Mere reactionaries

The fact that white nationalists and southern nationalists are voting (and that former neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer recommends voting) demonstrates that they merely are reactionaries, not revolutionaries. In a few minutes the #212 show of The Public Space will start. Election night will be the subject of that show featuring Duke, Spencer, Collett, Edwards, Striker, RamZPaul and others.

I doubt that any of them will start talking like a true revolutionary, which makes me think, Who beside me has included these folks within the NPC category? Or do you honestly believe that non-violent democracy will save the white race from the current extermination program?

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  1. Yes exactly they are reactionaries nothing more. No real will to win.

    Cesar, what are your thoughts on Varg Vikernes? Specifially what are your thoughts on his claims that a national socialist/fascist government could not work again as the world has an “immunity” against it so to speak. I think he is being premature in that judgement. Obviously at the moment it could not possibly work, but it certainly seems to have the possibility of working in the future.

    • Today’s westerners are Body-Snatched Pods, as in the old black-and-white film—times of Macarthism because there were lots of commies (but now they have become the norm).

      Varg is wrong. He doesn’t understand what I have called the happy mode (today), angry mode (after dollar crashes), combat mode (vs. hungry zombie niggers) and killing mode (hopefully before 2070, when Americans will crave to murder Uncle Sam).

      • By the way thank you for banning that hideous troll simon lol. Yes virtually every one is loss so to speak.

        Yes I’m not sure that he fully gets the opportunity that will arise. Of course it is opportunity and nothing more. But it is important that a vanguard is ready at that time. That’s what I see the mission of this site being.

      • *Everyone is a pod so to speak

      • Richard Spencer voted!

      • James Edwards voted.

      • @C.T.

        By 2070 it is possible, if present trends continue, that there will be more Hispanics than Whites in the USA. Whites will be something like 34% of the US population by then. Hopefully many more Whites will have realized the importance of racial loyalty again (i.e. returned to normal) and are thinking “Death to America!” knowing that for their race to survive in North America the foul abomination created in 1776 must die.

    • To be fair, Varg’s argument against National Socialism is deeper than just its presumed unpopularity. Varg does not wish to continue with the industrial system at all.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you on this. No voting for me today.

  3. Spencer and Ramzpaul are kikes.

    • @Denise

      You know these things for a fact how?

      This is like the hundredth time you’ve made this kind of comment.

    • @peter,
      what’s [so] wrong with simply using the duck test? (abductive reasoning?) the fuk’ers are groupies.

      • Sorry but that’s Fuzzy Logic and I’m sure Cesar would agree with me.

        Denise’s constant assertions that “X is a kike!” Are rather tedious, she conveys an unwarranted certainty as though she had psychic powers or she spotted these guys fervently praying in a synagogue…

      • PS

        I strongly suspect bill fucking gates is a jew from his appearance and certain aspects of his behaviour; but I wouldn’t assert that he was Jewish as a fact.

        I don’t have a link; but I seem to recall that somewhere on the daily stormer, Denise asserted that a certain individual was Jewish who on further evidence was identified as an individual devoid of Jewish ancestry; no one does himself any favours playing Nostradamus

    • ps,
      the us has always considered itself first and foremost an ally of the crown. and therefore an ally of israel. the holy trinity. abductive reasoning points to the likelihood of litvak infection.

      The “revolution” wasn’t a war and “we” didn’t win. It was an internal skirmish that ultimately changed nothing. Probably due to some warring factions within the Crown, and Vatican.

      treaty of 1783…KG is referred to as the “Treasurer of the United States”. Why would that specific and important wording be carefully inserted into a document of such import? Especially considering your entering into a treaty with a supposedly defeated enemy. Show me one instance in the last several thousand years of history where the victor calls the loser the treasurer of its land?

      US was never free from the Crown…the illusion was put forth to generate a vibrant population of motivated workers.

  4. Voting is not a means to save the white race, but it is a means to an end – for:

    – propaganda/mass consciousness (whether to show that voting itself changes nothing or do highlight issues or to draw attention to the deficiencies of the media, etc.);
    – accelerating or minimising conditions; and,
    -capturing the political machinery.

    • ^True, voting for the most extreme candidate possible so as to generate the most extreme swingback and increase partisan rivalries to the breaking point.

      • As regards Varg and NS. I would agree that due to energy devolution, full on industrial NatSoc will not be possible. But the principles are timeless and can still be carried out in a smaller more localized fascistic system, which could be incorporated within a larger federation/empire

      • Industrial society is going to collapse, but there is no reason why a fascist system could not function in a post industrial society, on the contrary it seems it may be a necessity.

      • @ Robert Jones

        Yes, you’re right about National Socialism. Indeed, the ultimate vision of the German National Socialists was somewhat Spartan and bucolic in the context of eastern Europe and European Russia. This is axiomatic: if you have a strong Nordic race, ultimately what you have is an anarchistic political system because, once Nordic Man is supreme globally, nobody will want or need to be governed. Of course, Hitler had a few things to say about that, but his thinking was in Darwinian terms whereas this blog seems to capture more the transcendent vision – the ‘globalism’, if you like, of National Socialism. I find it an attractive vision.

      • Andrew. I understand what you are saying and I think there is a lot of truth in it. I think it may be a while before we are at that point though. Nords and really all whites have shown plenty of spiritual immaturity and will likely need some guidance for some time. But yes I agree with you, at some point it would eventually become more anarchistic, out of a surplus of resolve, character, and spiritual strength and maturity.

      • @andrew,
        pls allow me to cop what you stated above, recasting it a bit more severely, this is axiomatic: a strong Nordic race does not want and therefore does not need to be governed.

        the mentally strong do not derive their self worth from status: i.e., the height of their column of poker chips wrt the other players’ at the gaming table.

        the mentally strong view themselves and others of their collectives as sovereign: respect the corporate by-laws of the co-op, do unto others…, respect the commons, and therefore they do not need to a governor.

        the mentally weak, however, are the opposite. they must cheat the system to survive. which defines the litvak genome. which is why the litvaks invented their god, to imagine an all-powerful entity has their backs.

        [and i speak to myself:] the mentally weak have an obligation to leave the collective and go out and die.

      • and unearned income, another litvak cheating construct, has no place in communities of sovereigns..

  5. I agree. I’m shocked people think that we can vote ourselves out of this mess.

  6. I awake to find that the GOP have lost the House. No doubt we will see the usual rationalisations on Vox Populi and Heartiste and similar sites. “3D chess goyim! 3D chess!” Much as I like those sites because their respective authors are intelligent, they are in the Trump-Fans camp and often purblind with it.

    There is no excuse for Trump. The Wall could have been built by now. He could have raised a draft to do it or mobilised the relevant National Guard, or both. Now the Wall will almost-certainly not be built because its actuation depended entirely on political will. Trump does have the unilateral executive authority to build such a Wall, but he won’t.

    I also find that the migrant caravan is being allowed through the southern border. They are trickling the migrants through, in the hope it’s not noticed.

    Furthermore, Trump is playing the neocon card against Iran.

    Trump could have WON these Midterms for the Republicans. He could have done it with a populist agenda; instead he reverts to the classic GOP agenda rooted in Establishment interests, for which ordinary white Americans have no care. Of course, some blame also attaches to white Americans who, it seems, can’t vote their way out of a paper bag. What was that phrase of Gore Vidal’s? The United States of Amnesia.

    I still maintain that voting is an important Achilles’ heel in the system and part of our armoury, but I am now done with any aid, support or assistance to the main parties of any country – whether moral or practical.

    Certainly here in Britain the main parties – including UKIP – need to be brought down if there is to be any change at all through the political system, albeit such change can only be limited.

  7. César, a topic I would like to discuss/see covered here is the ‘torture of inaction’. I have waited years and years and still see no progress. I would rather go down fighting, standing on my own feet, than submit like this.

    • Inaction is a torture. When I was in Britain on my last trip I asked the BNP guys if they had a house in the UK. They told me they had none and I was shocked.

      Golden Dawn has a house in Greece but apparently, Britons don’t even have a permanent place to meet each other.

      How is it possible that no wealthy Brit has opened a house for dissidents in the UK? This is a huge character problem, and it is the sort of thing that makes me see people like NPCs.

      • Basic problem with the BNP was its inability to professionalise and bureaucratise.

        Yes, lack of overall strategy for authentic British ethno-nationalism is a problem. The only person who seems to have a strategy is Joe Owens, and his leanings seem to be more along civic patriotic lines.

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