Darkening Age, 16

In chapter eight of The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World, Catherine Nixey wrote:
People built themselves houses from the stones of the demolished temples. Look closely at the buildings in the east of the Roman Empire and you can see the remains of the classical tradition in the new Christian architecture: a pair of cut-off legs here; the top of a handsome Grecian column there.

One law announced that the stones from demolished temples should be used to repair roads, bridges and aqueducts. In Constantinople, a former temple of Aphrodite was used to store a bureaucrat’s chariots. Christian writers revelled in such little humiliations. As one exulted, ‘your statues, your busts, the instruments of your cult have all been overturned—they lie on the ground and everyone laughs at your deceptions’.


  1. As one exulted, ‘your statues, your busts, the instruments of your cult have all been overturned—they lie on the ground and everyone laughs at your deceptions’.

    Lazar Kaganovich, who personally claimed to be responsible for 20 million killed, stood atop the rubble of a Christian church proclaiming, “Mother Russia has been cast down, we have torn away her skirts!”

    Jews build ’em up and Jews tear ’em down. What would the world be like without these predatory, psychopathic parasites?

    • It would be a much cleaner (on every level), wiser, saner, enlightened place……provided of course that elimination of the (self) “chosen” was followed up by the execution of every last Black, Brown, Yellow, or Mixed-Race occupier in Aryan lands. Sadly I don’t think any of this will pass though – our people are simply still too “nice,” timid, and comfortable to do more than complain while, even in secularized form, imbibing a Semitic world-view via Christ-insanity.

      • But let’s have hope that the convergence of catastrophes later in this century will turn male whites (now babies) into killing machines…

      • Nothing of such things will happen, i believe most whites will intermarry with Jews, and rest of the white race will become mongrels.

      • What do you mean that no catastrophe will happen? Have you studied Austrian economics? Have you watched the videos linked in this site about the crash?

  2. Really hope that happens Cesar, yet while I am certain that younger Whites in North America and in the urban centers of Western Europe are coming – justifiably and logically – to hate Non-Whites around them I wonder that if by the time these White infants or even those not-yet-born come-of-age later in this century that Whites as a group will be so persecuted, so demoralized, so hunted, so paranoid, that few are able to marshal themselves together to fight back in any cohesive mass manner. I suppose we shall see.

    • You will see in my forthcoming entries about psychiatry that Colin Ross says, ‘”anger is the best anti-depressive in the market”. For the collectivity, I’d say the same. Tort-like hatred could heal these demoralized whites to the point of real fighting.

    • Nothing will happen brother, most americans are spiritual Jews, they will mongrelize and kill some brown people for the sake of Israel.

      Anglo saxons shall have to become extinct , the only salvation of europe will come when eternal anglo is finally eradicated, the question is if pakistanis and blacks to it or whites have to start the process.

      American whites should be sterilized and castrated

  3. The same hate-driven psychotic mentality as those who tore down the Confederate memorials…

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