Internalize Yahweh, not Jesus

Yesterday, a good German took issue with my philosophy of hate with these words:

Please bear in mind, however, that hate blinds one to the laws of the divine… [It] will most likely cause the downfall of everything (that is why no noble Greek or German has ever advocated it)…

I responded that demonising hatred is a Judeo-Christian trick to prevent whites from fighting. In our Christian era, only the god of the Jews is allowed to hate to the point of exterminating non-Hebrews (the books attributed to Moses).

On the other hand, Christians and non-Christian whites have internalised the ethic to love our enemies. Even white nationalists such as David Duke have internalised it, as we saw in our Wednesday post. In order to beat Yahweh’s children, shouldn’t it be wise to transvalue our Christian values?

In another thread another commenter quoted yesterday some words from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice: ‘If a Jew wrong a Christian, what is his humility? Revenge. If a Christian wrong a Jew, what should his sufferance be by Christian example? Why, revenge. The villainy you teach me I will execute, and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction’.

Better the villainy instruction! Internalising their Yahweh in the Aryan psyche will certainly be handy in the Day of the Rope… When will white nationalists stop obeying the god of the Jews, that commands Jews to hate and Christians to love?

Remember, love is murdering the white race.


  1. glad to have you on the “front lines,” c.t.

    xtians [don’t] understand hate like they [don’t] understand death. like they [don’t] respect nature.

    • Just curious. Why you never use capital letters?

      • hitting the shift key both slows down my typing speed and increases typos. (for some reason, perhaps multiple concussions in childhood, i’ve not succeeded in making typing a reflexive action.) hence, this lack of reflexive speed hampered my coding productivity as a software developer, where keyboard skills are as important as math and logic skills.

      • I suspect visitors would pay much more attention to your comments if you start using capitals.

  2. xtianity relegates any logos (discussion) of both subjects, hate & death, to the “authority” of their trinity of jew gods. thereby neutering their ability to engage in and experience the fullness that is life. in sovereignty, each being owns the resources nature endows them with. so that each vibrates in the ebb and flow of living — as in frequencies of the flows of energies — experiencing what it is and means and feels to activate the construct of choice. making and owning choices is the heartbeat of life. (and what the idiot bible neuters by casting choice in the context of sin — whatever they mean by that!? — relabeling it free will (only in the bell jar existence of two choices: choose to obey or disobey the holy trinity — que: laugh, choke, cry, cut) — and, again, whatever the hell they mean by that term!?. (xtianity was never any good at defining terms. likely contributing to so much infighting amongst the believers.)

    • Aryans have no problem with hatred, just see the contempt that americans especially of liberal feel towards lower races, they do exhibit superficial love of course.

      Their love for Jew is actually love for mammon, even faust is willing to sell his soul to Mephisto

  3. Hate is better.

    Contempt is an evaluation based on arbitrary standards, which could change or be subject to debate. Contempt also does not imply action.

    Hate is visceral and inherently irreasoned. It does not require contempt, and may even be more powerful without the reasonable basis it can provide. Hate is the point when whites are beyond debate and simply act on their man-animal instincts to kill all competing populations. Unlike contempt, hate implies motivation.

    Also, I would dispute the assertion that contempt is what is left when hate abates. This implies a cycle of defeat and the possibility that the existential situation of whites will then be obedience to the Other, a typical manifestation from contempt.

    Hate does need to abate, but if hate is to be effective and lead to white victory, then what shall remain purely is love: for oneself, one’s family and one’s own kind. True love is obedience to duty and to a Natural Order, not to the false values of the Other. In a sense, it is not love that is killing the white race, but the absence of love in a meaningful sense. We have been stripped of our essential humanity. Whether I am contemptuous towards the people who have, variously, created and condoned these arrangements is quite beside the point. I hate them and I want to kill them.

    • Very good and insightful post Andrew.

    • > “In a sense, it is not love that is killing the white race, but the absence of love in a meaningful sense.”

      The subtitle does not allow me to add many words. Of course I mean something like “out-group, Xtian love is murdering whites”.

      • Yes, and come to think of it, the word ‘love’ itself is really a metaphor for something else, which (for now) I will call pride. What we are at root missing is what the Greeks called thymos, or tribal spirit and pridefulness, and the rage that comes from this when external existential threats are identified, as well as the hate that must result from this rage.

        Thymos is the fundamental drive. Hate is a mere manifestation of thymos, and could even be considered the least of what is needed, but you rightly and accurately note its conspicuous absence. It is the thing that is most notably reversed if our values are to be re-valued along natural thymotic lines.

    • An anglo hates everything except money,mammon and Jew.

      • This is quite a trolling comment from you considering the other threads.

      • @ Devan

        Who are these ‘Anglos’? What does the word ‘Anglo’ even mean? It’s just a pseudo-intellectual term used by ignorant fools like you. There is no such thing as ‘Anglos’.

        As to what you, in your small ignorant mind, think the term signifies, well the same criticism could be made of practically any white ethnicity – and certainly the Germans of the 20th. century, both West and East, who practically got down on all fours before the Jew.

        Really, your comment about ‘Anglos’ is just a commentary on an overly-materialistic society. If we’re going down that route, then we shouldn’t fail to mention the Dutch, who invented financial capitalism in the first place and then exported it to England when they invaded in 1688. And why not also include the Swedes, who contrary to popular perception, were among the most cruel and rapacious capitalists of the modern era.

        Maybe in your future rants, you should say ‘Anglos, Dutch, Swedes and Germans’? Or for brevity – ‘Nordics’.

        @ César

        You keep saying how much you admire English women as the crowns of Nature, but English women are not possible without English men and Englishness. I don’t understand the paradox in allowing these comments.

      • Devan has been warned.

        @ Devan,

        Many of today’s Germans also love money, Mammon, and Jew. So don’t cast aspersions here.

  4. Aryans are mentally enslaved by Judeo-Christian slave morality. It was an amazing spectacle after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting to witness White Nationalists pitying dead old Jews. Can you imagine Jews pitying dead old Whites, or any dead goyim? Just what does it take to get white males to hate their enemies and desire to exterminate them? We’ve had the Judeo-Christian Holocaust of Pagan Europe, the Communist genocides including the Holodomor, the genocide of National Socialist Germany, millions of Whites dying in two Jewish-instigated World Wars and a constant cold genocide of Whites since 1945 with a steadily increaing tempo of murders, torture and rape committed against Whites by coloured savages in Rhodesia, South Africa, North America, Europe etc. Yet Whites still don’t truly hate their enemies nor do they desire to kill their enemies. Many WN will acknowledge we are in a war with the Jews but fear taking the obvious action that one takes towards one’s enemies in a war and actually kill them. Jews hate Whites, they have been in a three millennia long war with Whites and they aim to genocide Whites yet WN and the (((Alt-Right))) propose letting Jews survive and even giving them their own ethnostate in Israel! Would the Jews ever let Whites survive and give us our own racial state? No, it would never happen. No wonder Jews are winning.

    You are right Cesar, love is murdering the white race. Whites want to treat their enemies with kid gloves. They expect their race can survive without harming a hair on their enemies heads. It was the same with the Dylann Roof shooting. Despite Blacks committing countless crimes against Whites in America ALONE since the early 1960’s even WN were crying over old dead Black ladies. Do Blacks in America lose any sleep at night over the many old white people killed by members of their race? No. Jews, Blacks, Muslims etc. can commit endless amounts of crimes against Whites and Whites won’t hate them for it. Even WN view killing Jews and Blacks as ‘evil’. Before our race suddenly degenerated in 1945 Whites carried out swift retaliation against their enemies when they screwed with Whites. They lived by the law of retaliation, “eye for an eye” like all viable races on Earth still do.

    It is my hope that this mental infection that afflicts Whites is only temporary because if it isn’t our race has become too degenerate to survive.

    Abandon Jesus Christ the son of God. Embrace Adolf Hitler The Anti-Christ, the son of Satan haha (Satan means ‘Enemy’ in Hebrew as in adversary of Yahweh). National Socialism is the polar opposite of Christianity.

    • Duke is a perfect paradigm of WN. So Jew-wise but he said this week, “I don’t believe we have to hurt anybody”, and instead of the Turner Diaries he advised activism in the Republican party.

      Those who hated me for my “anti-monocausal” POV never really understood what I was trying to say: That precisely because of their peculiar ethics WNsts are not really defending themselves.

      One thing is the JQ and another the CQ (“don’t hurt anybody”). Surely it takes two to tango. Jew-wise WNsts are altogether blind of the other 50% of the problem.

    • this instance i label myself a satanist. whoda ever thought. seriously. thx, mr. walsh.

    • You put too much onus on christianity friend, yes its a decadent slave religion, but i suggest you to live the experience of rich or upper middle class elite, i rub shoulders with them daily in my office.

      I can tell you for you, nothing has changed in their psyche, in fact i am always concerned if these people will react negatively towards my opinions.

      I believe too much comfort,modernity and much relaxed life has made them cucks.

    • If you want the survival of european cultures and people, you should pray to the god of your choice daily for an economic collapse and recession.

      Nothing is more better than economic collapse , the semitic parasites who arrived as rapefugees will show their true colors once welfare runs out, and this is exactly what you need.A real hard economic collapse is needed my friend to restore balance.

      Much of the world is in economic bubble, my fear is that (((they))) will continue popping up this system with debt and turd world rapefugees.

  5. You know, this passage reminds me of a speech given by a general in Rome:total war
    “So, bite the shield rim, grasp the spear, scream your hate!”
    One needn’t look far to see that Pre-Christian Aryans were incredibly violent and could and would kill indiscriminately if given the chance.
    Christianity neutered every people it came into contact with, and unless it is cast off, never again will Aryans be able to fight with the tenacity which the berserks did.

  6. Today I have been heavily listening to this piece:

    I feel it’s the most profound expression of the state of the white race nowadays. Maybe it will hit you too.

  7. When you forbid your enemy to hate,
    you’ve disarmed him.

    • I am afraid that the good German who took issue with me is, ultimately, obeying what the Big Jew commanded in the gospel.

      • All the different ethnicities of Whites have their own particular characteristics. One of the characteristics of Germans is that they usually tend to the extremes. At the moment Germans are tending toward the Cuck end of the spectrum, but they can flip and go to the other extreme quickly. When or what will trigger a shift is anyone’s guess, but when it does happen it’ll look like a sudden dramatic shift from the outside.

      • My hunch says that you are right.

  8. Do you really think you can win a psychological war by resorting to physical force? That’s what (((they))) want you to do.

    • It depends on the tactics used.

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