albeit in absurdum, he is drawing attention to the topic.

    • Yes. very rarely are the Diaries mentioned by the Alt-Right folks. And yes again about Bower’s ‘tactical error’: perhaps I was too hypnotized by Spencer’s long interview by Jean-François Gariépy yesterday. After all, it was an apparently absurd assassination what triggered WW1, right?

      • True. The tipping point must come and no harm in helping it along. The regrettable thing is that it means good Nordic men make martyrs of themselves. I hope one day to see Bowers, Roof, Mair, Breivik and others released and hailed as heroes.

  2. As if we are in a position where we are giving the “place under the sun”. Does the reatard not see that THEY refuse US the “place under the sun” and he acts as if we should be confirming anybody else’s existence while being rounded up.

  3. Spencer is a KIKE. Period. Why is any-one still listening to him?

    • To be honest, whether he is a kike or not seems academic at this point. The first two sentences of your post seem quite unnecessary.

      • Un-necessary? Nein. Fundamental. One must identify the Jew, every single time. And then eschew the jew.

  4. So I hear a lot of about this thing called “exterminationism” but I hear very little explanation for why such a dramatic solution is called for. I have the read the introduction article but I am still not sure I grasp your reasoning.

    • For an introduction to my exterminationist philosophy see: here.

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