Europe must burn too

Black Pigeon Speaks is lukewarm in many ways, but from time to time he makes good videos. It is he who I referred to in my entry yesterday, ‘Inland’ regarding the piece with which opens The Fair Race. In his most recent video (watch it: here) the only thing that bothers me is that he says that, if there were freedom of expression in Europe, the nationalists, already free to express themselves, could ‘defuse the bomb’ referring to the civil war that is probably coming.

Yesterday I said that I would like to troll crazy liberals and American nationalists with expressions like ‘Murka must burn—change my mind’. What we need is not ‘defuse’ but let it explode, and not only in America but ‘Europe must burn—change my mind’.

Remember that phrase from Little Finger in Game of Thrones: ‘Chaos is a ladder’. For us, fires on both sides of the Atlantic are the only opportunity to seize power, starting with movements like the German SAS Death Squads that Black Pigeon talks about.

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  1. Some of us in Amerikwa the Kwanstain don’t care if it wipes out.
    Soft weak marshmallow maggot millennials will get the golden socialist utopian paradise they so richly deserve as they stand around 55 gallon drums cooking rat kebabs while wearing sandals made from old tires.
    The free healthcarez and magic chocolate fountains provided by mommygov will be nowhere in sight.
    At least the glorious equality will finally be there for all.

    • I dont if there will be a big event or series of events that will break this false civilization.

      I am believe that ((( they ))) will engineer some 9/11 sort of event.

      I think we need a big crisis but a series of events are needed to break the power in hands of federal governments, by that time nationalists should arm themselves.

      The pigs and Yids who run this system are dependent on its perpetuation , they will go to any length , even to an extent of bringing third world horde and pitting the third world mercenaries against the native population.

  2. Black Pigeon Speaks is Jewish.

    • Source?

      • It’s an unverifiable claim. But nonetheless the man used to make videos about “tourism” in Southeast Asia, which many to believe to be thinly veiled advertisements for Oriental sex tourism.

  3. I’m fairly certain Murka won’t make it through to its 400th anniversary in 2176.

    Even if trends in America continue on the trajectory they’ve been on since 1945 and whites are basically destroyed in North America I doubt the Hispanics, Blacks and Asians are going to hold together the USA which was created by White Anglo-Saxon Protestants centuries earlier. The country has already become something very different from what it started out as and if whites become say, 15% of the USA, it will be even more of an alien country to what it is now. Of course this is a good thing as the USA has been fundamentally flawed from the start and developed into more and more of an abomination as time has gone on. It is truly the Great Satan/The Beast/the Jews kabbalistic golem. It’s mass ‘culture’-Americanism-of Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Hollywood, MTV etc., a product of a unique set of historical circumstances, is truly atrocious and a blight on mankind. There has been good to come from America as well, I have mixed feelings about it but I acknowledge the negatives outweigh the positives.

    Another scenario is that the ‘Kwa doesn’t manage to genocide whites in it’s territory and instead disintegrates (via economic crisis, civil war, balkanization etc.) before it can complete the job. Or whites somehow manage to seize back their future from the jewSA through armed struggle but I think this is unlikely.

    I remember you talking about the death of Christianity among whites by the next century Cesar and it would be nice if both Christianity and America meet their historical demise in the same century. David Lane used to say Judeo-Christianity and Judeo-America were the two greatest enemies of the Aryan race.

    • The US won’t even make it for 2076. I won’t be around that year but you might, and see this little prophecy come to reality.

      • Forget about 2076, USA will perish by 2050 . Its already disintegration before our eyes, by the end of 2030, USA will resemble a third world shit hole, from 2030 the downward march to inevitable disintegration will be begin, my bet is 2040 will be first beginnings of massive scale civil war and few territories will balkanize.

      • I thought America was forever, American exceptionalism and all that. Murka is immune to the laws of Nature and History lol.

        If I’m still alive in 2076 I’d be 88. It would be good if your prophecy has become reality by then. Certainly by the 2070’s the dollar crash will have happened and the dollar will no longer be the world’s reserve currency. Along with that American power will have declined, China and India will have bigger economies than the USA by then. Additionally, if present demographic trends in the US continue, Hispanics will be the largest group and maybe even have just become the majority of the US population. Whites will be the second largest group with something like 28% of the US population. It will be interesting to see if America disintegrates before then as Devan suggests or whether things hold together long enough for the USA to become a one-party state with the Democratic Party attempting to completely abolish the US Constitution (First and Second Amendments) to usher in a third world Marxist shithole.

  4. In Greco-Roman paganism, Chaos is the ultimate god; the ultimate creative force. This seems to be verified in Quantum Mechanics. Try to create a perfect vacuum, and particles will just come into existence. This is the true meaning of “Ordo Ex Chao.” It does not refer to a Masonic conspiracy, but to Chaos as a creative force.

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