JFG – a stepping-stone

Recently I have been linking to some videos of Jean-Francois Gariépy. But tonight I corroborate what I have said before: that the guy is a perfect example of a decadent westerner.

In minute 46 of his most recent video he said, ‘We don’t know what the original Greeks were genetically’ referring to the Greeks that built the great ancient civilisation. This is one of the problems with those decadent westerners of today. Like JFG, they have a pretty good grasp of science but are pathetically ignorant about the arts and the humanities (the ancient Greeks came from Nordic whites).

To boot, about ten minutes later JFG said he would not condemn the behaviour of those white girls who appear in porn movies having sex with blacks. When a YouTube commenter asked why, JFG responded, ‘I am a moral nihilist’.

Just compare this decadent vlogger with what Pierce thought about that sort of behaviour, not only philosophically but also from a healthy, vindictive POV.

JFG is a mere stepping-stone across a dangerous river. Once you reach the other side of the psychological Rubicon, the land where Pierce tried to build something in America, the stones should be seen as an obsolete, transient past.

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  1. Anyone who is willing to give up their women under any circumstances is, by default, a racial enemy.

    • Absolutely.

      And I still find irritating that this Quebequian shows the American flag behind his back.

      One of the commenters at JFG’s channel said, “America is now Mordor, gathering all third world evil into it as the [California] fires rage. And always the all-seeing eye”.

      • I recall seeing the LOTR trilogy with a friend of mine, and even as a child drawing comparisons between Mordor and my own United States.
        At the time, it was a somewhat painful experience as I was still nominally nationalistic, though it certainly helped me cross the proverbial rubicon.

  2. I know from watching comments of JFG buried in his back catalogue that he is Jew-aware, and even dislikes Jews, but I won’t link to it or reference the source here as I don’t want to cause problems for him. I’m unclear what he knows beyond that.

    To be honest, I don’t pay much attention to him as I don’t have time to watch these lengthy ‘talkie’ videos, most of which cover ground I am already familiar with.

    Regarding his decadence, all I will say is that this is what happens when reliance is placed on enemy platforms. You end up drifting into an ethical framework set by the enemy because you are working within the enemy’s financial ecosystem. The answer is operative independence for conscious whites at the individual and family level. National Socialists are supposed to be ‘strong and independent’ anyway (to coin a feminism), so practice it.

    Learn a trade or profession that allows you to earn a living independently of the state, employers and regulators. Blue collar trades are best for this and can be quite lucrative, but some white collar professions can allow this sort of autonomy as well.

    JFG hasn’t done this. He is an academic, so he is totally reliant on the enemy system in the first place. He broadcasts from an enemy platform, so he has to mouth their broad ideas, and will over time come to co-opt them as his own without realising it. He is marinated in this sick system.

    Some of us also need to learn the relevant programming skills to build our own platforms, ideally ones that can interact with mainstream social media so that we can straggle both worlds and influence normative people to cross over into ours. Gab is a good example of what is possible – it can be used interactively with Twitter. But where Gabs falls down is at the domain level: it needs to be fully independent, a virtual island in effect, so that it can’t be subverted by the enemy at all. That brings us into all kinds of complex issues to do with politics, real estate, international law and internet regulation, but a solution is possible.

    • Enemy platforms aside, JFG is a degenerate.

      • How anybody can make boasts like that is beyond me. No further comment. Comment is superfluous at this point, I suppose.

  3. If one is a White Man and the thought of a Nigger (the lowest form of life that has ever existed on this planet) sleeping with a white woman doesn’t fill you with a deep and instinctual feeling of disgust then you are either lying, mentally ill, brainwashed, or The Enemy.

    • Ditto.

  4. I don’t know how you can stomach listening to that french-canadian bastard. He makes me sick. Apparently he has also bragged about his sexual escapades in the past including sleeping with an underage mexican girl. Him admitting to being a “moral nihilist” should come as no surprise. I don’t see him as a stepping stone at all. He is just milking money from alt-right retards.

    • Stepping stone for normies, not for us.

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