Darkening Age, 15

In chapter eight of The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World, Catherine Nixey wrote:
Statues, the very seat of the demons themselves, suffered some of the most vicious attacks. It was not enough merely to take a statue down; the demon within it had to be humiliated, disgraced, tortured, dismembered and thus neutralized.

A Jewish tractate known as the Avodah Zarah provided detailed instructions on how to properly mistreat a statue. One can desecrate a statue, it advised, by ‘cutting off the tip of its ear or nose or finger, by battering it—even although its bulk be not diminished—it is desecrated’. Merely taking the statue down, or spitting at it, or dragging it about, or throwing dirt upon it, was not, the treatise warned, sufficient—though the resourceful Christian might indulge in all of these as an added humiliation to the demon within.

Sometimes, as was the case with the bust of Aphrodite in Athens, the statues appear to have been ‘baptized’, with deep crosses gouged on their foreheads. If this was a ‘baptism’ then it may have helped not only to neutralize the devil within, but also to vanquish any more personal demons that could arise when looking at such beautiful naked figures. A naked statue of Aphrodite was, wrote one Christian historian in disgust, ‘more shameless than that of any prostitute standing in front of a brothel’—and, like a prostitute, Aphrodite and her plump bottom and naked breasts might incite the demon of lust in the viewer.

Far less easy to feel desire for a statue who has had a cross gouged in her head, her eyes blinded and her nose sliced from her face. Erotically appealing statues suffered more than chastely clothed ones. We can still see the consequences of this rhetoric. Today, a once-handsome Apollo missing a nose stands in this museum; a statue of Venus that stood in a bathhouse has had her nipples and mons pubis chiselled away; a statue of Dionysus has had his nose mutilated and his genitalia removed.


  1. “A Jewish tractate known as the Avodah Zarah provided detailed instructions on how to…”

    Stefan Molyneaux has not responded to JFG’s challenge about his Jewish heritage. That’s easy to see. But what about my own challenge to pro-white Americans, to explain how can they reconcile their Aryan activism with their worship of the god of the Jews?

    My guess is that neither Molyneaux nor them (e.g., Wallace) will ever address the POV of this site.

    • Putting aside for the moment the probable fact that he is a Jew, Molyneux fundamentally still clings to NAP principles, despite his soft identitarian conversion. NAP of course involves a dogmatic respect for private property in a way that negates racial action; furthermore, it is axiologically Christian.

      Wallace I have some respect for as a tactician. His posts on street activism are enlightening, but that’s about the limit of his usefulness, in my view. Obviously there is also the glaring contradiction you highlight. As I see it, the problem with most Southern Nationalists is that they are white supremacists who want segregation. It’s not difficult to see the flaw in that thinking or the Christian roots of it – you will be aware of the supercilious attitude that underpins the Nazarene ethic. It seems to me that at the root of Southern Nationalism and Neo-Confederate thinking is a deontological fallacy: it is true that Lincoln wanted to free the slaves, but he also wanted to deport them back to western Africa, whereas the Confederates for the time being wanted to keep the blacks among them, not just (or at all) as essential to agriculture, but as cultural relics of an age that was already bygone and anachronistic even in the antebellum.

      • I would go far beyond than that.

        (((Moly))), Wallace et al just cannot think outside the box. Darwin himself was a kind of exterminationist long before Pierce’s novel.

        For Wallace and other Christians, that would be utterly unthinkable.


        What’s “NAP”?

  2. Non-aggression principle.

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