Boring team White!

Further to my today’s post ‘WDH radio nuked’ and also to my yesterday’s chess metaphor. Commenting about today’s chess game of the World Chess Championship 2018, grandmaster Peter Svidler (pic below), after 2:32 of this video said:

It is extremely dispiriting to have what has been happening in this match, happen day after day after day. [He has in mind the 9 draws in a row since the match started.] You show with White [chess pieces]; you go absolutely nowhere, you go home. At some point, to me, that would have been kind of soul destroying.

Following my yesterday’s metaphor of ‘Team White vs. team Jew’, I would say that I find the following Normie, Alt-Lite, Alt-Right and White Nationalist internet sites extremely dispiriting and even soul destroying!:

American Renaissance

Black Pigeon Speaks [Youtube]

Black Pilled [Youtube]

Breitbart News [Normie]

Brother Nathanael

Chateau Heartiste

Counter-Currents Publishing

Daily Stormer

David Duke

Gates of Vienna [Gates of Tel Aviv]

Infowars [Normie]

Jean-Francois Gariépy [Youtube]

(((Lauren Southern))) [Youtube]


Mark Collett [Youtube]

Mark Steyn [Normie]

Millennial Woes [Youtube]

Occidental Dissent

Occidental Observer (The)

Political Cesspool (The)

Quillette [Normie]

Radio Free Northwest (*)

RamZPaul [Youtube]

Reddit (Debate the Alt-Right)

Red Ice TV

Richard Spencer Podcast (The)

Right Stuff (The)

Roosh V

Stark Truth With Robert Stark (The) [Alt Left]

(((Stefan Molyneux))) [Alt Lite – Youtube]

Steve Sailer

Styxhexenhammer666 [Alt Lite – Youtube]

Taki’s Magazine

Tara McCarthy [Youtube]

Trad News [Cuck News]

Unz Review

Way of the World [Cuck] (Youtube)


The common denominator of these sites is that they are reactionaries, not revolutionaries. (In the case of Radio Free Northwest, marked with an asterisk above, the introduction of female voices strikes me as un-revolutionary.)

I propose to create a truly revolutionary radio show on BitChute. It is easy not to break First Amendment limits (like inciting immediate violence against X or Y persons). A regular podcast that contrasts sharply with the above Boring Team White is already crying, as the first breaths of fresh air, to be born.

Any volunteers?

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  1. I could join as a guest occasionally, but I’m running my own show currently—Manifest Destiny at my site

  2. So it looks like I have two completed episodes, one only missing audio, and one raw recording. As always, I would be happy to join when circumstances permit.

  3. Of course all of these groups are “reactionaries”, they do not have any ideas of their own. Right-Wing is just as Jewish as the Left-Wing, it always has been, hence why the Nazi’s and Fascists were also against the Right Wing. All of those above-mentioned websites, organizations and individuals you mentioned are Controlled Opposition Agents, and the majority of them are run by Ulster Scots, a crypto bloodline of Jews, pretending to be Anti-Jewish. They were behind the American Skinhead Movements also, and have infiltrated pretty much every National Socialist Organization in America and Europe. Black Pigeon Speaks is also a Jew, btw…

  4. The trick of the Jews is to use any narrative even pretending to be against their own people at times, or to infiltrate movements of any kind to pursue a cause that is exclusively Jewish behind the scenes. They are so clever how they do it… WASPs and Normans like Richard Spencer and David Duke are just as in-bed with the Jews as any, and always willing to make an exception for “Some Jews”… And if you call them out on this nonsense, they are quicker than ever to denounce your statements and will not tolerate anyone slandering the so-called “Good Jews” LOL. I have an article I will publish that the Nazi’s spoke about the myths people have when believing the falsehood of a possible “good jew”, which also illustrates why there cannot be such a thing.

  5. When I find the statements by Goebbels, I will notify you, but in the meantime there are two great literature works that were published during Nazi Germany which explained clearly why there can be no such thing as a “good jew” and how the jew camouflages himself in every people he infests to make them believe he is a worthy individual and assimilated, even while he is not truly assimilated and operating as a parasite behind the scenes:

    Our Battle against Judah

    The Jew As A World Parasite

  6. Also add to your above lists of these agents:

    Aaron Clarey
    Bernard Chapin (Chapin’s Inferno)
    Davis Aurini

    They are all Crypto-Jews or have Jewish ancestry under their Ulster Scot Heritage which some are aware of and some are not… Davis Aurini is a little bitch who is half Jew and half Italian who is confused with himself and always flip flops on the Jewish issue, and many times goes out of his way to defend them. Then when people criticize him that he dodges the Jewish problem, he tries to boil things down to just criticizing “certain Jews” or only the Zionists, but refuses to believe all are evil. He and some of those others listed above happen to be big-time writers for Roosh V. Roosh V, even when he discussed the Jewish problem, had no problem with Jewish contributors to his website. All these jaboogies on your list and mine care about is money, even if they hate each other’s guts by the end of the day, they overlook it for the $ and connections.

  7. Not all of the people listed are strictly counter-revolutionary. Some of them have, or have had, a role in consciousness-raising, but even in those laudable cases, they are now looking redundant to those of us who have ‘advanced consciousness’ (to borrow from Marxian terminology) and are at or on the verge of Levels 9 and 10.

    They imagine themselves as dynamic scene-shifters, when in fact it is the tiny few – like us – who will forge new ground through proto-insurrectionism, leaving them far behind. I refer to the relevant chapter in Ronin’s book when he refers to Breivikian tactics that turn Europe into a Death Ground.

    Ronin makes the point that the scene-shifters can work hurriedly to distract attention, deny, deflect and obfuscate, but in the end realities will always come to the fore. Each Nordic must make a stark choice: be a Man or be a Coward. The latter choice is the easiest and, awkwardly, may guarantee personal genetic survival. The former choice is hard, high-risk and thankless, and may lead to personal extinction.

    What do the SAS say: ‘Who Dares Wins?’ All of the people on your list, no matter how laudable, are united in one thing: they all want to retain a world in which he who equivocates is rewarded, which means a risk-free pseudo-revolution: probably a Jew-friendly white ethno-state.

    None of them would have made it into the SAS, a regiment that values psychological qualities as much as, if not more than, the physical. They have nothing inside of them.

    We do.

    • Glad you mentioned old Sebas Ronin.


      • The SAS are a British Special Forces considered the best of the best. Some die due to the stress of their training. They were invented by Race-traitor Englishmen and an Irishman to combat Erwin Rommel. To show them praise is a sure sign of Race-treachery.

      • @ Jack Halliday

        Rubbish! They were not race-traitors.

        Generally-speaking, those British men who served in the War were good, ordinary men who simply served their country – and many of them (and most of the ones I met) regretted it later, realising what had happened. They didn’t have the benefit of hindsight that we do.

        Just as I think mindless British patriotism about the War is vile because it ignores what happened to Germany and the nobility of Hitler and the National Socialists, and also glosses over the true nature of the sacrifices made by ordinary British men, I also strongly deprecate people like you who sit in your lazy chairs with your blogs and your books branding good men as traitors just because they followed orders or conformed to general social expectations.

        Since you and others on here cannot make these very important distinctions and have to take your thick-headed, simple-minded binary thinking to the nth, it’s pointless engaging with you. Sensible discussion is impossible. You’re as much an NPC as any of these British patriots.

        César, this is your blog and I must respect your wishes, but this is my country and my countrymen who are being maligned. Jack Halliday has form on here. If I am going to be subject to another one of his righteous, hypocritical homo-sissy tantrums in which he causes melodrama, then I would respectfully ask that you block any further comments from myself so that I am not tempted to come back and comment here. I don’t want hassles. Thank you.

      • They formed themselves as a unit with the intent on murdering NS soldiers who were fighting for Aryans against Jews. The S.A.S were fighting for Jews, thus they were Race-traitors. One of the founders even admits that he supported Hitler until Kristallnacht due tom the harsh treatment of Jews, which is him admitting to being a philosemite. You being English I should think you would be less ignorant than to not even know your own history. But all your opinions on Britain are not based on things which actually happened, but what you feel should have happened dependant on your whim.

        What did “ordinary British men” sacrifice themselves for, so ordinary German men, women and children could be murdered, tortured and raped on a nationwide scale? What brave men worthy of respect.

        “who sit in your lazy chairs with your blogs and your books branding good men as traitors just because they followed orders or conformed to general social expectations.”

        In other words, British men are sheep who are incapable of questioning authority and knowing when to fight for their Race (Nazi Germany) when needed. This makes them, and yourself, even worse. But it makes no matter; The majority of those British soldiers knew what exactly they were fighting for, and they gladly tortured and raped German women (Brits actually did this). And tell me, Senor, how are you any different from us unspecified group of individuals who sit in chairs and type on blogs? Does Tort fit into this category? He ought to, seeing as he has rightful contempt for the British Nation, and its brave “Tommies”. Yet you haven’t got the spine to speak to him the way you are speaking to me now. Instead you resort to shining his shoes: “Cesar, would you kindly please block some of my comments”.

        “Since you and others on here cannot make these very important distinctions and have to take your thick-headed, simple-minded binary thinking to the nth, it’s pointless engaging with you. Sensible discussion is impossible. You’re as much an NPC as any of these British patriots”

        What? I am an “NPC” because I disagree with you and because I am getting sick and tired of the fact that you resort to anger and convulsions because somebody has the audacity to spit on your Race-traitor soldiers? Just remember, Andrew, you have started this fight on this thread, not me. So stop the bullshit about me causing melodrama. All I did was point out that the S.A.S are traitors and you have a hissy fit like a little girl. Nevertheless, this is completely irrelevant to my point about the S.A.S. What does me sitting on a chair have to do with anything?

        “then I would respectfully ask that you block any further comments from myself so that I am not tempted to come back and comment here. I don’t want hassles. Thank you.”

        See! You can make a good decision when you try!

      • Andrew,

        Just curious, if “many of them (and most of the ones I met) regretted it later, realising what had happened”, then why they failed to act and overthrow your government, or at least do some Breivik-like thing, you know, start a civil war?

    • I don’t know much about the SAS, but in regards to this topic, I will say this… The British are always biased in the cause of their Nation and Crown regardless if they are right or wrong. They have an issue and obsession that revolves around “Pride”. The English and Americans are the most destructive and Jew-like Nations in the world which give the Jews everything they want. They have more Blood on their hands than any other Nations do. Anglo-American Imperialism has invaded more countries in the world and nearly conquered all of them one way or another even if through financial system monopolies, like no other Empire has ever done.

    • @ Andrew , if you like europe and european people, please kill yourselves, but since you are an anglo , courage and honor are alien concepts to your blood. I suggest you to castrate yourselves, save europe andrew , castrate yourselves.

  8. The Alt Right / Alt Lite etc etc (just like the LGBTQIXYZ love to create more and more spinoffs and allies) has definitely caused a lot of damage for the legitimate National Socialists out there, because they based the Alt Right (or what have you) on a whole entertainment / meme war campaigns which makes nobody essentially take anything seriously. There are very very few true National Socialists, and I find only genuine ones to really be among the much older generations. I don’t believe the large majority of people who espouse National Socialist Beliefs are capable to maintain such steadfast beliefs and discipline that we legitimately believe for ourselves. Unfortunately, a lot of these American Brand Names we have behind these Movements are just looking to borrow and parrot things for their own selfish needs and vanity. A lot of them do not really care whatsoever for Hitler in the truest sense, nor do they have any regard or appreciation for the Sacrifices the Germans made and what torture they went through at the hands of the Jews bankrupting their Nation and nearly removing anything they had left to them as a people and culture, leaving them unsure about themselves.

    Another joke that exists out there is someone known by the names of John Alan Martinson II, who is half Negro and half White with some hidden Jew Ancestry and his own confused self-hatred of his racially mixed combination, and he has this idea since he left a bad impression in his involvement with the military, that he can somehow make a living off of NS Propaganda by getting people to be a part of his movement and to finance his secret crack addiction.

    The average goon who tries to pass himself off as the real deal, is nothing more than these cro-magnon, moonshine militia, powder sniffing trashbags like this guy Christopher Cantwell:

  9. I note the Sissy Homosexual Jack Halliday has posted a rejoinder. I will not bother to read it or reply to it. I am unimpressed by his tantrums. English Anglophobes are the most pathetic type.

    @ César

    They regretted it and in many cases realised on some level what had happened. These men included my own grandfather, who spent the rest of his life as a depressed and homeless drunk, and used to express his guilt about the Germans to my father. My father in turn developed schizophrenia. You can maybe understand why I am very sensitive to these dishonest attempts by idiots like this Jack Halliday and others here to conflate political-level responsibility for a war with the individual responsibilities of ordinary servicemen, who – remember – did not have access to the information that we do now and also had to conform and carry out their service. I think we should respect such men, even if we now recognise they were fighting on the wrong side.

    The problem I have here is that I am stuck between two stools – which is always the fate of the ‘reasonable’ man. On the one side, I have this Jack Halliday idiot and others here railing at ordinary men who were just doing their duty, or telling me that English people (or Ulster Scots now) are actually Jews and worship Mammon. On the other side, I have the idiots who call themselves British patriots, telling me Hitler was evil and Britain was right to go to war.

    On side – the Hallidays – are pathetic, ignorant, idiotic Anglophobes, spitting on brave men who simply served their country.

    The other side – the patriots – are pathetic, ignorant, idiotic ethnosuicidal Germanophobes, who don’t realise the significance of the War.

    I’m in the ‘reasonable middle’, because I recognise the truthfulness of your PoV, but at the same time I also recognise the need to defend the honour of good men whose only mistake was to fight on the wrong side.

    I despise Jack Halliday and the others here who spit on those men. Jack Halliday, the wimp, sitting behind his computer spitting on honour and bravery. F.UCK YOU C.UNT.

    But César, even your own question is a bit naive, I’m afraid. Just because they came to realise there was something wrong, it doesn’t follow they had the same sophisticated understanding that we do now. My own grandfather was a coal miner by trade. That was fairly typical. My own parents were blue collar people. I don’t mean to sound condescending, but such people tend on the whole not to spend much time reading high-level or specialist academic books – and remember, this was before the internet. And ‘normal’ people didn’t make enquiries with “far-Right” political parties.

    These people were also not in a position to do something about it. I don’t mean to sound disrespectful towards you, César, as I do share your broad PoV and like your blog, but you do sometimes come across as a bit simple-minded when it comes to understanding human behaviour and motivations and human nature, etc. It seems like this because of the sweeping way you judge people. This is difficult for me to explain – possibly I lack the articulation to do so – but while you may be well-traveled and well-read, etc., you don’t seem to understand people or their complexities very well at all, and you also don’t seem to have much human sympathy. You may have led quite a closeted life, and I appreciate you have had problems. I don’t mean any of that in an insulting way and you should not take offence.

    Anyway, I’d rather you just block me from commenting further. I respectfully request you do so. I have good reasons for asking this. Of course, if it’s not technically possible, then fine, in which case I will try not to comment on further posts.

    • Leaving aside your father and grandpa, why most Britons are sheep? Why, as I asked Jez Turner, don’t they amalgamate their minds with The Turner Diaries in this age of the internet? Why didn’t they do something even legal, as voting BNP last decades? Why don’t they transfer their 2 minutes hate (football) toward a healthy, ethno-nationalist cause (like killing everyone involved in the raping of British girls)? Why don’t they visit by the millions the WN forums? Am I naive or a realist by asking these questions?

  10. Why do you find them dispiriting? At least Steve Sailer is pretty informing on the topic of genetics, I don’t find him dispiriting.

    • Non-revolutionaries are soul-destroyers in the darkest hour for the fair race. Only hate gives us life.

      • @CT, I agree. Hate unites us and invigorates us, it offers clarity of perception and a sense of our identity because it is through this hatred that we are responding to the injustices being committed against us. We have every right to be hateful.

      • But this is something that white nationalists (that I am starting to call ‘Jew obeyers’) don’t want to see.

    • @CT, true, well the thing is I’ve pretty much disassociated myself a long time ago as referring to myself as a “White Nationalist”, I mean yeah I am but it’s pretty much a given. The thing with Nationalists is the majority of them are only interested in protesting and base level thinking. They are only in it for their own subjective issues that concern them… The difference of what a National Socialist is, is that we are working towards spiritual, economic and political solutions in a way that Builds Culture and gives a true unification of our people in every sense of the word… A people cannot be united without a common goal and spiritual belief of something they understand the importance in working towards. The problem with these White Nationalists is they lack seasoned character. They have no experience or a true Renaissance outlook on history, politics and philosophy. Truth be told, I think they find what we focus us on and the energy required to put forth to be boring and uninteresting. There are plenty of wannabe dictators out there who are eager for their chance to throw everyone else under the bus to put their vanity on display under the sun. Unfortunately, almost everyone out there is a fraud.

      • The big difference between WNsts and NS men is that the latter had suffered a lot in WW1, whereas these decadents of today have been living in pleasure island and their mental wavelength is unsynchronized with what is actually happening in the West. Only those who have suffered and know to HATE are synchronized with reality.

  11. It would be fun to start an dark ambient electronics cast featuring Women of the SS, Sturmführer, DJ Himmler and some Muslimgauze just to scare off normies.
    Weak cowardly decadent societies will be destroyed by the vibrant diverse “pets” that they let in and place above the natives and they deserve what is coming.

  12. Hitler did the same mistakes in Dunkirk and Russia.

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