A postscript to ‘Jew obeyers’

On the tomb of Baruch Goldstein the inscription reads: ‘To the holy Baruch Goldstein who gave his life for the Jewish people, the Torah, and the nation of Israel’. Goldstein had murdered 29 Arabs and wounded 125 in the Mosque of Ibrahim in 1994.

Will white nationalists, folks in the Alt-Right or American southern nationalists ever engrave similar words on the tombs of Dylann and Robert after ZOG kills them?

Of course not: these schizophrenic Jew obeyers, who believe it’s possible to admire Jesus and Hitler at the same time, have unconsciously chosen ethno-suicide.

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  1. Just so. Preach.

  2. Most whites who want their race to survive are choosing to hold themselves back in order to obey Jew ‘morals’. It’s like fighting in hand-to-hand combat with both hands tied behind your back; you are at a major disadvantage before you even begin.

    These people say they want the white race to survive but their behaviour and values makes me question if they are really that serious. They are not the fanatical killers that the white race so badly needs in this decisive period. They continue to obey restricting, enemy created laws and morals even when the very survival of their race depends on them breaking the law and these so-called ‘morals’.

    WN talk tough about what they’re going to do to niggers but most would likely be too afraid to confront a nigger in real life (remember in US prisons blacks dominate whites). When Dylann Roof actually killed niggers they condemned him, suddenly they value the lives of niggers claiming they are old and shouldn’t have been killed. Despite all the massive number of old white people niggers have killed, WN have pity for the tiny number of old black people killed by Dylann Roof. The Jews that Robert Bowers killed could have been (and most likely were) engaged in anti-Gentile, anti-white activities all their lives yet WN will have sympathy for them and wish they were spared. With an attitude like this from the supposed ‘defenders’ of our race is it any wonder our race is going extinct? I’m tempted to say “Fuck the white race!” It’s getting everything it deserves and will definitely deserve extinction.

    If white males who want their race to survive can’t or won’t do something as obvious and simple as killing their enemies (as their forefathers had no truble in doing), or even just support those who do kill their enemies, to ensure the continued survival of their race on Earth then this species has simply become too stupid and degenerate to survive. As a Social Darwinist I cannot advocate for propping up and saving such a degenerate species. It’s extinction the best and logical thing to happen to it and the world will be better off without it. Just as we don’t miss any extinct species now, no life form or species will miss the white race once it’s extinct.

    • To say that blacks ‘dominate’ whites in U.S. prisons is naive. The Aryan brotherhood, albeit less than 1% of the prison population, accounts for nearly a fourth of the murders. They simultaneously helped organize certain segments of the New Mexico prison riots and wiped out the Mandingo Warriors in their early days.

      • It is true that the Aryan Brotherhood was dominant back in the 1980’s and the 1990’s. In the 1980’s they dominated the most secure prison in the USA, the Supermax in Marion, Illionis where David Lane and members of The Order were imprisoned along with great men like Joseph Paul Franklin. Thomas Silverstein and Clayton Fountain killed the leadership of the black gang the D.C. Blacks. But by the 2010’s I don’t think it’s a stretch to say Blacks and Hispanics are stronger than Whites in US prisons. I could be wrong but I doubt it. From my understanding Whites have got progressively weaker in US prisons since WWII (which runs parallel to their loss of power in the outside world since WWII). In the 1950’s white convicts ran prison but by the 2010’s whites power and position has been drastically reduced as demographics have changed and racial gangs have come into being. I’ve heard the extent of white power varies from prison to prison, my guess is that it reflects the demographics of the state the prison is in. But it a fact that there are whites who fall prey to blacks in prison and are sodomized, exploited etc. I’ve read about the Heroin Brotherhood tossing weaker members of their race to be exploited by other races, Gary Yarbrough of The Order said AB members would tell him “the white race isn’t worth saving”. I think they have a point there.

      • There’s a mistake in your new worldview.

        I was telling Andrew in the other thread that English roses are my inspiration for this site. They are worth saving, at least as sexual objects (because psychologically they’ve become Body-snatched Pods) by real warriors.

        I wouldn’t find improper to use many thousands of young roses for the sexual needs of a handful of real warriors (if that was possible) so that each male could have a hundred babies per year (after the due extermination of the Neanderthals).

        When you say that whites aren’t worth saving surely you don’t refer to the ones I’m referring above?

      • You’re not entirely wrong, however the real reason for the decline in Aryan Power in prisons, as strange as it may seem, miscegenation. Generally Neo-Nazi prison gangs relied heavily on exterior organizations, such as the ‘Nazi Low-riders’- who left the ‘NS’ scene and became Sureños as many of their members had begun to lay with Mexican women. This happens a great deal in California and my native Texas.

      • @C.T.

        When I said the Aryan Brotherhood members who would say “the white race isn’t worth saving” had a point I’m expressing my frustration with modern whites in general. I’ve been involved in this movement for 13 years now and I’ve come to understand so much of white degeneration is largely self-inflicted and whites are largely to blame for their own situation. As you say of them they are ‘Jew obeyers’. I realize whites are getting what they deserve because they don’t want to help themselves so it’s inevitable that they will suffer and maybe even become extinct. Whites are to blame!

        I’m not enamored with the beauty of the White Aryan woman like you are. I don’t really care for any human race or any species of life on Earth. Saying a race or species has to be saved reminds me of saving endangered species and I tend to think if a species needs to be propped up and ‘saved’ it is already too late for that species. I do want the white race to survive because I know what potential it has but I do acknowledge a very good argument can be made that a race as degenerate as whites have become is biologically obsolete and extinction is all that is left for it.

        My love is for Reality or Existence as a whole which I view as having nothing wrong with it. As I said to you before I am influenced by Nietzsche’s Amor Fati (I know you are not) and believe in Determinism. If whites have become unfit to survive then they will go extinct but I don’t think that means the Universe is any worse off or shouldn’t exist. In fact an argument can be made that the Universe will be better off as an unfit species that couldn’t adapt to new challenges has gone extinct and therefore Nature/the Universe has risen to a higher level as it is always doing. White genocide could be the next stage of evolution.

        You say there’s a mistake in my new worldview. Well obviously I don’t think it’s a mistake otherwise I wouldn’t hold that worldview. My worldview is different to yours Cesar. You want an all-white utopia with androgynous looking males living in peace with the animals where all unnecessary suffering is eliminated. I don’t think such a thing is possible and I wouldn’t want it to be possible. If whites exterminate all non-whites white males will continue to kill each other and war amongst themselves. There will never be peace on Earth as long as life exists as conflict is an innate part of the biology of life itself.

        About a year ago I came to accept the possibility that the white race could go extinct. The prospect doesn’t bother me anymore like it used to. And I’m content with existence as it is without needing to change anything. I live in England and see English roses on a near daily basis. Behind their beauty is the same soulless human shit that is in most humans. I suppose a few English roses are worth saving for their beauty. In my ideal world the white race would be about 2% of it’s present size. Something like what the world population was in 9000 BC. But whether I think the white race is worth saving or not worth saving is irrelevant. The Natural Law of Survival of the Fittest will determine the answer to that question as it has always done for every species. By their own collective actions shall whites be judged by Nature.

      • @esotericisms

        I thought something like you’re describing is the case which was why I wrote that my guess is that the extent of white power in each prison reflects the demographics of the state that the prison is in. In Southwest states like California, New Mexico and Texas whites are a minority (in fact I understand the Hispanic/Latino minority is larger than the White minority in California and New Mexico and by 2022 the same will be true for Texas) so prisons in those states likely have minority white populations. Plus Whites commit less crime on average than Blacks and Hispanics so they are already going to be less represented in prisons.

      • I’m not enamoured with the beauty of the White Aryan woman like you are.

        Not only me. David Lane’s inspiration to fight was their beauty too.

        I don’t think such a thing is possible and I wouldn’t want it to be possible.

        Perhaps you have not read your countryman’s futuristic novel Against the Fall of Night.

        Amor fati?

        Remember, Nietzsche started sane his writing career and became insane exactly when he started to use the defence mechanism of loving one’s fate. To love what’s happening is dangerous psychological magic…

    • @Joseph Walsh

      I agree that mixed-racialism is Darwinism ne plus ultra, but isn’t the point that we are the ones who stand for human values? Post-Nietzscheanism is Counter-Darwinist.

    • Mr.Walsh,

      You should check out:


      it is the place for Hardcore NatSocs who reject Alt-Right weakness, mostly a collection of former Daily Stormer/ TRS Posters who wouldn’t keep their mouths shut about the degeneracy going on in the Alt-Right.

    • @Joseph Walsh

      Personally, I disagree with your claim that “Saying a race or species has to be saved reminds me of saving endangered species and I tend to think if a species needs to be propped up and ‘saved’ it is already too late for that species.”
      If we are to extrapolate this claim to the animal kingdom I think it’s somewhat absurd. If, for instance, the grizzly bear were threatened with absolute extinction tomorrow, would we not be obligated to save it? It’s decline is wholly attributable to human activity, and not having it present in a number of ecosystems could wreak havoc upon the animal and plant life within them. While I do agree that white decline is largely caused by whites themselves I do think that it’s absurd to say that “If whites have become unfit to survive then they will go extinct but I don’t think that means the Universe is any worse off or shouldn’t exist. In fact an argument can be made that the Universe will be better off as an unfit species that couldn’t adapt to new challenges has gone extinct and therefore Nature/the Universe has risen to a higher level as it is always doing. ” – it’s foolish to think that this planet would somehow be better off without the presence of the Aryan race. Seeing as we are the only one which possesses an inkling of compassion for the animals with which we share the planet, and have produced greater artistic marvels than any other race I don’t see how the universe could possibly be any *worse* off. I’d also disagree that the “natural law of survival” will determine our fate, as the conditions which the average western man I’d subjected to are anything but natural. From cradle to grave the gospel of egalitarianism is at the forefront of their lives- media, friends, acquaintances and religious institutions shove it down their throats. They are taught that the most abominable of acts, miscegenation and homosexuality- are normal and healthy. The extinction of the white race is anything but natural it is being brought about through a carefully engineered process which seeks to disarm us both physically and emotionally. However when it comes to racially aware males, I would certainly agree with you. Those who will not fight certainly do not deserve to survive.

      And personally, I am surprised that you aren’t fascinated with the beauty of Aryan women. While personally I am not as Anglophilic as César is in regards to my tastes in them, I do think that Slavic women are the epitome of female beauty.

      • > ‘Seeing as we are the only one which possesses an inkling of compassion for the animals with which we share the planet…’

        Exactly what I believe.

      • @esotericisms

        Personally I don’t think any species is obligated to ‘save’ another species from extinction.

        Earth existed without the presence of the Aryan race for well over 4 billion years. Earth can exist without the Aryan race. I don’t think any life form or any species is essential to Earth otherwise why would it be possible for them to be able to go extinct in the first place? Would you say the Earth is worse off now because of the extinction of any species that previously existed on the planet? When I wrote that “an argument can be made that the Universe will be better off” I wasn’t saying it is definitely true that Earth would be better with whites extinct. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m just putting forth a thought experiment and playing devils advocate by arguing that.

        So Aryans possess compassion for other animals. Has that fact ever stopped the huge suffering of animals on a daily basis in the entire existence of the Aryan race? In fact even if there were no humans on Earth at all (as there wasn’t in the recent history of Earth) animals would still be suffering on a grandiose scale as killing, suffering and general brutality is built into the very nature of life itself. The only rational way to abolish suffering is to abolish all life on Earth. And as you say Aryans possess an *inkling* of compassion compared to the other human races. By no means are all Aryans compassionate toward animals nor have they been throughout the history of the Aryan race. And Aryans have actually caused a huge amount of destruction to the natural environment via the Industrial Revolution and being the direct cause of the population explosion among the coloured races which is exterminating and endangering so many species.

        There are many arguments that can be made for why Aryans should survive. There are also many arguments that can be made as to why Aryans should go extinct. But ultimately the survival of no species is determined by whether it deserves to survives or deserves to go extinct. I believe the law of survival of the fittest holds true in determining species’ survival.

        I would disagree with you that the conditions which the average western man is subjected to are anything but natural. They are anti-natural and perverse but their source emnates from the Jews who are a natural parasite exisiting in the human kingdom and from the Jews natural desire to dominate and exterminate it’s biological competitor. I would say it is impossible for the extinction of a species to not be natural. Extinction is one of the most natural processes in Nature. Egalitarianism, miscegenation, homosexuality etc. are all anti-natural order but the cause of all this degeneracy is natural in that it is caused by Nature creating a parasite in the human kingdom that has the strongest will to live of any human race and uses anti-natural degeneracy as a means to an end. In fact I view the Jew vs. Aryan biological warfare as on the most natural things happening on Earth at the moment.

        While I’m not enamored by the beauty of Aryan women I do think they are the best looking women of any race and eminently fuckable however as I said I’m not attached to any species or life form on Earth.

    • @C.T.

      I know of course that the beauty of the White Aryan woman was David Lane’s main inspiration to fight for the Aryan race. But nevertheless I disagree with David and you. Knowing females nature I simply can’t idealize any woman. Even David Lane did declare in one of his poems “Your beauty was a lie.” My main inspiration is actually the Aryan Man. Not in a homosexual way but because the Aryan Man was previously the Apex Predator of Earth and has so much untapped potential residing in his blood. It is Nietzsche’s Ubermensch that I want to see appear, and I want the Aryan race to survive because I believe the White Superman would be greater than the superman from any other race. I want more White Men like Adolf Hitler to exist. Hitler is only the beginning!

      I have not read Arthur Clarke’s Against the Fall of Night. I do not tend to read fiction.

      I thought Nietzsche became insane in 1889, years after he came up with the concept of Amor Fati? Besides, how do you know for certain that it was that concept that caused his insanity? Because of the writings of a Jew Stefan Zweig? I’ve had people tell me I will become mad “like Nietzsche” if I read Nietzsche since I was a teenager. In fact I already suffered a psychotic breakdown at 17 before I even knew of the concept of Amor Fati so it doesn’t really matter in a way.

      And I wouldn’t say I love what’s happening as much as I accept reality as it is. Things are the way they are whether you like them or not so why not accept reality as it is? I don’t mean stop working for change but recognize that our efforts to work for a new world are part of everyday reality.

      • Women’s beauty is obviously a lie so that we may fuck them while they are roses an have lots of kids. That’s Nature’s trick for reproduction. But it is a beautiful lie; a beautiful trap or snare some would say.

        Even Hitler approved a Richard Strauss opera which script was written by the Jew Zweig. One thing is accepting reality as it is; another to love fate.

        If you read Werner Ross or Curt Paul Janz (not sure if there are translations into English), Nietzche’s biographers, you will see that he started to become insane right after he abandoned the superman concept while writing his Zarathustra and started to punish himself with the idea of eternal recurrence. The defense mechanism he tried was a radical acceptance to all of his life, the good and the bad (which eventually short-circuited his mind).

        Schizophrenogenic mothers drive their children mad. There’s no question about it. Alice Miller wrote The Untouched Key, speculating that Nietzsche’s female custodians, including his mother, were involved in his mental fall.

      • But Hitler was a Titan, not an overman, I think. And his greatness lied specifically in that: that he followed his fight against Jewry with great outlines for the construction of ubermenschen i.e. the Schutzstaffel. 100 years of National Socialist Germany would have showed the results and I’m sure the Reich would have ruled the Earth for far more than 1000 years as: 1. An indestructible human block would have been built. 2. The existence of the white race would have been secured and earthly politics would have known its end.

  3. Reblogged this on The White Tea Room and commented:
    I am re-blogging because I want to. (((Christianity))) makes us week. “Humble”, self-effacing, self-immolating, suicidal. what has this deranged Semitic desert madness got to do with the European Peoples of the forests?

    • The people of forests are long dead, what remained is the cosmopolitan cuck , who is interested in material decadence and servitude to the Jew

  4. My new worldview

    Message for the human race: Adolf Hitler killed himself in 1945. What are you waiting for?

    • Yeah: you’re now subscribing the same nihilistic pessimism of ol’ friend Walsh. I think the exact opposite. Remember my post ‘The last Jedi?’ In the film, the new Vader tells Luke that it is all over. But he was wrong:

      [they draw their lightsabers and fight]

      Luke Skywalker: I failed you, Ben. I’m sorry.

      Kylo Ren: I’m sure you are! The Resistance is dead, the war is over, and when I kill you, I will have killed the last Jedi!

      Luke Skywalker: Amazing. Every word of what you just said was wrong. The Rebellion is reborn today. The war is just beginning. And I will not be the last Jedi.

      Veteran Luke got it right. Even with a handful of Republic survivors after an almost overwhelming victory of the Empire, it’s possible to start all over again. If white nationalists transvalued their values the rebellion would be reborn.

      That’s the beam of hope of this site.

      • Señor, if one thinks twice, you might be right. We are all headed for the great unknown anyway, so why not cling to what is left and if the occasion comes just surf the tsunami? Let this be our battle cry: Hitler is dead! Heil Hitler!

  5. How do you know that this Robert Bowers actually killed anyone? You saw it on the (((news)))? I’ll have to see real dead bodies with actual bullet holes before I’ll believe it really happened. Fake news, here we have the creation of another piece of subjective Jewish history which will be used as a cudgel to attack white America, and for Jews all history is subjective.

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