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The comments thread of ‘Post-1950s décadents’ inspired me to add this entry.

Given that the vast majority of films have been produced by companies run by Jews, at first glance it is inexplicable that white nationalists, and Alt-Right people who are aware of the JQ, watch those movies and even like them. The mystery is solved when we realise that even the pro-whites of our time clearly maintain suicidal features, as I have said so many times.

A month ago, in ‘The Last Jedi’ I said that it is time for introspection to fulfil the mandate of the Oracle of Delphi. But it is obvious that these people are not very interested in introspection by the reading of the ‘first Jedi texts’ so to speak. On the contrary: if one visits most of their sites, we see that they spend much time on the news of the day: the opposite of what an initiate would do.

But going back to the cinema and the non-initiate world. In ‘Post-1950s décadents’ I talked a little about the movie Shane, a classic of the Western genre. It makes me want to see the film again and offer my comments not only about it, but also about other of the few movies that are worth watching.

If white nationalists were not décadents, they would like no film that features any non-white as a hero or ‘good guy’ of the movie. They would not even recommend ‘good’ films like The Godfather for reasons explained, e.g., here.

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  1. “It is the church, and not its poison, that repels us.— Apart from the church, we, too, love the poison.—”
    – Genealogy of Morals, first essay, section 9, Nietzsche

  2. as part of a family get-together, i found myself in the living room veterans day eve watching Guns of Navarone, a 1961 block buster scripted/ produced by the jew carl foreman. pls forgive my low-life expression of utter revulsion.
    – juvenile fantasy grade shit
    – several late-frorties men, chain smoking, not at all phyically conditioned for the battle, are scaling/ climbing the vertical rock wall to island fortess the germans have established. sure. right. i was ready to get up and leave right at the start.
    -all the chain smoking meant hollywood was in bed with the tobacco industry to markget cigs to the boomers and their parents. hey, want does one expect of fuking litvak capitalists? and whitie, in mass, is dumb enough to get sucked in by these nonsensical “lifestyle marketing” methods. and wreck his health because “hey man, i want to look like gregory peck.” and whitie still buys the “lifestyle marketing” products.
    -the standard “make germans look dumb” propanganda. 5 old fart whities are going to use juvenile fakery schemes, always out-numbered ten-to-1 by german troops and take the german bastions. and kill every german defending theses bastions, on top of all other fackery.

    and my siblings sat there thinking this Piece of Shit (pos) was a great movie!? (an countless other stupid people since the damned thing grossed $29M and w/$18.5M profit. what does that tell one about the fuking idiot masses. an easy mark for the predator litvak.) whitie gets what he deserves. in the words of Phil Collins, “if i saw you drowning, i would not lend a hand.”

    the study of history is not like the study of science. one cannot construct a lab experiment that reconstructs past contexts to look at them clinically. rather, authors and professors of history have to find what documents exist on what players their studying and then weave a narrative that supports their hypothesis. both science and history use a mix of deductive and inductive reasoning, only the study of history cannot supply the cold objective facts that the scientists use to collect reams of clinical measurement data. and then history does not repeat itself. the history cannot say, “let’s adjust this measurement setup and re-perform the experiment.” for that reason, history is very much less empirical — if at all — than the study of science.

    in fact, the study of history has more incommon with religion than science. and countless variables: how the hell does a profession historian get all the countless reams of fuzzy data and even hope to draw a conclusion that is more true than untrue?

    historians must be story tellers. and good historians must be good story tellers. and then a good historian must fight off the hollywood wolves, who may see $$$ in the historian’s account.

    as long as motion picutures exist, enemies of truth exist.

    • Your last phrase—which is why Hollywood must be nuked.

      • There is a man who already did that, of course not in the physical sense, but maybe even better, from within. Check John Carpenter’s Escape from L.A, far superior to the original N.Y and probably the most subersive artwork (with They Live) to come from 20th century America.

      • I saw it in a Houston theatre. Carpenter has no really good films, although I admit that The Thing scared me when I was much younger.

      • Reading a recent Atzmon piece examining the fluid, polymorphic nature of jewish identity, it conjured up in one’s minds eye the alien chimaera of Carpenter’s horror picture.

      • Carpenter, Keaton and Griffith are by far the greatest american filmmakers and you say Carpenter has no good films? You are very film-uneducated it seems.

      • No: you are the uneducated. All the films you have recommended here are crap. Had Germany won the war, most Aryans today would agree with this statement: most of Hollywood is evil crap (and most of the European movies, like the French one you recommended in another thread, are soporific).

        I told you before and I tell you again: please go to The Public Space. WDH is a site for non-corrupted minds.

      • You are an idiot. Goodbye.

  3. JQ,
    what movie[s] has hollywood made that painted germany and german society and citizens with glory and honor? where are the germans in the present egalitarian ideology of “diversity is our strength?” which races does hollywood presently portray as being strong and to be respected for who they are?

    GQ, the german question,
    where are the germans, germany and german society in today’s hollywood product mix?

    • I remember well, when in January of 1945 we sat together with ten captured Americans after a fierce battle, and the GIs were genuinely surprised that we treated them almost as buddies, without rancor.

      If you want to know why, I can tell you. We had not suffered from years of anti-enemy hate propaganda, as was the case with American and British soldiers whose basic sense of chivalry had often (but not always) been dulled by watching too many anti-German war movies usually made by your brethren.

      (For your information: I never saw even one anti-American war movie – There were no more Jewish directors at the UFA studios.)

      – Hans Schmidt (ex-Waffen SS) in a letter to (((Spielberg)))

      • thx for the letter.

        we’re a nation that watches shit. the silver screen wrecks the mind. if my siblings are in the norm of the under-educated lower middle class, they admit the movie is fantastical. and yet their behavior betrays them: pro-litvak and anti-german.

    • ANSWER: “Cross of Iron” 1977 by Sam Peckingpah. German infantry platoon in late 1944 Soviet front. It is more truth-war than anti-war but is definately not anti-honour anti-valour or anti-german.

  4. In regards to TV and movies and other main stream entertainment – The Mind as no firewall.

    • *has?

      • QUOTE from XXX any 12 year old can access the most degenerate, psychologically & spiritually damaging pornography that’s ever been created but tech oligarchs use their enormous power instead to censor people who quote crime and immigration stats..

      • Please don’t add bare URLs.

    • [online porn is] just so insanely hardcore

      stuff that maybe only the hardest core degenerate might get into after a lifetime of chasing ever more debauched forms of porn and perversion are basically just another option on the front page of all the major porn sites, so now the average kid has explored the outer boundaries of porn by the time he’s 15.

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