Team White vs. team Jew

I would like to answer what commenter Highrpm posted in my previous post, ‘The bondage of groupthink’, with a whole new entry.

The problem, Highrpm, is that not every single nationalist was so badly mistreated by his parents. Why do white nationalist Christians are still addicted to their Jewish drug? Because of the bondage of societal groupthink, that ultimately is intellectual cowardice pure and simple. Aryans could win the Team White game vs. Team Jew easily, yet they chose rather timid moves, such as the moves chosen by the Alt-Right on the board of life.

Yesterday, Fabiano Caruana, born to Italian parents, could have beaten Magnus Carlsen in game 8 of the World Chess Championship 2018. Below, the position after 23…Bd6.

Caruana, playing White, could continue a promising attack with 24. Nc4 or 24. Qh5. However, he played the timid 24. h3?! which was too slow and allowed Black to mount an effective defence beginning with 24…Qe8! The game ended in a mere draw. Nationalists love to play timid 24. h3?! moves in real life. Instead, I would go for the killing with 24. Nc4! (see the whole game beautifully explained by Daniel King: here).

Incidentally, as a result of a single tournament that I played the last decade, I obtained an international chess rating of 2109 (Magnus Carlsen, the world champion, has 2835). Any nationalist willing to play chess with me online…?

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  1. A few years ago I missed the chance to challenge BNP members already playing chess at a pub because I didn’t want to pay another taxi cab (and I & two friends didn’t want to miss the last bus to central London).

  2. I’m interested in playing chess. Which platform do you use? Should we contact per mail?

    • Since you’re an anon, how do I know you won’t be using a computer engine to beat me (and which rating you have by the way)?

      • I am a hobby player, usually do it with friends. My rating would definitely be under 2000 – I don’t have online chess account yet.

      • I was a hobby player too. If you give me your word that you won’t run an engine, or consult chess book openings for our game, my first move is:

        1. e4

    • Hey, I really am not interested in faking online chess profiles. I find your personality interesting, am your regular reader and donator and have only a single RL person to play chess with, so that’s why I replied.

      My move is
      2. e5

      ,.,,but let’s continue on some platform. Should I write you at yahoo mail?

      • Sure no problem.

        (You meant 1…e5)

  3. I’m a chess player. Haven’t played chess in a while, but I used to play regularly over at Chess Cafe. We may even have played each other on there. I always competed under the Union Flag – of course.

    • Meant to say, haven’t played chess online in a while. I do still play for a local club.

      • We haven’t played – I don’t play online (even with Anon we would only be e-mailing our moves).

  4. On to more pertinent matters – I think one reason Team White doesn’t ‘go for the kill’ is that for most of them, white nationalism is essentially a cargo cult or just a distracting hobby. They’re either not substantial or they’re not serious.

    You mentioned on another thread a theory that most white people, and many white nationalists, are NPCs. We’re maybe stretching the meaning of ‘NPC’ to its limit in this regard, but there’s something in it. Most people, it seems to me, think, talk and live according to scripts.
    Very few people are able to think outside received parameters.

    The Alt Right NPCs talk of 3D chess – “3D chess goyim! 3D chess!” – an ingenious ego-salving rationalisation for the inevitable betrayal of normal interests.


    Has anybody here played Viking chess? I learned it decades ago and still have a set. I note it can also be played online now. Very enjoyable game.

  5. There’s no doubt that if Europa never redeems itself then the best option is to ensure the world is drowned in flames. Be it by nuclear weapons, bioweaponry, whatever means.

    What should the world live for if Europa won’t shepherd it? Twerking and KANGZ fantasies? No. It needs to die if that’s the case.

    • Europeans have become decadent, they are eager to see their children being raped by blacks and their nations financially raped by Jews.

      Such a low self worth and decadent race should not exist and has to perish

      • I agree with both comments, because to live in this world after the passing away of Europe would be torment for any one of us who are Aryans… Everything goes back to the humdrum, primitive and tribal ways of life with sticks and stones and everyday becomes a brutal means of having any kind of survival… That’s the reason why many of the Nazi Leaders like the Goebbels family did not want to let their children survive the war, to ever grow up or bear future offspring that would have to inherit this mess that we now have today.

        The world is living off of borrowed time… And the order that the allies created in the outcome of the Post War period has been totally artificial, the world is well overdue to be drowned in flames. Perhaps this is why so many natural disasters are increasing everywhere as well.

  6. the ultimate winning teamwhite groupthink strategy & tactics against teamjew ain’t gonna use teamjew groupthink “big money big guns massive military-industrail complex. that groupthink will be retrograde. who the leader is that will ignite teamwhite’s new groupthink, we’ll just have to wait for nature’s choice of timing.

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