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Without Christianity, would whites have any trouble seeing that Jews are their enemy? The meta-message of Christ club is that Jews matter, they’re important, their tall tales are the heart and center of “our” lol civilization.

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  1. I’ve had this thought experiment a lot since I went to a religious grade-school – my own family were “pagan-ish” though they thought sending me there would be a safe environment. While it was safe physically the level of neo-Semitic brainwashing was low-grade child-abuse……but that’s not completely related to this discussion.

    I think it is possible that, were it not for Christ-insanity, that Whites would not – on the whole – think Jews and Jewish interests as that important to them. However, even in a world without a European Christendom – even a rump Christendom as we have now, hollowed-out as it has been by the next Jewish invention of multi-culturalism and globalism – we would still be a people with a comparatively more trusting credulous nature. This would mean that even if we didn’t have a destructive neo-Semitic malware “religion” in our minds, our culture, and our midst, we might still be laid open for other Semitic mind raping schemes. Of course, this presupposes that we would have enough cultural/economic contact with Jewry for them to be in the position long enough for them to get their hooks in us. Without Christ-insanity AND with little to no Aryan-Semite contact who knows what might have been possible.

    • I have harbored that Gedanken-experiment too. If the Vikings had conquered the Americas, would their descendants be so gullible? I guess the answer would be no.

      • Consider the homelands of the Vikings now…Are there more gullible Whites anywhere?

      • I meant pre-Xtian Vikings.

    • the level of neo-Semitic brainwashing was low-grade child-abuse…… i’d say it is high-level child abuse: being told one must obey a ruthless fuking war god — invisible no less — who repeatedly orders his “chosen” to kill everything that moves while being reminded that one’s in danger of eternal hell fire — again, invisible — if he’s not perfect….well such fuking magnificent lies server to wreck all highly sensitive children. such fuking lying wrecked me. i only consider having won the battle in my late sixties, thx to nature’s fate: discovering TWDH website, and books written by sovereigns, and neitzsche, probably the 3 most important. haphazard and chaotic, my discoveries and resulting enlightenment and uninstallilng the litvak-xtian malware? yes, praise and glory to nature’s way. and fuk the litvaks and their goddamed yehovah fuking war god. when i see my father on the otherside, i will blind the mf’er. and similarly yehovah. and king mf’er solomon, too.

      • Such level of hatred could set you free.

      • On second thought I’d agree – I guess I said “low-grade” partially to transition from talking about my own experiences to addressing my more direct reaction to Alex Linder’s quote. I’ll not deny that introducing subversive psycho-spiritual malware alien to our people in our children is absolutely criminal. Perhaps another reason why I used a more dismissive term is that in the end, happily so, the inner-Aryan in me never internalized that filth even as a child, I won’t deny there were moments as a small child that I debated whether I was “wrong” to be resistant to it – when so many around me seemingly to uncritically accept it – but in the end, say, by the time I was nine or ten, I knew I didn’t just stand apart from Abrahamism….I actively hated it and what it did to the West and tried to do to me individually. My hatred is intense but I keep it under wraps in public of course….for now it manifests as a deep depression and sadness that the children of Greece / Rome / Germania / Scandinavia worship at the altar of a nasty bunch of sociopathic Semitic goat herders who hate them. One day it may yet be that I and all those of us Aryans who stand athwart its psycho-spiritual predations are able to pay back Abrahamism in full.

      • Amen.

  2. “Without Christianity, would whites have any trouble seeing that Jews are their enemy?”

    Yes, they would, because Whites collaborated with jews long before Christianity. Roman pagans like Julius Caesar, Augustus, and Julian the Apostate were philosemites. Vikings sold European slaves to jews. jews were entrenched in Europe before the spread of Christianity.

    The problem isn’t religion, the problem is that Whites don’t understand that jews are parasites.

    • True, but Xtianity made things far worse. Are you familiar with the masthead of this site?

      • I don’t think Christianity had too much of a biological impact on the White race.

        The problem is that Whites evolved to be creators and jews evolved to be liars. Whites see language as a means of understanding reality while jews see language as a means of distorting reality and exploiting peoples’ labor to their own ends.

        If I ever see evidence of pagan and/or atheistic Whites being more anti-jew than Christian ones, I’d be inclined to agree with you. However I don’t think there’s a correlation between religious ideals and racial ones in either a positive or negative sense, and the war against the jew is a racial, i.e. biological one.

      • Obviously, you are a newcomer to this site. Have you read at least the essay linked in the sticky post?

  3. White Europeans have been cosplaying as Semites, thanks to Christianity, for more than a millennium. From Constantine to Voltaire/Thomas Paine.

    We da troo joos n’ shee-it.

    • Is it not true ?, most of the whites are actually jews ,atleast they can be called spiritual jews.

      I have said many times europeans are spiritual jews, the jewish spirit and european one is very same, this is what lead to overwhelming adoption of christianity.

      Whites actually consider themselves to be lost tribes of israel . Perhaps some whites dont but vast majority of whites believe that they are jews.

      Anglos are much closer to jews than any european ethnic population.

      • They are not all Israel which are of Israel.

        Rabbi Saul says this. According to Rabbi Saul, Christianity makes one a spiritual kike. The Jews who have rejected Christianity are only kikes according to the flesh. What Saint Paul is subtly saying here is that Christians are more Jewish than the Jews themselves.

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