On banning feminists

Last Wednesday I explained my reasons why those who cry ‘Jew!’ while losing an argument should be banned on this site. Now I would say the same about ethno-suicidal feminists. Simon Elliot (pic: here) for one did not cry ‘Jew!’ certainly, but he told me:

Men usually like it when women are attractive, and since you don’t, and you *claim* not to be an old testament fanatic, the only conclusion I’m left with is that you must be a homosexual. I see no other explanation.

All false. I do like attractive women and I’m not a homo. But I am not banning Simon for that comment, who by the way uses the avatar of a girl in his Twitter account (this one). I am banning him because his feminist ideology is destroying in his country what I care the most: Lane’s 14 words. This for example was his very last comment on this site:

You are clearly in agreement with Anglin, that repulsive little gremlin, when it comes to women. The consensus here is clear. Unless they’re pumping out babies to be used as cannon fodder in your race war, they’re worthless whores who may as well drop dead. So much for your love of English roses. You will destroy them if you arrange for them to reproduce with hyper-masculine males. I warned you of that, and you can resent it all you want, but it remains true. Genetics is a bitch.

I will leave others to respond to that.

Tonight I am watching how nasty British feminists are (‘Jordan Peterson destroyed by feminist NPC | Facts and logic not even needed, TPS #209’). Simon is a typical feminist Briton. Ever since our initial interactions he confessed he hates Roger Devlin. (Unlike the troll Anglin whose style I happen to like, Dr. Devlin uses an academic prose in his scholarly papers against feminism.)

pride-and-prejudice 2005 filmI am now closing the thread where Simon made his last comment. Contra him and other ethno-suicidal Britons, I would say that if our civilization is under the grip of liberal mores, especially the belief that non-discrimination on race and gender is the highest moral value, when values are transvalued back to Austen mores our women will be having six or more kids.

If whites are to survive as a people the vagina gentium must be reopened, whether our spoiled women, or feminized Britons, like it or not.


  1. Incidentally, Peterson might be a Jew. People have commented on his physical features, and I would add that he has the “Jewish voice”, e.g. Norman Finkelstein.

    • He is a mischling , From his grandmothers side he had Yid ancestry, thats why he backtracks on JQ ,also he has anglo roots.

    • That would explain a lot about Peterson.

      Simon has sent me several personal messages on Twitter, of which I only read the first one:

      Oh, that was an awfully cowardly move, Cesar. Makes it look like you’re running away. And I never said that I hate Devlin. I said that I do not find his work convincing and that it reeks of hypocrisy.

      The young Brit misses the main point and probably will continue to miss it until he dies. I said it below: if Aryan males fail to become killing machines again, and Aryan women birthing machines, game is over for their little race.

      Transvaluation of all values!

      • Simon said that he wouldn’t bring children in a world that is not perfect. The guy is a weakling.

        The few aryan males left will not become killing machines any soon, unless you consider killing some old joos and some bimbos a heroic act. 99,90% white men have not even read the most important single document of 20th century, Adolf Hitler’s 2-page political testament – which for any intelligent individual would open immense vistas! I’ve read it at 14, what’s their excuse? They can not conceive of this world in terms of race and can not understand a Saint Loup. How can whitie fight the hyperethnocentric jew when he does not get simple facts? WNs run away from discussing Holocaust and its true meaning by simply hiding behind revisionism when they have Goodrich and Bacque, who document far greater atrocities! Cucks, Hitler made it clear in his speeches! Even if white man kills all js today – which he should do – that will not come close to what they did to this world.

        Instead of this slow ugly disgraceful suicide of the last 70 years, these fuckers should put a bullet to their head and finish it honorably. But they will never do it. They prefer slow death via continual adulation of Jew’s God, Mammon while their roses are fucked by niggers. So why bother with them?

      • A bullet to their head by themselves is exactly what these coward feminists ought to do. If they are not going to fight they should remove themselves from breathing Earth’s air.

  2. 1. By the way, universities are death camps. Yet only the likes of fundamentalist Wahhabis might understand such words!

    2. “Unless they’re pumping out babies to be used as cannon fodder in your race war, they’re worthless whores who may as well drop dead.”

    I’d say, he got the Darwinist side of this blog correct. Nothing’s wrong with a bit of brutal honesty. Hypocrisy is for the Christians! After all, the amazing thing is that you, CT, are not a defeatist, even though you have quite a wide view on the hopeless situation.

    3. I wonder if incels just want to fvck without responsibilities like the degenerate faggots of today, or whether they really want to create families…

    4. Do you, CT, consider appropriate the practice of “dating” as known in modern West, as opposed to the tradition of arranged marriages? Some brave souls on incels,is (formerly incels,me) do entertain views about dividing up women like communists did with property. Although it would be quite dysgenic.

    • I agree with Walsh that unless women become again breeding machines and men killing machines, the race is lost: something that idiots like Simon and millions of other feminized Britons won’t ever understand (apparently Darwin’s work was in vain in Britain!).

      In many ways people of the manosphere (incels included) are degenerates, yes. But as I have said, their degeneracy consists of not wanting to fight to transvalue values back to Austen-like mores. As to dating, you know that I am a fan of two films, which I see as how the futuristic ethnostate should be (in this sense, Spahnranch’s critique on technological society in this site was spot on):

      Sense and Sensibility (1995)
      Pride and Prejudice (2005)

      • That comment about White Men needing to become killing machines and White women needing to become birthing machines I orginally got from an excellent Twitter user named Young White Family back in 2015. I subsequently posted it on my Facebook page. All credit goes to him. I’m certain you remember him Cesar.

        It is true that if even the threat of imminent racial extinction doesn’t cause white males to become killing machines and the race to start reproducing in healthy numbers again it is over for the once mighty Aryan race. It would have gone extinct with a whimper too, not a bang (unless it unleashes weapons of mass destruction against ‘humanity’ as it vanishes from Earth. That would be going down with a fight!). An inglorious and humiliating end. A slow, lingering death.

        What the White race needs to do to survive is nothing new. Reproduction and killing is what our race has always had to do to survive, nay all species on this planet have to reproduce and kill enemy species to survive. Our ancestors had no problem doing this otherwise we wouldn’t be here today. Our forefathers were killing machines who made their women into birthing machines. My maternal grandmother was from a family of 13 children. My great-grandmother had 13 children, the oldest (my grandmother) born in 1933 and the youngest born in 1952. It is only recently that Whites have stopped having large families. But a low birth rate cannot be sustained for very long before the race begins to shrink drastically. A major advantage the non-white races have is that they breed at a much faster rate than us. This wasn’t as much of a danger before we foolishly gave them access to our medicine and subsidized their breeding. Now they have exploded in number while swamping lands formerly belonging to Whites. The vast majority of the globe now belongs to the coloured races, including large swathes of North America and Europe. If it is bad now can we imagine what it will be like if the projections for 2100 turn out to be true? When Whites are 3% of the world population and a minority in most of the countries that used to be theirs except for some in Eastern Europe. 12 billion people, a total coloured, third world shithole planet.

        If a significant number of white males cannot transvaluate their values in their own minds, break the laws of ZOG and kill their enemies we are doomed. There is no legal and peaceful solution to the survival of the white race (And this shouldn’t come as a surprise to any thinking man who has studied history. History is full of wars, revolutions and civil wars etc. History is written in blood.).

        You are right about Darwin’s work being in vain in Britain Cesar. Darwin’s theories have had a huge influence on me and many others and I consider him a great Englishman. Even the Chief Rabbi of Britain said two years ago “Europe is going to die” and that atheists had failed to learn the key lessons of Darwin’s theories. Chief Rabbi Lord sacks said “If Charles Darwin taught us anything it is judge species by their reproductive success.” No doubt he said this with glee at what had become of Aryans since the defeat of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany 73 years earlier. But even a Jew is warning Britons of their fate in one their main newspapers The Dailly Telegraph! White people can so clearly understand the operation of life in the animal world yet fail or refuse to apply the lessons they have learnt to their own species.

      • Of course I remember Young White Family (who changed his penname). With you he’s the only one I follow on Twitter, but he has been silent for a while.

  3. In the feminist mind, it’s okay to praise a woman for her beauty and fertility; and it’s okay for that woman to have sex with 20 men for fun; but it’s an existential imposition to want her to use her fertility to give her beauty to the next generation; and it’s an existential imposition to ask her to see the act of sex through to its logical conclusion of motherhood.

    Survival is paramount.

    • You nailed Simon et al…

  4. whites aren’t going anywhere w/o a leader. because…the strategy and tactics ain’t ww1 or even ww2 level stuff. crispr+cas9. do we see the overwhelming & ugly & toxic bioentities labs worldwide are creating that the fuking nih and their grossly inflated staffs & budgets are funding? the world’s swimming/ drowning in toxic nucleic acid strings. 1981 spanish flu pandemic, #2. it’s only a short bit off. certainly the litvak are talking objectives/ strategies/ tactics (ost). and their flourishing capitalisms will scoop in big advertising and entertainment and medical/ offense/ defense/ revenues that will make the hiv/ aids drama pale in comparison. w/ so much $$$ on the line and waiting to be harvested, all will forget about 9/ 11 when this bio tsunami hits worldwide w/ 1 B+ poisoned and dying. all while we discuss our wives as baby machines rather than sovereign partners in raising families outside of the system. who many white families are presently opposed to using the public education system? only a leader can set the focus by defining and publishing our focal OST’s. let’s face it. we’re presently nowhere. while yes, c.t. maintains the best focus, for the small group of outsider/ stragglers who check in here.

    • Whites are Jews, a white man is an eternal servant of Jew, he follows his Jewish religion like dog follows his master

      • Which includes white nationalist Christians and most American southern nationalists of course.

      • The eternal parasites are doing what they have always done to every nation that they have ever resided

      • Every nation has the jews it deserves. There are no nations anymore though. Only immense shopping centers.

  5. the shame is that WhitieWe (not WN but WW) permitted the Federalies (there are small groups of white sovereign communities sprinkled around the country who argue that the intended form of government is a group of sovereign states and that the Fed in Washington is rogue) to form/ fund the military industrial complex, thereby rendering the FedWho above reproach to its citizens, violating the second amendment and thereby rendering it toothless. WW lives under the law of the jungle, bully law. and as long as WW keeps upgrading his tee bee to bigger and bigger screen sizes and consuming the storyboard products produced by litvak entertainment capitalism, WW will remain neutered in making any attempt to reverse this present rogue form of government. we function as litvak slaves.

    returning to the subject of shame: some litvak mf’er group is funding the great mestizo horde caravan supposedly inexorably growing in size and resolve while inching its way slowly to the mexico/ texas border. dummy us. the participants have to eat and drink and travel. and we act as though our rogue federalies don’t know who? give me a big fukin break. WW shamed by mestizos. why has not WW formed great white hordes and mowed down everything in their paths as they moved simultaneously towards two targets: hollyworlds east and west? (oh, i forgot. WW is not approved and funded by rich bully litvak capitalists. i’ll retreat like a turtle into my shell, cause i might get hurt.)

  6. Look at the picture of him C.T linked and ask yourself if he looks like someone whose opinion on women you would trust. Does he look like someone with a lot of experince with women?

    • That was the point of linking his pic…

      • A picture is worth a thousand words…

    • lol he’s pretty ugly

  7. Since he looks like a pudgy nerd filled to the brim with estrogen linking his picture drives your point home even harder.

    • I was surprised that he added this picture to his Twitter profile.

  8. “vagina gentium” “the sheath of nations” !

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