Darkening Age, 14

In chapter eight of The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World, Catherine Nixey wrote:
Further south, the firebrand preacher John Chrysostom—John ‘Goldenmouth’—weighed in. This man was so charismatic that crowds of Christians would pack into Antioch’s Great Church to hear him speak, his eyes flashing, then leave as soon as he was finished, ‘as if’, he observed, with a distinct want of monkish humility, ‘I were a concert performance.’ Chrysostom was nothing if not zealous.

Hearing that Phoenicia was still ‘suffering from the madness of the demons’ rites’, he sent violent bands of monks, funded by the faithful women in his congregation, to destroy the shrines in the area. ‘Thus,’ concludes the historian Theodoret, ‘the remaining shrines of the demons were utterly destroyed.’ A papyrus fragment shows Bishop Theophilus standing triumphantly over an image of Serapis, Bible in hand, while on the right-hand side monks can be seen attacking the temple. St Benedict, St Martin, St John Chrysostom; the men leading these campaigns of violence were not embarrassing eccentrics but men at the very heart of the Church.

Augustine evidently assumed his congregants would be taking part in the violence—and implied that they were right to do so: throwing down temples, idols and groves was, he said, no less than ‘clear proof of our not honouring, but rather abhorring, these things’. Such destruction, he reminded his flock, was the express commandment of God. In AD 401, Augustine told Christians in Carthage to smash pagan objects because, he said, that was what God wanted and commanded. It has been said that sixty died in riots inflamed by this burst of oratorical fire. A little earlier a congregation of Augustine’s, eager to sack the temples of Carthage, had started reciting Psalm 83. ‘Let them be humiliated and be downcast forever,’ they chanted with grim significance. ‘Let them perish in disgrace.’

It is obvious that this violence was not only one’s Christian duty; it was also, for many; a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. Those carrying out the attacks sang as they smashed the ancient marble and roared with laughter as they destroyed statues. In Alexandria, ‘idolatrous’ images were taken from private houses and baths, then burned and mutilated in a jubilant public demonstration. Once the assault was complete, the Christians ‘all went off, praising God for the destruction of such error of demons and idolatry’.

Broken statues themselves were another cause for hilarity; their fragmented remains an occasion for ‘laughter and scorn’.


  1. ‘he sent violent bands of monks, funded by the faithful women in his congregation, to destroy the shrines in the area’.

    This would not have happened had Republican Rome’s law of not letting women have more than an ounce of gold not been repudiated in Imperial Rome.

    Carthage was full of resentful Semitic peoples; and Alexandria, full of resentful Jews. It was lunacy to grant Roman citizenship to those who Rome had humiliated centuries before.

    Exactly the same is happening today in the West, and in the same massive scale of ancient Rome: believing that a non-white can be a citizen independently of his ethnic background.
    This comment of mine yesterday in another thread shows how ignorant the Christians at Occidental Dissent really are.

    • Whatever vehicle the masses and mobs of Ancient Rome were to choose, it seems that it was inevitable for this to happen in some form of fashion. Including such lower elements of the population within the empire instead of exterminating totally those who were conquered is one the earliest incarnations of on of the gravest flaws of western man, believing his ideals can be universal.

      • Not committing genocide of underclasses and lower races is a sin, Eugenics is the greatest idea that NSDAP has proclaimed , post WW2 thanks to christian morality, this world is full of resentful untermenschen of various races, including white.

        World needs a correction , a minimum of 6 billion people should perish for any correction to take place, remember at the beginning of this century world population did not even exceed 1.5 billion, today we have 7.4 billion soon it will reach 8.5 billion by the end of this century with africa as main contributor.

        Christianity has indeed created a mass of humanity who are meek,lowly,despised , resentful untermenschen.

        One should prepare for greater human misery in coming decades.Possibly a Jew will become a ruler of mongrel,bastardy ,lowly races of the world.

        Image a world with no beauty or intelligence, no strength or vigor, no passion or greatness, a large mass of christians or muslims , all bowing in submission to a Jew or Arab waiting for their messiah to come and redeem them from their lowly existence.

        Mass servants of Jew , who will chase down and butcher any last remains of great races of antiquity.

        May be it will take another 1000 years to correct this human regression that semitic virus of christianity , judaism and islam have inflicted on earth.

  2. “a large mass of christians or muslims” Actually, it’d be a largely atheistic population in the West. Christianity has once again reached that point of decline before Luther had made his fateful mistake. As pointed out elsewhere on this site, people who abandon Christianity still retain the Jewish morality, without a Jesus.

    • Exactly the point of my coming post today.

      • I’m quite surprised, I had been meditating on how Bolshevism had been calculated to “drive out the spirit”, in the same way Christianity does now. It’s hard to say which is worse: losing faith in an arbitrary god or never having one to begin with. Looking forward to your post.

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