Post-1950s décadents

In yesterday’s interview of Richard Spencer by JFG the audience asked Spencer, ‘Name some red-pill kids movies’ and Spencer mentioned a silly Disney film produced after the Jews had acquired Walt’s company.

Spencer’s response corroborated my observation that some pro-white Americans younger than me are alienated from their heritage. I watched many healthy American films on the big screen in the 1960s. They have not because they were not born.

As to the seventh art JFG is worse than Spencer. In other podcasts he reviewed The Godfather (filmed in 1972, the decade when the healthy movies fell out of fashion). Although I have not watched that JFG video, I doubt he said something akin to what I said about the Sicilian scum that plagued Nordish America. JFG and many white nationalists are also fans of a degenerate movie. In a 2012 a post I said:

Last January, in his [Counter-Currents] review of Fight Club Costello wanted us to believe that a film that starts with rock music, based upon a nihilistic novel authored by a homosexual author, Chuck Palahniuk, when properly interpreted it deals with rebellious, healthy fascist moods that could lead our young toward masculine identity.

The post got 41 comments and it still shocks me that people in the Alt-Right love this 1999 Hollywood trash produced by the subversive tribe. But as I said yesterday JFG is a degenerate.

As to Spencer, instead of recommending a movie filmed after the Jewish takeover of the Disney company, he could have recommended a healthy film for kids when Walt was still with us. (I remember so well the day Walt Disney died: precisely I went with my little sisters and cousins to watch a movie for kids when my blond cousin gave me the bad news.) A non-décadent man could have recommended Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, where the beauty of the white Aryan woman is introduced to a very young public with the music of Tchaikovsky and the background pictorial art of Eyvind Earle.

If I was asked which non-animated movie conveyed an inspiring message for American kids, I would have recommended Shane, also filmed in the 1950s. As an old reviewer put it, ‘it also contains a very wonderful understanding of the spirit of a little boy amid all the tensions and excitements and adventures of a frontier home’.

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  1. I watch ‘The Sound of Music’ once per year, even though it’s anti-Nazi propaganda. Julie Andrews’ singing and smiling; having a picnic with seven White kids in the Austrian Alps, that’s very soul-healing.

    I’d like to know your opinion on a movie that influenced me a lot as a child – The Terminator (1984).

    It was based on a story by a kike (Harlan Ellison) which has a central Xtian theme of Messianism in the form of John Connor (JC).
    It’s very Jewish in that sense. It also has feminist tones, with Sarah Connor as the SSM (Strong Single-Mother)
    However, I like to view the fight between the Terminator and the Soldier-Father as a two parallel forces against degeneracy.

    The Terminator wants to kill Sarah, the Thot (she’s portrayed as a in the movie as a typical Valley Girl) which is a very Semitic attitude.
    Reese wants to de-Thotify Sarah, by ‘Stockholm-Syndroming’ her – similar to a what a KD Rebel would do.

    How inspiring do you think T1 (not T2) is to a young White?

    • I watch ‘The Sound of Music’ once per year, even though it’s anti-Nazi propaganda. Julie Andrews’ singing and smiling; having a picnic with seven White kids in the Austrian Alps, that’s very soul-healing.

      Exactly, exactly my feelings! And I would add that the Laendler dance between Julie and Christopher is so inspiring that makes me want to dance! (I never dance of course with today’s degenerate music).

      The first two Terminator films were not bad from a strictly cinematic POV, but I fail to extract any healthy message for the Aryan psyche. (Of the science-fiction genre, I only know a couple of novels by Clarke that might be interpreted as inspiring messages for whites.)

      I didn’t know that Ellison was a kike. His sci-fi tale I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream impressed me a lot when I was a kid.

  2. Best red-pill kids (which I translate as ‘aspiring souls’) films: The Devil Probably(1977), A Brighter Summer Day(1991), Mahjong(1996), Millennium Mambo(2001), My Little Loves(1974), Four Nights of a Dreamer(1971), A Gentle Woman(1969), Badlands(1973), Dust in the Wind(1986), Turumba(1981), Manuel on the Island of Wonders(1984), PlayTime(1967), Dangerous Encounters of the First Kind(1980), Round the Moons Between Earth and Sea(1997), films of Guy Gilles and others. Of course, such films will never be seen by these lazy bastards.

    Señor Cesar, how come you have expectations – even moderate ones – from these people(AltR, WNs etc.) when time showed that the best of the best, the HIAG, couldn’t do anything to change the course of this world, when true heroes like Werner Mölders, Jochen Peiper, Kurt Meyer and a thousand others are removed from German History.

    These ‘post-1950 décadents’ are nothing compared to a Guy Sajer. I think they are worse than jews.

    • I have not watched the films of your list, but if they were produced by Jews I very much doubt they contain good messages.

      • They are all top films – jew-free- and some (The Devil Probably and A Brighter Summer Day) in top 15 films ever made.

        I consider The Devil Probably the most important film of all time. I would like to know your thoughts on it some day.

      • How can such a film be inspiring??

      • You take a 2 minute cut from it, it’s like I take 1 page from Shakespeare. Don’t be superficial. Watch the film and then we can talk.

      • Maybe I watched it in the 1970s. I know of no inspiring French film except an old version of Les Misérables.

      • Strange thing to say given that Robert Bresson is most likely the greateat artist of the 20th century.

      • I am sure that if I watched some films by him now I wouldn’t detect any pro-Aryan, artistic or inspiring message not only for kids but for adults alike (are you the same guy who recently recommended a metal music piece to me?).

      • But have you watched any film from him!? Yes, I’ve recommended you Fanisk’s Noontide, it is the best metal album of all time and far superior to most works from a Strauss; it is true Waffen-SS(!) music with purpose and austere in ethos. Hating on a genre due to aesthetic is hipsterism 101, quality is to be found everywhere if you seek. Aesthetism is not ‘elitism’, only bigotry – you become a jew. Only philosopical truth matters i.e. monumentality.

        Believe me, when it comes to pro-Aryan art(can there be any other art???) my tastes have been constantly refined in most mediums.

      • Maybe you should be commenting in JFG’s public space instead of WDH.

      • You are such a troll I swear your unconscious loves Winston Churchill.

      • Find me a credible source demonstrating that metal music was a ‘true Waffen-SS’ music in Himmler’s organization. Otherwise, please go to The Public Space.

      • No, not “metal music”, but Fanisk’s Noontide.

        “What today can prove if one be of value or not? – that he is steadfast.” – Friedrich Nietzsche, The Will to Power

        This quote encapsulates the spirit of the SS, which is also the spirit of the aforementioned album.

  3. Millenials, even pro-White ones, have a very fuzzy understanding of history. They don’t seem to know or care what happened before they were born. And even those who claim to yearn for a more wholesome popular culture can’t really appreciate it as they are too devoted to being edgy and hip to really understand and appreciate it. They are, as you say, degenerates. They cannot recapture a lost innocence they never had because popular culture when they were children was already corrupted beyond redemption, and it is only a matter of degree that it is not as bad as that of today.

    • You nailed them.

  4. Ironically, the pictures admired for their wholesomeness by former (and anti-) Catholic C.T. were made under the aegis of the Catholic inspired Hollywood production code which lasted until the middle nineteen sixties, with the holocaust picture The Pawnbroker commonly seen as its death-knell.

    • I am aware of that. Christianity today has good values: family, anti-sexual ‘liberation’, etc. I even love those Xtians who hate rock music. My views about the religion of my ancestors are not black and white.

      • C.T. must have rooted for John Lithgow in Footloose.

      • That’s a Jew film, right? Are you familiar with my old articles about degenerate music in this site?

      • I’ve read quite a bit of this site. I should have added that C.T. would of course turn the sound off during the musical numbers. All Hollywood pictures are jewish no?

      • What do you mean? Do you believe that rock has been good for the Aryan psyche since the 1960s?

      • It has certainly had detrimental effects.

      • The “good values” you speak of among Christianity root in either the Torah or non-Christian sources (namely the Roman’s martial virtue).

      • Which is something that Occidental Dissent’s Hunter Wallace refuses to acknowledge. He speaks of such such virtues as originating from the religion of their parents, which is blatantly untrue.

        But what I find most disturbing is that Wallace and the rest of pro-white Christians refuse, as Molyneux refuses, to pick up the white glove and say something germane about the challenge.

  5. I haven’t seen all these but “Yggdrasil” is a very famous early “WN” web writer so I will vouch for them.

    for Teen Classics by “Yggdrasil”
    October Sky **
    Anne of Green Gables **
    Anne of Avonlea **
    The Man in the Moon – Reese Witherspoon **
    Sixteen Candles
    American Grafitti
    Almost Famous
    Risky Business

    for children by “delphic’
    Dr. Doolittle
    Mary Poppins (Disney)
    peter pan (disney)
    Snow White (disney)
    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (universal)
    National Velvet (elizabeth taylor)

    • I still remember the song of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, that I saw at ten…

    • American Graffiti has American teenagers grooving to early rock n’ roll. One of the characters tries to meet the famous d.j. at his radio station out of his obsession.

      Risky Business has young Tom Cruise open a brothel in his middle-class parents’ suburban home with a prostitute played by Rebecca deMornay. Quite seedy.

      has sinisterand perverse German villains.

      • In Graffiti, the young hero, Curt (((Richard Dreyfus))), develops an immediate sexual obsession with a shiksa blonde he only sees once, driving past him at the wheel of a red T-bird. He pursues this anonymous goddess and visits the radio station to get the d.j. to play a dedication to her on air and a request for to meet him. All the teenagers listen to Howling Jack and his rock music show.

    • Chitty chitty has the sexually weird German villains who abduct the children. Counter-currents recent article about the book stated this pair were created for the picture. Fleming’s story had French gangsters.

      • Teenagers can handle some challenging themes – small glimpses of degeneracy if shown to have consequences. “Risky Business” is a risque addition to the list but it shows Tom Cruise’s obsession with money and status and attempt at pleasure seeking to have bad consequences, and he learns.

        Just as young kids can handle some dangerous characters like the big red wolf that kill and eat people.

        Unfortunately Yggdrasils site seems to have disappeared from the internet. He wrote some seminal web papers on how the jewish aesthetic can never overcome the innate aryan sensibility.

      • C.T. may find the insult given to Germans by Chitty repellent. The picture was released in 1968, the fiftieth anniversary of the 1918 armistice, later recast as Germany’s defeat, and two years after England’s victory over West Germany at the World Cup, which caused a rebirth of anti-German English jingoism.

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