Hunter Wallace’s Molyneux-like trick

This Tuesday, in my post ‘Jean-François Gariépy destroys Stefan Molyneux’, I linked to Gariépy’s #201 show The Public Space where he demonstrates that Stefan Molyneux embarked on a completely parallel track in his pseudo-response to what white nationalists consider the Jewish problem. (In his Sunday video, ‘The Truth About the Pittsburgh Massacre’, dishonest Molyneux had strawmaned the whole issue by saying that liberalism affects Jews in Israel and in the Diaspora too.) Throughout his show, Gariépy aptly demonstrated that Molyneux never addressed the central question: that Jewish influence is toxic for whites.

Something similar happened today at Occidental Dissent. Hunter Wallace wrote:

Chechar asks: “I am most curious how Lutherans like Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent could respond to what we have been saying in this site, especially the translations of Deschner’s work, Evropa Soberana’s essay on Rome and Judea and Catherine Nixey’s book about the destruction of the classical world by the Christians? How can racist Christians reconcile their worship of the god of the Jews with Aryan preservation is a mystery for me.”

Take note that Wallace calls me by my obsolete penname, ‘Chechar’ (it’s like I called him by his obsolete penname, ‘Prozium’). But that is unimportant. What is important is that, exactly like Molyneux, Wallace did not address a single point by Deschner, Evropa Soberana (penname of a Spanish blogger) or Nixey. In our translations, in this site I have not reached the book where Deschner writes about Luther; Evropa Soberana’s essay is about the psyops that the Semitic Judeo-Christians used to destroy the classical world, whereas Nixey’s book also focuses on that destruction but omits Jewish problem. The Leitmotif of the writings of these three authors is that, since Constantine, Christianity has been a disaster for the West.

Obviously Wallace has either not read the texts of these authors as quoted in this site, or he has conveniently used the Molyneux trick: going to an entirely parallel track in his ‘reply’. Wallace’s article consists of quotes showing Luther’s credentials as an anti-Semite.

That is not the issue. The issue is whether or not the ‘Christian Question’ exists: if Christianity inverted healthy Greco-Roman values in order that Whites would be conquered by the Semites. (Even in my latest piece of translation of Deschner’s books, the Wednesday post in this site, the CQ is apparent for anyone who does not use a Molyneux-like trick.)

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  1. But we could even respond to the quotes that Wallace uses in his article. I wonder if Wallace has digested what William Pierce said about Luther’s anti-Semitism in Who We Are (specifically: here); what Ferdinand Bardamu has written about Luther and the Reformation in an original essay published in this site (here) or what Nietzsche wrote about Luther in § 61 of The Antichrist (here)?

    All of those three essays appear in my compilation The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour. Maybe Wallace should get a copy of it.

    • Winter is coming, and the time is ripe to retreat into solitude and do some reading. Let the mental dust settle. Sharpen the spiritual blade. ‘Clean your room’, like that Jew-obeyer says.

      Yes, it’s time for the Jedis to fight their own internal Jihad.
      2019 may well be our last year of Happy Mode, and we must hasten preparations.

      I’m getting a copy of your FRDH, Cesar.
      As a self-professed Priest of the 14 Words, I must learn as many facts, quotes, axioms, proverbs and arguments as I can, in order to better proselytize the Blood religion.

      • You really speak like an Aryan!

  2. In a comment at Occidental Dissent responding to Wallace, Tom Rogers posted the following:

    Yet Luther was still a Christian, and thus unfortunately your piece here – good as it is in highlighting a belligerent side of Luther’s character – does not address the central problem: Christianity is a Jewish creation, inverts healthy values, abolishes natural morality in favour of moral universalism, and has acted as a slow-acting poison for white civilisation, and is thus toxic for racial whites.

    I wonder if Rogers is the same Tom who has commented here?

  3. […] Chechar writes: […]

    • Wallace has added another article purportedly addressing my above article. He wrote:

      You specifically asked for my Lutheran perspective.

      Not that I remember. What I asked to all pro-whites who are also Christians is how can they reconcile their red-pilling on the JQ with their worship of Jesus, who was Jewish (if he existed), and worship of the god of the Jews.

      I should have added that Luther was opposed to “healthy Greco-Roman values” like homosexuality, celibacy and debauchery.

      Homosexuality in the sense as this sexual deviance is understood today (open homo behaviour among adults), and celibacy, were not ‘Greco-Roman values’. Even in the most decadent provinces of imperial Rome in the times of Nero and Caligula, fags were considered repulsive. If Wallace has in mind pederasty, it was tolerated in Athens but not in every Greek city (Sparta for example). And what does Wallace mean by ‘debauchery’? My model is Republican Rome before miscegenation started to corrupt Imperial Rome. In Who We Are Pierce demonstrated that the republican Romans were puritanical in sexual matters, as every healthy culture is. Marriage was a solid western institution long before Constantine’s takeover.

      But again all of this is exactly Molyneux’s trick: embarking on a parallel track instead of addressing the Christian Question as explained by Revilo Oliver, William Pierce and other notable authors whose writings I have been reproducing in this site.


      Curiously, in the first Wallace article commenter Spahnranch1969 echoed what we have been quoting from Nietzsche in this site: Spahnranch1969 said: ‘If Luther had not attempted to reform Christianity it would have died a natural death 500 years ago and that would’ve been the end of it. Maybe western civilization would then have simply resumed where it left off 1000 years earlier and a lot of stupid, pointless religious conflicts among our kind would never have taken place’.

      Incidentally, this is not the same ‘Spahnranch’ who used to comment here before WordPress suppressed this site for more than a day.

      • Why do christians always think that pagans are into homosexuality or every non christian society is into some form sexual degeneracy while opposite is true ?.

        In many cases church fathers are mostly pedophiles, their accomplishments are often exaggerated , most of them behaved exactly like modern ISIS in destruction of pagan iconography.

        Slave morality and pedophilia are last remnants of church ,hopefully this decadent religion dies natural death before entire humanity enters into a state of absolute decadence and psychological syphilis.

      • Absolutely. Lloyd deMause records how the custom of oblation in monasteries continued the pederastic tradition of pre-Christian times.

        I’ve told Jack Halliday in this site that, comparatively, Greco-Roman pederasty was the lesser of the evils for the simple reason that it was an open behavior, where parents or custodians could warn teenagers about a pedagogue of notorious reputation, and teens were seen nude in the public baths accompanied by their fathers.

        All this openness ended in Christendom, and pederasty overtook much nastier tones as it became secretive. What in the 1990s was exposed in The Boston Globe about generalized pederasty in the Church is the tip of the iceberg of a tradition that started in the early church.

        Again, if you read Plato or Xenophon, you’ll see that Church pederasty was infinitely worse than the one tolerated in some cases in Athens.

  4. Christians have a bad habit of sidestepping hard questions. I have had it happen to me many times when trying to debate them. I no longer argue with them about interpretations of their Bible, I go straight for the heart and demand they prove their Christian god exists and the Bible is the inspired word of their god, or shut up. I have no patience for them, and I do not accept them as comrades. They are traitors to the White race.

    • I have read the two threads at Occidental Dissent.

      A commenter said that the Christian takeover of the Roman Empire (he used a Xtian Newspeak term, ‘pagan’) was similar to the Europeans conquering the Amerindians (and praised my work on the latter).

      He obviously ignores that the analogy he uses cannot be more erroneous. Most of early Christians were non-whites, and the ‘pagans’ (the adepts of Greco-Roman culture) were whites; whereas, in the Americas, it was a war between whites and redskins: a reversal of races.

      Christianity, pushed by masses of peoples like the above (portraits of early Xtians living in Egypt) only triumphed because of racial traitors such as Constantine and his successors: something analogous to what is happening with today’s traitorous white elites using masses of non-whites for race-replacement purposes.

      The commenter not only ignores that the so-called ‘pagans’ were whites. He also ignores that the masses of early Christians were non-whites!

      • Even today vast number of “Meek” masses which represent filthy slave religion of christianity are non whites.

        Forget about early christianity a white man still cannot fathom a simple fact that christianity was never his racial religion, all the white he is honoring a dead Jew.

        Even if you take current demographic trend, whites will become a minority group within ghetto religion of christianity, and still whites cling onto this filthy religion and spread this faith to brown,black masses.

        I detest these scoundrels who elevate a dead Jew jeebus above their own racial kin.

      • Christianity is a chandala religion, today average whites belong to the category of chandala classes of Rome.

        What you have now is a left over lower caste untermenschen among whites, the nobility was destroyed long ago.

        Modern day whites are descendants of slave classes of rome who destroyed roman religion, what is happening with whites now is a Divine Karma , Divine retribution for destroyed classical culture and replacing it with decadent jewish faith.

        Whites intentionally have chosen to become slaves to Juden.

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