Himmler vs. Spencer

Yesterday, on The Public Space show Richard Spencer told the audience after 1:23: ‘I also have taken pains not to be a shrill anti-Christian as well. I think that’s also a wrong road. The fact is that this religion has resonated with our people for some time. It is part of our history. It has resonated with millions of white people now. We need to confront it and find the good things in it. At some level the future will be about rediscovering the pagan elements in Christianity and rediscovering the Ancient World and ancient spirituality’.

Just compare Richie’s words with the words of Himmler in my new chosen image for the sticky post of this site. Before Himmler’s image I had been using an image of Luther only because it resonated with the title of the sticky post (‘nailed text’). But I always felt uncomfortable with the image of someone who, by introducing the Old Testament into the West, caused so much harm!

Riche ignores pivotal essays that explain why what he just said is erroneous; texts that appear in The Fair Race (here, here, here and here). And let’s not talk about Deschner’s translated book and the ongoing translations on this site.

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  1. It is funny though that earlier in the show Richie told the audience that there’s a chance of 9 to 10 that he will run for president sometime within the next seven years.

    • And I say he has a 1 in 10 chance of winning.
      Will the brown hordes of 2025 even allow him to speak at the podium?

      If I ever have a son, I will name him Henrique.

      • 0/10 chances of both winning a party nomination and then winning the presidency.

    • Funnily enough Harold Covington made a prediction shortly after Charlottesville that Richard Spencer would run for President in 2020, stating that if the (((Alt-Right))) were going to use System politics i.e. democracy, instead of revolution, then that would be the only way Spencer could proceed.

  2. To be fair to Spencer, let us remember that verse from the Gospel of Mark that I have already quoted in the past: that Jesus spoke to his disciples in parables in the sense of veiling the meaning of his message, but that in intimacy he explained “everything to them”.

    We have said that even in National Socialism there was an exoteric side of the coin (the message to the masses of the Führer, including his Mein Kampf) and the other side of the same coin: the esoteric message of his table talks; or what Himmler stated against Christianity to his elite troops of the SS.

    If Richie is going to run for president in such a Judeo-Christian country, as is the US, it is natural that he limits his message to the exoteric side of our message—elemental PR. But what bothers me about Richie and those who won’t run for president is that they ignore the message of this site; let’s say, they fail to print the piece of Judea vs. Rome whose PDF is linked up and in the sticky post (or eventually get a copies of The Fair Race and Deschner’s book).

    One of the reasons that move me to continue blogging is that the anti-Christian message must reach the ears of the pundits of WN. Presently they are in the phase of ignoring us. Then will come the phase of opposing our paradigm with ferocity. Eventually, in the future, new generations of WNsts will accept, as the most natural thing, that worshiping the god of the Jews has been a very bad idea since the times of the Roman Empire.

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