David Duke’s impassioned speech yesterday

In my yesterday’s post I embedded this YouTube clip featuring notable pro-whites discussing the Midterms. I watched most of it and it was fun, especially when James Edwards proposed that Richard Spencer ran for president with him, and Spencer agreed.

Those who have not heard about the Jewish Question should listen to David Duke’s impassioned speech during the show (it is a 6-hour show so you can skip the rest).

Unlike the others, Duke is right that we must constantly name the enemy (toxic Jewish influence in the West). He said ‘This is the fundamental issue why we are in this position’. He also said ‘I am Christian’. But as a Christian, he completely omits a fact that non-Christians like Tom Sunic can see: that the sort of Puritanical Christianity that conquered the northeastern part of the American continent, together with their Mammon worship, was sympathetic to Jewish takeover.

Duke also said, ‘Only when (((they))) are defeated are we able to make the gains that we have to save our people’. But perhaps having in mind the recent Pittsburgh massacre he added that this sort of action ‘is evil or wrong’. As a good Christian, he also said on this topic, ‘…hurt all Jews—I don’t believe we have to hurt anybody’. Later he said, ‘All [races and cultures] have the rights to create their own society’ and by the end of the show Duke recommended pro-whites to do something inside the Republican Party.

Although I liked Duke’s interventions the most compared with the other voices on yesterday’s show, the difference between he and Hitler cannot be more conspicuous. I recommend those who want to see how should a real white advocate think to become familiar with Hitler’s table talk on Christianity.

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  1. I must return to what you said yesterday about “mudbloods”.

    Dr Duke is physically an exemplar of the Nordic Man, but he clings to neo-Christian morality. I have heard all this twaddle from him before – he has said stuff like this for years and years – so I am assuming he is sincere in his utterances.

    Those of us who are less-than-pure – I am half-Nordic, half-Celtic, for instance, and look like a classic Celt – see Dr Duke’s error and understand why the error is made and what is its extent.

    For the good of everybody, the pure bloods need to be saved – from themselves. With few exceptions, they don’t appear to grasp the situation, or when they do at some level, their alien moral programming acts as a block to fuller understanding. If this morality were just the manifestation of a self-conscious and self-serving lie, that would be a one thing, and it would be a clever thing, but in this case the morality is an auto-ethnocidal pathology.

    • You nailed Duke.

      In fact, it is precisely because I am a mudblood why, unlike Duke, I don’t ‘obey the Jew’ as Duke unconsciously does (Christian love, inspired by Jesus—the Big Jew—is murdering the white race: the subtitle of this site).

      Many Spaniards are also mudbloods. I don’t know if the Spaniard Evropa Soberana is a mud or not (he might be completely white), but he nailed Nordics like Duke in one of the most important PDFs in this site:

      Psychology, idiosyncrasy and racial character [of the White Nordid]: Love for honour, attachment to order, respect for authority and seniority; warlike and military vocation, courage, altruism, loyalty, racism, heroism, self- control, discipline. Intelligence, thoughtfulness. Highly developed willpower, leaning to sports training. Eagerness to explore.

      Also innocent, unable to cheat and useless in diplomacy. This race is not shrewd not because it lacks intelligence but due to an “angelical” way of understanding the world [my emphasis, and Duke looked like an angel as a teen]. This makes them vulnerable in a degraded and debased modern society, so that darker and more primitive racial types tend to take advantage of them. This race represents the myth of the unworried and trusting Siegfried and the “stab on the back” archetype.

      Yes, and naïve Siegfrieds like Duke could be stabbed even when he comes to the country where I was born, since the nationalist Mexicans failed to tell Duke the whole truth about their ideology!

    • Sometimes I think Dr. Duke is given a little media leeway simply because he promotes Xtianity.
      Broadcasting an anti-Semitic narrative is fine as long as it’s tinged with the White-Genocide malware, it seems.

  2. one of the varied reasons churchs exist is the [fake] expectation of safety by common values. and hence the insanity of cognitive dissonance that accepters of such nonsense add to their daily lives: forever trying to reconcile opposites: “Why don’t these two mix, water and oil, dammit?” or “white and black?” or “good and evil?”

    what would life be like if the maker of earth had taken the autonomic fight or flight response to a further level of refinement, adding decoding of predator intent, and providing an offensive response that temporarily inflicted such great intense pain to the predator as to immobilize him. beings would very quickly learn not to entertain evil intent, ever. let’s imagine this physical response the opposite of the intense and momentary pleasure of orgasm; 10x the intensity, 10x longer, and 10x in physical discomfort and pain. all sentient beings would quickly learn to respect sovereignty and its boundaries.

    i can only conclude we sentient beings were intended to wage individual war, for as long as the planet earth and we exist. we were intended to take the fight into our own hands and personally inflict this intense pain that is the opposite of orgasm. as the logical and natural extrapolation fo the autonomic fight response.

    and goddamn us for having chosen to entrust that power to “government.” to have invented the better solution of having “those in authority rule over the masses.” government: as utterly nonsensical a concept as religion. individuals must not lose sovereign control of their own lives. accepting others — those in authority — to define civil rule of law, a police force to enforce obedience to civil law, and a court system to serve justice to offenders. fuk the stupidity of such idiocy. we deserve all the shit that’s come back at us for having given away our sovereignty. (and then we’re told by the high priests that king solomon, the world’s greatest kleptocrat and cruelest ruler — if the fuk’er ever existed in the first place — is the wisest man that ever lived!!! i want to cut myself with razor blades. to distract my mind from such gross disrespect and abuse of sentient self.)

    each of us must privately, on our own, hidden from others, learn such offensive skill sets and the corollary execution of justice. and i’d guess these skill sets are not universal, instead being highly personal: what works for me and the justice i serve cannot be expected to work for you, nor can my justice be recognized as such by you. sovereignty.

    oh how calamity abounds. or rather, oh how peace abounds.

  3. From Leftists. However, it proves that any kind of even implicit governance that is in the interest of White America will be demonised as “bestial” by our enemies. You might as well go full Nazi. If you are white, and wish to remain so in a majority white nation, you will be demonised as such any way.

    Nairn praises republicans putting party politics before the folk; the citizens of the nation.

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